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This is only the beginning bros

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>every cent this coin goes up I make $10,000

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stop shilling this to normies you retard

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fuck you bitch im trying to fud and dip it lower

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Based, every cent up I make 17k

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can you fucking MONGOLOIDS please stop spoonfeeding weakhanded normies into rsr while it's still so low? just fucking stop. I don't want filthy disgusting subhuman normies making it. if you don't care then you are a fucking newfaggot

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Agreed. Whoever’s posting these RSR threads should stop. I don’t want ya becoming chainlink infested with normie faggots. Just let it go

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it's fucking enraging, someone keeps bumping them, and posting exact directions of how and where to buy, spoonfeeding retards who don't even know what coinbase is. I hope they unironically die

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>doesn't already have a make it stack accumulated
>calling people normies
>bumping threads without sage
Oh the irony

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you just bumped it you subhuman, i have it saged, back to r*ddit with your faggotry

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this keep save the shilling until after mainnet and coinbase

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this. guys slow it down a hair. the number of new wallets has almost tripled this month - let the shit cook baby

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I don't care if it's bumped. I'm ready for the pump you poor piece of shit. Here's another bump. BUY RSR

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holy shit are you legitimately a newfag?

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If you want to scare newfags away then start fudding it

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I'll show you my first RSR transaction when you show yours. And let's see who has been in this project longer.

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Fuck you. I have 3 mil and want to be able to afford a ticket to the yacht party. I’m posting on this ONE thread to try to make it stop. I need another month faggots. Why the fuck would you help normie fucktards who can’t operate uniswap instead of the crew

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How many are you aiming for? What’s your price prediction?

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>>21600714 #YACHTPARTY = 4.72mil. My price prediction is $0 invest in xrp or tron

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Jesus how much you hold?

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They haven't bought their bags yet

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Broke .026

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God dam it more ATH. This coin hits new ATH every 48hour

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new ATH? wtf stop pumping this shit!!!!

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Smart normies will fomo at 9 cents and when it starts to go from $0.50-> $1.00+ there’s the rest. They can only handle 1-3X worth of unpredictability, hence why they’re normies

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I have my bag faggot, I just do NOT want normies making money. you are an obvious newfag from the way you are acting.

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Alright sirs this is epic.
Newfags are soon to be priced out.

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Is it going to top out at $1?

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20k stack will i make it ?

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He’s a baby whale shhhh. Let them be

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33k stack here. You won’t be a millionaire by any means, but you’ll have a fat stack of capital to throw at the next project and actually make it.

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The feel when you only make 2k a cent

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Same. Based 1mil holder

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Memes one year ago were “ten fucking bucks, it’s in the white paper”
But then they removed it :D

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t 1.01M holder

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OP if we break .05 today it’s on your dime for talking too much

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stop shilling and start fudding you got damn morons

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normally - $1
during bull run $3+

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Making just over 100k per cent and feeling pretty happy right now. Looking forward to becoming a millionaire when this hits $0.10.

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Thinking of dropping like 100 of my linkies on this...I only have 33k rsr

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I made 14k today. I guess I take it

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Was it removed from uniswap? It's greyed out

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>didnt get in pre 1 cent
fuck off

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It’s all the buying this shit might make it to .50 cents EOW

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Here are some fudding ideas.

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It’s really hard to fud a project like this
Cut them some slack

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The more haters the more successful it's going to be.

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Peter Thiel is the CEO of Satsgang, the Crypto branch of the Bilderberg group. They routinely orchestrate pump and dump schemes to raise extra capital for their New World Order schemes. They simply cannot be trusted.

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You thinking of buying anymore?

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literally dumping

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On a serious note though... perhaps stop creating threads for a few days. It's in your best interests. And this is coming from someone with over a make it stack..


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Agreed, this shilling isn't good right now

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i tried swinging my stack and lost 10.2k rsr last week when it was crabbing.. start shilling YFL or something faggots, i need to get more.

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4-5 RSR threads, 20+ LINK threads for 2 weeks straight but RSR is on overload...??

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you don't fucking get it do you, this needs to remain as low key as possible until the time comes.

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Whole thread is trash. Step ur game up

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Rank 71 on CMC
A 20x (all else being equal) would put us in top 10.
That's not exactly "fuck you" money for me, but combined with my link stack I'd be feeling pretty comfy.

I truly hope this is the next golden bull bros. I'm struggling with mental health issues and can't hold a job and I can tell my friends are looking down on me for it. I just want to buy a house, a sporty but reasonably priced car (50k or less), and continue going to film school and doing creative shit while they wagecuck in a boring sales job or whatever the fuck they "aspire" to do.

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sounds like you dont have over a make it stack then.

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Nigger it's been low key for 2 fucking years. So god damn tired of you poor whiney bitches. Time to accumulate is over

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100k so fucking what im getting there

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there have been LINK threads everyday for 3 years and yet ppl that had the chance still didn't buy.

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all else won't be equal though. market cap is going to shoot up as billions of tokens are released. brainlets are going to panic and sell, thinking the upside just shrunk significantly.

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I think anywhere near 1 dollar the bags will be very heavy, the dumps are going to keep it from getting close i think

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thats what I thought about $5 LINK but it surprised me. we'll see what happens.

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yeah but it's been a bit much lately. i think some people were doing it for cheap (you)'s . I was in the circle jerk but it got old after a couple days, i'm happy with the massive gains but maybe it's because some marines didn't have much money before they got into this.

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I hope you are right anon, i will make is and then some if you are right

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Greetings /biz/itzens, please explain the difference between a suicide stack and a make it stack.

I know a make-it stack means lambos, house, vacations, etc. But what about a suicide stack? Does it just mean u can buy a car or what?

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woops that was suppose to be a thread

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A suicide stack is a (relatively) small amount you invest (relatively) early on a promising coin; if the coin moons and reaches incredible amounts, you will still have made a decent profit, therefore seeing all the anon riding around with lambos won't make you want to kill yourself as much as if you had completely missed the opportunity, hence why it's called a suicide stack.
A suicide stack on RSR is about 10k rsr

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Kek. Suicide is when you cant stop waging.

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suicide stack: amount to not kill yourself if it moons.

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every cent 50k for me

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because everything goes up in a straight line.....

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I love how biz just moves the goalposts based on how much they have and how much a coin has already pumped.

Suicide stack has always been 100k
Which still only costs $2500

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Yup still quite cheap

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i got 380k for $1k kek

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Just a fraction of the coming supply is in circulation

how an this moon when the market is going to be flooded with the stuff

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>burger hours start
>rsr fudding starts

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CounterFUD this. You can't you fucking pajeets

>> No.21605047

by engaging with smoothbrains I make myself a smoothbrains

this bottom shelf fud has been refuted a thousand times over but keep at it

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> pajeets

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>A suicide stack on RSR is about 10k rsr
poorfag cope

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yes FUD is very bullish all these anons will buy my RSR bags because an increasing supply is unironically bullish

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How is an increasing supply bullish? I genuinely don't get it.

>> No.21605219

They will all get burnt in due course, don't you worry about that

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Insider here with some valuable information. Just got a phone call from a colleague of mine. He said there were some huge contracts and deals that were signed with RSR, but there were some legal stipulations involved, and now everyone is pulling out. The situation is looking grim. RSR will most likely pump to .7c short term, then crash back down to .005c and ultimately fizzle out and die. I'm just sharing this info with people because i sincerely care about the welfare of everyone and their families whom are involved.

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thats the point i was making but these brainlets think RSR will moon when the supply gets dumped onto the market

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Wow. I've been hearing this circulating on the discords, nice to hear it confirmed here.

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I am more than willing to listen to any arguments beyond /biz/ memes.

I saw that the goal is to get the mainnet up by 2021. That means the circulating supply of RSR will at least 6x by the end of 2021.

Help me out here friend,

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Iron hands typed this post

>> No.21605337

there is literally no liquidity to supply purchase demand on exchanges. slippage is huge on the swap sites and buyers are outpacing sellers. thus, in this case, increasing the supply is good

>> No.21605408

when you posted this earlier in the other thread it was your "banker-connected father" and now it's "a colleague" ...kek.

you FUD fags are getting desperate

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>increasing supply is bullish because there isnt enough sellers so now there is
imagine being this fucking retarded

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-Investors are all thesis-driven and planning to arb for long-term holding which is deflationary (token burn)
-mainnet wont even happen until RSV usage is large enough for arbing to make sense
-The team has no incentive to dump RSR, they'd have nothing to gain from that.

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also you forgot to change your ip before you same fag'd

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do you really not understand that exchanges can't sell you a coin they have no supply of?

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Dude, because this team doesn't have some half asses roadmap. This chad team is composed of the literal top tier of venture capital, crypto, and hedge funds.

You think these guys are just fucking around with some hobby? You think that they are just like hoping it works out? They have this shit down to a science. Venture capital only, ONLY gets into projects with a high chance of adoption. Not profitablilty, not fat margins, but sales and revenue. If the product is RSV, you bet your ass that RSV will have a massive blietzkrieg roll out over the next 6-12 months.

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Not only that, but dumping RSR cannot even help the team. They have tens or maybe hundreds of millions in venture capital. They literally cannot even spend the money quick enough. There is zero chance of dumping. I will not be posting bullish takes much more, but this project is extremely bullish. I sold like 2K of my 10K LINK to buy this.

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token not needed

>> No.21605730


Thanks for that at least,

>> No.21605781

you tried.

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iron hands only coin

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Give me a couple reasons why i would invest in this project.

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serious question -- aren't the devs kinda putting themselves out there if they're making a token to replace the economic assassination tactics of the IMF? i hold it, but im just curious. this is a very.... idealistic project.

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shut the fuck up, pajeet

>> No.21607365

>store runs out of product because people want it so much that the supply can't be met
>this is a bad thing
you're on the business board retard, learn some business

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My Loyalty is My Honor.

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88000 RSR strong. join me under this banner. WE
are going to make it.

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sat strong. SStay SSexy RESERVE

>> No.21607756

Not sure what to think. Seems very much like XRP in some ways. Only without partnerships.

>> No.21607880

how much is suicide stack

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Yeah, the beginning of the end

>> No.21607944

Fucking kek
Low energy kike

>> No.21607976

this is a fud from the discord lol

>> No.21607981

1000 sui
10k make it
100b RSR
100k sui
1m make it

>> No.21608026

Ten trillion RSR

>> No.21608117

I make ten bucks a cent

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They can't even pay their staff LOL

>> No.21608185

I would buy this coin if it canl moon 2000x more than XRP.

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I make 330!

>> No.21608246

That's what a lot of start-ups do. Microsoft offer stock options in lieu of market salary. Piss poor fud.

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And to top it off, the coin you're buying is already on the chopping block. LOL

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thanks just bought 30 stacks

>> No.21608333

You can't fud me idiot, I bought a 1MM bag in August 2019. I've made 1500% LMAO

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Sell now before they dump the rest of the 104 billion coins on the market and wipe out your gains.

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>oh no RSR is doing exactly the same thing that almost every other coin has done
You had a year.

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You wagecucking/ welfare check cashing cucks better get in NOW. You aren't going to keep the down.
>Start applying for credit cards
>Sell your stuff
>Beg, borrow, steal
Your window to accumulate your stack is closing FAST.

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The more normies you have, the more panic sells.

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every cent it goes up I make 3 cents
why the fuck have i been working a 9-5 my whole life

>> No.21608619

What retard buys into a 6 billion supply with 94 billion still to drop.

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Either stack more or accept youre gonna have like 150 at its peak

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Right? It is like these people hate money

>> No.21608761

How much do you have???

>> No.21608765

Where do you buy rsr?

>> No.21608771

94 billion

>> No.21608797

How does 2.8 usd sound?

>> No.21608799

you really think i will have 150??? that will be dream

>> No.21608889

Also, why should anyone buy considering that it's at an ath? It's a sellers market rn

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>Also, why should anyone buy considering that it's at an ath?

>> No.21609003

Who else will pump my bags idiot?

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$0.05 EOW

>> No.21609062

100k suicide stack reporting. how likely is it we get to 10 cents?

>> No.21609082

K short term gains. Where do I buy?

>> No.21609184

when will the great rise happen? When are the listings? I need to know how much time I have to accumulate.
t. 191k baglet.

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>> No.21609251

let me pull something out my ass
binance dec. cb may 2021

>> No.21609351


More likely to got to 0.01

>> No.21609357

All this fud is getting me so excited. Big pump incoming

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>Where do I buy?

The exchange Huobi.com
You'll need a VPN if you're in America.

>> No.21609413

Makes me wanna buy it even more since its forbidden.

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File: 685 KB, 2200x800, Garden-Tours-listing-Banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>Makes me wanna buy it even more since its forbidden

Getting to stack a coin funded by Coinbase before Coinbase is allowed to sell it and before Americans know about it and who else is backing it.
So this is what it feels like to be Goldman Sachs.

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>> No.21609989


Official coin of the new neet world order

>> No.21610051

$64k for me

>> No.21610115

Oink Oink

>> No.21610120

$1 million for me