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I have 1,38 ETH on my Coinbase wallet. Do I turn it into PNK right now or do I wait for the price to drop? I was a retard and I didn't buy yesterday when it hit 0,15.
I already have 3500 PNK and I can put 500 euros every month for the next year.

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where to buy???

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uniswap sirs

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imagine having the ability to buy PNK at .17 and worrying about a couple cents

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ah yes have been much looking for kleros thread. friend on fb told me it is surefire way to make some money. if i am affording a small bag where should i buy?

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uniswap sirs

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I would buy exactly 10 minutes ago

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uniswap sir

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too late never hitting 15 again buy now ASAP its 0.003 off from 19c as i type this sir

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>waiting for a dip right now
dude, look at the fucking chart. PNK was listed on OKEx barely 3 hours ago and it’s already 21 cents there. as soon as chinks are done pumping every other exchange with arbitraging and coingecko makes a few extra API calls we’re unironically never going below 20 cents again and there’s a good chance we’ll see 30 by the end of the day. BUY IT NOW

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i was as much of a dumb faggot as op when the pump started, sat there with my cock in my hand waiting for a dip to finally buy and got in late

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hotbit. uniswap is retarded

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I bought at 7c and it dipped to 5.5c the next day.
Do you think I give a fuck now?

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Do the needful sir. Unicycle sir.

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Just bought. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3682a947274049266c7480b209a002065eadcae23b8bd3983735bbb6dd7047d6

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warm greetings , where to buy?

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unicorn sir very good sir

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