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PoW is currently the only way to source entropy in a deterministic system. A computer can be told to choose a random number, but it cannot prove to other computers that it in fact did choose a random number, and not one in which it chose itself.

Entropy is the deal-breaker for a leaderless distributed system. Blockchains are nothing but a database system
that chooses 1 entity each time to add more data to it. PoW uses the law of large numbers, the unfactoriability of prime numbers, and P = NP (hard to compute, easy to verify) to solve for entropy.

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PoW chooses any node that can prove it brute-forced a P=NP problem (ie, by random choices) to generate the entropy of validator selection. Thus, all nodes can quickly verify that the solution offered by the node is correct and will accept it as truly "random" and let it add data to the database. PoW is also remarkably stateless - each moment in time for validator selection requires absolutely 0 state from the past, and there is no limit for how many validators can be participating.

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PoS on the other hand, sources entropy internally, and is stateful. It uses state from the past to select for validators, and asks those validators to provide entropy, but does not check it. In addition, non-PoW validator selection requires the validator set to be bounded - it cannot commit a new block until it "stops" asking for participation from validators, because it needs to know when decide that "enough is enough, we have consensus".

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Thus non-PoW systems are incredibly inferior to PoW systems when it comes to these two things:

1) Sourcing entropy
2) Validater set size

This matters, because it turns out the most valuable database in the world, is in fact, the ledger of the world's wealth. Thus, this database absolutely needs the gold standard of entropy selection and unbounded validator set size, such that:

1) Anyone can know that validator selection is in fact random and not influenced ie "fair"
2) Anyone can participate, this is suitable to allow 8bn discrete people to add entries to the database

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Eth2.0 does not have these qualities, and will either:

1) Become a sidechain to Bitcoin (or our current database of money - USD)
2) Return to PoW
I make the second point, because, hidden under the noise-signalling of the Eth2.0 community is a giant problem.

Eth2.0 sources entropy from a VDF, and this VDF is in fact PoW-mined. Control the VDF, and you will control validator selection, giving you de-facto control of Eth2.0. Thus, the VDF will become aggressively mined to the point that if Eth2.0 attains economic significance, it will eventually return to being a PoW chain.

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Bump to educate anons.

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You can piece it together anon.

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This is the last piece of information I will provide before leaving this thread.

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Here is a better analogy:

PoW = Aryan / Classic Greco-Roman. Ongoing work and struggle is necessary. Don't be scared. Get stronger and bigger continually and keep working.

PoS = Judea / Christian (same). Ongoing work is hell. We need heaven. We need eternal world that is paradise. I want to do work once (initial buy of PoS tokens) and never work again.

PoW = Return to whites classic roots
PoS = The Federal Reserve 2.0

Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

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i cant tell if this is a shill thread

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