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I just woke up. And I cannot understand what happened.
I’m bleeding from everywhere like a woman during menstruations.

Someone can help me please?

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BTC broke 12k every alt is hurting

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>xrp still only down a few percent and remains stable at 0.29 to 0.33

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you haven't done anything wrong

don't sell and crystallize your losses - hold and they'll recover eventually

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Thanks guys.
I thought it was again Vitalik fault

Sorry I’ve never invested in

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XRP stablecoin confirmed!

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How does 0$ sound?

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>no pnk
Yeah I see what went wrong

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Sounds fine. It’s my only moonshot try.

Dot and KSM are short ones that I don’t like.
Statera is one of my fav

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Didn’t invest because it’s made by sjw with sjw rules

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Based. I personally would rather miss out on some gains than support those faggots.

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I think the same for Dot desu. Didn’t know the founder is a pedo

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Well thats what you call a high risk portfolio.
You can expect mostly red days and of you're lucky then one of your choices will moon enough to pay off your losses.

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holding shitcoins, go broke bitch

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Pnk at ath. Told you faggots to get in but nope.

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AERGO bag holding strong as usual

good pick sir

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Soooooooo checked New ATH

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New all time high!!!!

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yeah i did that 2018. didnt work out so well

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One of their most prominent team mebers.

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You didnt buy PNK that's why

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Wow guys, anon just woke up! Anon, he just woke up today and looked at his faggot meme investments.
Let's hope he starts a thread to tell us about this incredible tale

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Oh. I hadn't noticed

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Months of steady growth so this was overdue. Had to talk my Dad out of buying more LINK when it was at $20 a few days ago.

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