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Give it to me straight. How much money could I realistically have by mid 2021? I posted here a month ago seeking advice to get into crypto because I hate my life and want to die, so I’m gambling 2/3 of my life savings in a chance to make it big and retire to a minimalist lifestyle and get away from normie life

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>He bought imaginary internet tokens

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Mid 2021? Probably around the same amount

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Anon... You... Don't think we actually buy crypto do you? Here.. You'll need this..

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This is the most factual answer you will find. Ready?


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It's a good portfolio, I'd probably say you could double it. Some coins like Algorand and LINK might do better, ETH and BTC don't have as much movement potential over a 2x. XRP IMO is useless as hell.

So I'd expect 100k minimum in 2021 if a bull market emerges. Probably more. If BTC is rejected or a catastrophe happens you'd probably halve what you have.

It's a pretty conservative and safe portfolio. If you want to die or gamble you need to get into altcoin hustle where the real gains are at instead of this coinbase wallet.

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Dont listen to the trolls anon I think you have a pretty solid 4-5x chance by next year if the bull run takes off. If things really go crazy 10x
Thats a good stack brother

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get up to 32 ETH

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Have any that mooned in 2017 mooned again since?

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Thank you Anons. I appreciate the kind words and advice

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keep xrp though if the roumors are true youll be rich af if not im sure you will make a couple X

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No hope for you, seriously.

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I bought it just in case it pumps

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keep all you have
good buys

I'd have nearly exactly the same if I could

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Thank you anon, I feel a bit better. Guess I’ll just hold and pray

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Your gonna make it,anon. Good low risk make it stack. Now HODL.

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>I hate my life and want to die, so I’m gambling 2/3 of my life savings
if that is really the case, you should be gambling 100% + the coins you dont even own with futures

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sell the XRP and get some RSR

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I would honesty sell 1 btc for more link

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No bsv? Ngmi

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SALUTE! Alora!

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>if the roumors are true
What are they?

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zoom in

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I’ve seen this portfolio before. You doing good mate. See you been adding. Nice btc stack. Be careful giving all your info to the taxdatajuice. you’ll be nice and comfy by 2022 no doubt.

only thing missing is xtz from my top 5. cept I sold all my eth a couple days ago

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Thank you anon. I’m happy you guys convinced me to pull the trigger and buy this shit. Holding through this is going to be tough

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>I sold all my eth a couple days ago
But why

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could be the worst decision of my life but I just don’t value it versus satoshis and it had an obvious top? plus did you watch that eth foudbation rap?

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Wow this comment was on my thread

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You'd better invested in doge coin or $coom

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>10 times max on the btc ($230k)
>100 times max on link ($1.2 million)
>20 times max for Eth (120k)
>Xrp to $0
>100 times max on algorand ($70k)

~$1.6 million is your max. That’s if you time everything perfectly at the top of the bullrun.

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the max of bitcoin being a 10x is laughable fud. agreed on the ETH max though. that’s the tops of tops. doubt it makes it though.

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Fugg anon that actually made me feel something in my soul for the first time in a long time

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no chance bitcoin doesn’t approach 7 figures by end of decade. zero.

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>Give it to me straight. How much money could I realistically have by mid 2021?

Fucking retards think you could predict macro level market moments to the dot at a specific time.

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>all other coins 10x
>XRP 0

Hahaha omfg the fucking hate for XRP makes me unironically LOL

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ya that’s hilarious

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