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Good morning people of /biz/. I hope my thread isn't against the rules, if it is just let it die.

So, I'll get straight to the point : I have like 1000€ and I was wondering how to invest it. I know nothing. Literally nothing except the sad fact you can't invest to make genetically modified bunnygirlmaids and since I can't invest in that... Where to start? How do you invest money somewhere ect... Is there any guide to start? Thanks you in advance.

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post more anime tiddies

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Are you new to /biz/?
You can just buy ChainLink off of coinbase app

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buy the kleroses sirs.

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If you don't know what you're doing, buy index funds on the stock market and ignore it completely. If you have any appetite for risk, go all in on LINK. That's it, that's the guide.

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I want to constantly breed with a rabbitgirl every single day as she pumps out litters of rabbitbabies which I will send to the ethereum mines to earn me extra capital to spend on milking machine maintenance to fuel my rabbitgirlGOMAD diet.

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was is a chainlink?
like on phone? I only use PC
Is that some troll like boku no pico on /a/? Sounds fishy.

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Coinbase Pro
Buy 1 ETH
Rest of the money in LINK
Don’t touch it until it has 3x-5x at least
Don’t visit this retard board every day

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You need to listen to me. I made $50,000 investing in BTC. You need to invest in Orchid, now!