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>“There isn’t a formal partnership or any kind of agreement in place,” said Daniel Gabis, a Google spokesman.

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>ignoring the WEF and China partnerships
All this FUD and the best they could do was maybe drive the price down by half a dollar before the rest of the market moved it even more. LINK is unstoppable.

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Have you been reading the charts at all? They fucked us. We’ll come back, but they did us dirty.

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> yesterday's news
> Hot again today
You Jews are relentless

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That whale aka the devs fucked you with that 500k market sell. You faggots would still be crabbing around $19 if Sergey didn’t drop on your head. Just like the old days

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how in the hell is this bearish? Link rose from 4 to 20 in less than 2 months and now that it's at a discount there's this kind of exposure.

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So chainlinkers are invested in the CCP? Nice to know

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That wasn’t SERGEY you dumbfuck etherscan showed they acquired their link eight days before they dumped it holy shit you’re a mong

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Seethe more, ponyboy. Post the sauce.

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CCP is invested in the chainlinkers

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it's only just begun. wait until chainlink captures the already-mature derivatives market. you don't have any idea what is on the horizon.

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>However, ranks of LINK Marines may be bigger than most: They are about 50,000 strong

uhhhh idk what this bitch is cookin, but fucking kek that shit is hilarious

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next will be the RSR rangers.