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learn the hardway fool

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I heard nevin freeman is taking a job at tether too

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Saved! Can’t wait to post this in a year

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not listening to anyone with that atrocious theme

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My friend works at a wealth management firm in San Francisco. I asked him to look over the white paper so I would know if they were being honest about the tokenomics. He told me that this is the most idiotic idea he's ever seen for a stablecoin, that the team clearly has no idea how they will back the currency with real world assets and that this is basically going to become the new bitconnect once the bubble gets large enough. I will probably ride this wave up a few more pennies because I bought in 2019 but if you are thinking about getting into this coin, just stay away. There will be nothing but losses in your future.

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What specifics did he say about it, anon?

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I fell for the biz hype for this, bought in then did my research once done I sold at I very minor loss.

Don't make the same mistake.

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>sold rsr at a loss
what sort of mongoloid nigger takes a loss on coin with a cast iron 300 upward trendline?

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(psst, they're trying to fud to bring the price down to fill up on more bags. You should too.)

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Learn the hardway when you bought in at $0.0019
>K bud, see you at $3.00 in three months

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The biggest red flag according to him was their intention to use not only foreign fiat but also alternative assets for stabilization. In particular their use of things like paper gold and securities is going to be very dangerous going forward. Paper commodities have been shown to be fundamentally flawed in the post-COVID world because they are even less reliable than unbacked currency and supported only by manipulative exchanges like COMEX. Securities are worth less than the paper they are printed on as well, just look at how investors have been running from all of the bonds issued by the Treasury this year. Guys like Peter Thiel and Sam Altman might have thought this was a good idea before 2020 hit us, but now it is a total disaster. My advice after learning all of this is to just sell if you are still in the green, there is no telling when the whole scheme is going to collapse in on itself.

Sorry to hear that anon, it's the nature of the crypto game though. Lot of bad ideas thrown around. I am just trying to help some greenhorns keep from losing their enthusiasm due to heavy losses.

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Your fake friend is retarded

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This is dumb as shit. Thiel's still on the list of investors on the website, no news of him leaving other than this post

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Shitty FUD. Thiel is still in.

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Keep up the good work guys, I want my bags cheap.

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Thiel sold all his shares already, the dump is imminent. I honestly suggest to sell if you still can cause theres no point, the ATH was already hit, just look at the chart

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you had one (1) year to accumulate

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> shares

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>Screenshoting your own retarded baseless fud to validate your own retarded baseless fud
If you dumb cunts are going to fud, do you have to be so insufferably idiotic about it?

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exactly, they could at least come up with something creative so we can laugh at them

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My uncle works at nintendo and he said your friend is a faggot.

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I have serious reservations about accepting advice from an analyst that lives in SanFranciso...for obvious reasons. Also, show me evidence of where Theil pulled out.

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My dad works at the most prominent Kleros prosecutor's office and he says that pajeet-tier fud like yours is punishable by blockchain prison time.

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newfags listen up, RSR is a scam we have been pulling on you, the devs are all 4channers and we came up with this scheme months ago to scam dumb redditors, the devs are all white supremacists too, get out while you still can

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>peter thiel pulled out months ago morons
And the only proof you have are your other posts? Why do you assume everyone is as retarded as you and will just take your word for it?
>but if you are thinking about getting into this coin, just stay away. There will be nothing but losses in your future.
Ffs do you even try to be subtle. It's like you found a book on reverse psychology but didn't understand it because English isn't your native language.
When will you retards learn this is bullish?
Yeah at least make up some shit about Nevin being a pregnant gay muslim or something. Have some fucking creativity.

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