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What happened to all the confy RSR threads; my dopamine is running low.

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Do you know how hard i have been fudding in those threads? I seriously craft massive paragraphs and elaborate false stories from scratch off the top of my head in order to keep newfags away and make retards sell their bags. I need to accumulate more. Stop posting these threads. My fudding will only get more elaborate and intricate from here on out. Perhaps it will even make you yourself sell your bags.

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It’s too late anon, it’s our time.

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Yes but my upcummies are more important

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You dont know how depressing it is to constantly be refreshing /biz/ just to keep seeing the same shitskin chink/pajeet tokens being shilled on "uniswap" or some shit lol. I want my RSRyans back.

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Ooo that's a good one, did you make this in blender or something

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Somebody’s colleague’s cousin that’s an insider said it was going to $0 so I dumped all my bags. Plus it’s illegal in the U.S.

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10 cents when

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No idea
Reminder that this is a long term hodl and Coinbase isn’t happening until at least 2021

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Let’s just say.. Jason Parser owed me a favour.

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Insider here with some valuable information. Just got a phone call from a colleague of mine. He said there were some huge contracts and deals that were signed with RSR, but there were some legal stipulations involved, and now everyone is pulling out. The situation is looking grim. RSR will most likely pump to .7c short term, then crash back down to .005c and ultimately fizzle out and die. I'm just sharing this info with people because i sincerely care about the welfare of everyone and their families whom are involved.

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the whitepaper language didn't sound very professional, ngl that's what turned me off

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What’s that? Buy another 3m? Sure thing anon!

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I agree sir, please buy my uniswap token instead, you will very rich indeed!

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and yet its well on its way to 5 cents. actual coinbase pump will be legendary

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You fucking queers need to stop Fuding RSR with the same shit pasta on every thread. Are you autistic you fucking fags are you seriously and well and truly retarded? You may as well be shilling at this point.

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Same, I've been writing OC fud mainly because I know all the shilling will slow the torrent of newfags getting into the coin and give me a little more time to add to my stack. I just want to be able to buy a meaningful amount with my check when we all get trumpbux anons is that too much to ask?

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Seriously. If you’re bags weren’t already packed it’s your own god damn fault.

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Stare into this hypnotizing gif newfags and load your bags until you cant carry any more.

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Can I just say that since we have started FUDposting these threads have gotten 10x comfier and are almost totally devoid of newfags? Should have done this sooner desu.

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My fault you mongoloid? MY FUCKING FAULT? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you piece of crap do you know how much money a wage cuck like me makes? I only have 200,000 that's not enough man have some sympathy.

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You fags had 1 year.
Even my little bro has a 1m. Stack.

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ive been fudding RSR since early 2019

RSR is the most racist coin ever invented bc its main purpose is to enslave the african world financially and that is downright white supremacy evil

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I know for a fact based on chart analysis that this coin is going to zero within the next 8 weeks. The fundamentals aren't there and the existing pump is pure manipulation. If you value your money STAY AWAY. I have been in the crypto space for 8 years and know what I'm talking about.

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Even more reason buy!

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you faggots are a year late.. you are still buying 10x what OG rangers paid.

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My condolences to your stack brother

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Im not a newfag at all but I was still a broke as fuck HS student when I boarded the train; the moment I saw thiel involved I knew this was coup-coin

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this anon is right and thats a good thing.
think of how many africans this will save from the financial slavery the Reserve protocol represents.
this systemic racism in crypto must stop and shutting down Reserve is the only way to make that happen.

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i sold bottom to dump hard for fun

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With 215k im expecting so have a confy sum to start my life, its probably not gonna be bottles and lambos though lol. Dubs confirm.

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Sorry anon.

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Has anyone been in the unofficial telegrams ? Fucking yikes

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We’re going to 10 cents this year and there’s literally nothing you can do about it.

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No. How is it? Poo in the loo or colonizing reservists.

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I've been in the crypto space since 2005 and you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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I mean can it actually get worse than /biz?

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>what happened
trading volume plummeted and it's truly ogre

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I should be grateful for what I've got anon my greed shows a lack of character unbefitting of a future world leader. There will always be more opportunity in the future maybe by then, I'll have improved my character enough to stand amongst the elite proudly.

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>found the biggest retard on /biz/ trying to fud in a meta thread

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lol where the fuck does it say its illegal?

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>$21,845,716 24 hour volume
>trading volume plummeted

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My great granddaughter sold her stack at 0.025 netted a cool $700k off of the $7,000 I gave her. She will always be a kween.

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plebs are getting desperate realizing they missed the entry on the next /ourcoin/. fuck you newfags buy in now like the pleb you are and you will still advance at least a few levels.

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It's true, the OG's got in at far lower than I did. But I'm still going to 100x minimum on the way up.

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fair enough... you can fud but like I said.. this place no longer affects the price

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Frankly anon even when I am done accumulating I will still FUD not because I need to but because I truly enjoy it.

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Good tithings, fellow 3rd world slave driver.

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i do it too sometimes.. i know

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Fixed that meme for old OP. Gotta love financial domination of lesser economies.

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Ayyy here with some valuable information. Just got a star communicator call from a reptilian of mine. It said there were some huge anal probes that were abducting RSR, and there were some illegal aliens involved, and now everyone is pulling out of Earth. The situation is looking grey. RSR will most likely pump to $ 6 billion short term, then crash back down to .001c and ultimately explode with the entire planet. I'm just sharing this info with people because i'm thankful for all the fishes and their families whom are involved.

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Second check isnt coming for a long time

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>hitchhiker’s guide
Truly kill yourself you pseud piece of shit holy fuck
Hitchhiker’s is trash beyond words

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