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Im so fucking tired. I'm always late to trends like crypto or the stock market and my guesses or picks are always wrong. I somehow manage to only lose money and it's really demoralizing. Im literally gonna kill myself

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feeling this. Putting all my hope and dreams in DIA, Kava and Cosmos. Please God, I need this.

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Oh god you bought dia? Fuck I need to sell

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cheer up, and get in on PRQ. but first, as always, dyor

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uniswap sir

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you didnt miss out on buying coom at least

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Aaand out of Kava I go. Thanks anon.

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Most people lose.

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Most people on biz don't tho

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Dont anon i love you xoxo lets sex from rio im very hot latina send etririum

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this is a man

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I am sorry frend.
Could you possibly tell me what you're dumping Btw?

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You people are all retarded. It's really not hard. Put your money into PNK and RSR. Those are the two major shitcoins that will make a huge push. You only have yourself to blame when you pick obvious scams over good projects

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buy $COOM you're still early

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they're already pumped

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Do you know how to hold, OP? As long as you aren’t a literal brainlet selling on every dip, investing in worthless shitcoins with no innovation behind them (YAM farmers on suicide watch) then you should be okay
Post your portfolio OP, we can fix it

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patience frend. We're still so early

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Buy the big panic sells.
Luckin coffee

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still on time to buy COOM brother

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imagine thinking pnk has hit the ceiling

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Just hold, you ADD riddled retards

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You only lose if you sell or short. My wallet was worth 22k at one point, forgot about it, it was 2k, now it's 11k. Never sold (should have though at when it was higher) now I'll wait a bit.

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Warren Buffet:
If you aren’t willing to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.

Stop chasing 100x bullshit coins and invest in a business where you see potential.

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buy some xrp
it might change your life

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not op here, but what do you think?

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You bought link at 19.50 didn't you

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Get rid of RSR and move it into into pnk or chainlink.

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Damn that’s good advice

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>Believing paper and adobe

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Lol ignore this cunt

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What like you ignore all the red flags about RSR?

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Yeah a Coinbase backing is super sketchy bro

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Sell PNK and RSR, buy STA and DIA

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Just in case anyone wants to know about RSR

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I do both at the same time, that's why I own sta and prq

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Kek, big if true. Never was interested in rsr tho.

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