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Old >>21563286


Get in.

>Got €500,000 prize from the European Union
>Part of the Thomson Reuters Incubator
>Working tech, much more to come




>Where to buy
Uniswap.... sirs,

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$1 EOY is FUD
This shit will soar anons.

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And I fucked up the title, god bless PNKers

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$10 eoy sir

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Price of two cows already confirmed.

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It's not even on any major exchanges, we got in early fren
$5 EOY minimum

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how do i buy this without getting bled to hell by gas and the rates

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Just before I pressed submit I managed to move the n from "Elephants" to the start of the title. God knows how


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New Dehli vegetable market, ask for Rajesh

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Expect to pay $8 to $15 in gas prices at the moment.

Unless you buy <$1000 it will be insignificant.
You can also buy on bitfinix, but for large amounts they don't have enough volume

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Whoa, digits confirmed sirs . double double lucky lucky in allah

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Is it worth joining the courts? Are there a lot of chances to earn more PNK? How much should I stake?

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Liz loves PNK!

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Only the higher courts are worth it money wise at the moment.

The very low level ones are barely worth it as you lose most due to the tx costs, but they are mostly introductional. Can be fun to join though

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sirs I have done the needful. Is price reverted?

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I bought this shit just because of the memes. Make me proud faggots.

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Perfect edition. Praise Vishnu!

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I tapped out at 50k but I might have to buy a couple thousand more because of the dip.

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Lmao does this shitty scamcoin really needs its own general? its a judge judy scam coin literally nothing will come of this , you can literally buy your way out of the court cases, whales always win.

Literally rich become richer coin

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fucking pink ID of truth faggot scammers.

with your pajeet 5D chess.

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>FUD Poster gets Pink ID

Every time hahahahahahaha

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you can't give me ONE reason why big companies would implement this, its a major liability.

What if people get scammed on ebay and judge judy larpers actually side with the scammer? then what? What happens pinkies? Thats right nothing because shops will never implement this shit way too risky.

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>What if people get scammed on ebay and judge judy larpers actually side with the scammer?

If you've ever used eBay you should know this already happens way too often. There literally is an entire group of people who try to figure out the best way to cheat eBay for "free" stuff.

>2012 - Give me one reason companies would accept BTC
>2017 - Give me one reason people would write contracts on ETH
>2020 - Give me one reason why companies would use Kleros

You sound like a poorfag and a brainlet, history is bound to repeat itself.

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>what if the decision is wrong
the exact same as happens with regular adjudications, my man (protip - I know all about that) - the parties have a right to appeal. If it has legs, it goes to a different adjudicator for a final ruling (or in this case, new jurors with a higher coherence score). You're overestimating the scope and nature of the disputes jurors will be asked to solve, it's remarkably simple stuff.

If it's good enough for dispute resolution professionals, dispute resolution academics, and institutional bodies like the EU, why isn't it good enough for a greasy, spiteful manlet like you?

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why is gas so high for PNK?

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>the same guy is using the same FUD in both kleros threads

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all ETH gas prices are insane right now. Try to make your transactions all in one chunk

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Hello sirs When new all time high pls ?????

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but I have been buying STR for $3-5, and this one is $20 ?

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>faggot fuds
>gets PNK ID
Why do you brainlets even bother wasting your time? This is bigger than you. KEK has chosen Kleros.

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thank fucking god all the newfriends r gone

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>thank fucking god all the newfriends r gone
>implying buying pnk in the first place doesn't make you a newfag.

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can u stop

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He keeps bumping the threads for us lmao

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Thanks for the bump fren

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What is case 302 and where can I read about it

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maybe it's just 5D chess. maybe im schizo and you guys are shilling and im going super paranoid because you guys keep shilling so hard and the only times shilling is this hard is with STA and other shitcoins.

all that said I have 13k pinkies.

Im just fucking scared ok anons don't fucking hurt me. It's literally my whole life savings in this shitcoin and I need to CBA in some more. Fuck. Good night

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base pinkies

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Nah, we all in this too.

I got 85% of my blockfolio in this shit so I'm pretty comfy

Sleep tight

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Thanks anon.

I am skeptical as fuck because never does anything good happens in my life so I feel like im 100% certain you guys are fucking me up, the dev team on telegram is super nice and answers all question in earnest and that shit makes me even more schizo and paranoid, what if vitalik, these devs, and you guys are all after my few thousand euros, god damnit I really cant think of it. I lost my fucking job in covid and I barely have savings left.


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>FUDer gets pink ID
happens every time

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god there's so many pnk memes now

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Afternoon sirs

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Anon this coin is legit, it received an 500k innovation award from european union and has a legitimate use case. I got a 60k stack but sometimes I'm also paranoid and can't see the difference between trolling/fud and serious posts, also I don't really understand what's up with all the pajeet speak. The best advice I can give you is to do your own research and decide for yourself.

Also how can I join the telegram?

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Check pic related. Which one do you think you are?

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you can find the telegram link on the coingecko site.

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>also I don't really understand what's up with all the pajeet speak

Realisticly speaking the token would be accepted way easier on /biz/ if people would drop the pajeet stuff.

I think PNK is too balls deep in that meme though, also I have no idea if FUDers do the pajeet stuff or if its actual holders..

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>he thinks big companies need to use it to be successful
>he’s never heard of smart contracts
>he doesn’t know there’s already 350 cases that have generated $1,000,000 to the users
>he thinks he can out smart literal PHD’s
Kek you’re the same salty faggot from the other thread. YOU ARE LITERALLY TOO RETARDED TO UNDERSTAND KLEROS. There’s no other way to put it.

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We made the pajeet meme up during the token sale so we could accumulate cheaper. Everyone likes larping as indians because we are up 15-20x and don’t give a fuck because of it. Check pic related. If you were here in February then you’d know this is one of the origins of it.

t. 410k pnk

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Lmfao I remember this shit! It was one of the reasons I bought in. Biz doesn’t realize pajeets don’t try to act like pajeets. Let that sink in.

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>no clue if FUD or actual HODLers

they are paying 5D interdimensional chess with us. They are pajeet scammers trying to convince us they are not pajeets but acting like pajeets to keep people away so they can fill their bags, but in reality they're trying to dump their bags on us slowly. 401k is a x14 and theyre trying to cash out and letting us fomo in it by pretending it can hit 1-10$ while in reality this will become a 0.15 cent stable coin. We are fucked aaaaaaaaah I HAVE TO SELL fuck. /biz/ is making me fucking schizo

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>you can't give me ONE reason why big companies would implement this, its a major liability.

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>shhhh dont reveal secret friend am make great fortune enable cuddle asian girl cute very pleasure

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This is one of the few crypto projects with a working product that is already generating revenue. I’m not that patient or nice enough to spoon feed you on why Kleros has tremendous potential but the fact that it’s chain lock agnostic should be a huge breadcrumb. I also pajeet post because it’s fun.

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*chain lock kek sorry a little high. BLOCKCHAIN AGNOSTIC

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sirs do the needful

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Where buy pls

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holy fucking shit your image is MAJOR FUD tho holy fucking shit. I dont see any company investing into 4chan kleros with racist memes. FUCK ME FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOURE RIGHT

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when will this absolute piece of shit be put on a legitimate exchange? this will never moon with $2-3 million in daily volume.

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Congrats on being early. Now stfu and hold for 2 years or Kys down the line because you sold too early.

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Kek. Yeah sometimes I fud so hard I start fudding myself. But dum dum, it’s going to be fine. Chainlink had/has literally Nazi memes, PNKers have for the most part stayed vanilla in our memes. Now shut up, DYOR, attack your own positions so you can learn how to defend them, and do the needful sir purple tuk tuk go to the moon in good times thank you

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>I bought and I expected it to be directly profitable

Give it a little while

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Where exactly should I buy cleros, which is certainly quite important. I mostly need to buy it and I would like to do something bigger. Pincione seems interesting and for the most part needs to eat my village, which essentially implies that I want for all intents and purposes where to buy Kellros, which is contrary to popular belief. I will show the needy in particular how Pinacian sounds interesting and my village basically needs to eat, which shows with all intentions and motives where I should buy most of the callers, or so they have, for the most part Think. The kleros will be moons, so I should buy a 1 million ruble wort in a very prominent way.

>> No.21597108

god how do there keep being so many meme of the new for kleros sir

>> No.21597153

Just simply wondering if the team made it a priority to expose the project to more people, which would be good for all parties involved.
I know the whole Nov 20 cuckbase image, but im not going to assume that's truth given all the pajeet fuck shit that has been going on.
its easier to dump bags when the project isnt on a mainstream exchange.

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It is because it pleases the gods when we support the needful with our offerings. Have you not done the blessings to receive Kek’s favor sir?

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najib my friend! How does 35 million sound?

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gave me inspiration.

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sir, where do I purchase the kleros token? I have heard of its many potential and today i have decided to make a purchase of pinakion. I am new to this cryptocurrency situation. where do i begin. i want kleros. my village is hungry and we must all eat together. I hope this makes my village grow even better, and i am not sure if i have any idea what the price of my kleros token will be. i have already received my kleros token, which is a bit lower than the current amount i got from my previous transaction. i plan to use this token for my kleros wallet and i am now confident that my kleros is going to be worth what it is . I believe that the cryptocurrency market will grow as soon as possible. i am excited for what my village will become like. the community is getting excited. It is a great community and I hope this has helped me a bit, and it is a great idea to make a purchase.

>> No.21597662

I wouldn’t assume the coinbase image is real but to bank on that rumor being true would be missing the forest for the trees.

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aaaaaaaaaaa so many new memes sirs

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this is my favorite of the memes
any more neet jurors would be based

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May Ganesh bestow his blessings on all PNK arbiters of Justice

>> No.21598089

Sir, many cows to come. Moon is close. India superpower 2022

>> No.21598193

I hope you suckers buying this shitcoin realize that all the anons one here pretending to be bagholders are just larping

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Yes sir. I just lardping when I sell for 350k sir

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sir this is John Smith from kleros support sir, please prepone from posting fud and email me on [email protected] for more info on how to buy pnk coin as soonest as today morning

>> No.21599345

congratulations you fuckers, you just lost a potential investor by your fake “meme”. I work in IT and I can smell shitty indian english from miles away. This fucker is a pajeet 100% and the meme of it being a meme is a meme in itself. Don’t fall for this shit retards, it’s a scam.

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Goodbye, we'll be waiting on your suicide thread in 1-2 years

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A big shout out and thanks to Kumar Chandra from India for calling me and telling me about this great investment opportunity that will make myself rich and his village develop a safe water supply.

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>> No.21599734

Interesting where to buy?

>> No.21599740


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sir, please check uploaded image for further proof I’m not Indian, John Smith here from Icy Mountain in Alaska sir

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>brown ID

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sir please do you predicitons when this will be $10? i hope for $7 by eoy for great benefit of village

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The Chad-Jurors have declared that any sort of prediction is fud.
You and all others are sentenced to waiting for the binance listing before seeing something truly parabolic.
*bangs PNK gavel*

We are all naught but human and it is human to err. This has been declared by the Chad-Jurors and also is declared as the reason Kleros is here to begin with.
You are sentenced to forgiving yourself and doing better next time.

Such is the sentencing of the Chad-Jurors. They have a great sense of humor.
There is no further sentencing here, just commentary on prior cases that have been settled.

Ahem *cough* apologies.
The Chad-Jurors have declared you to have the brain power of a jellyfish and the moral spine to match since Kleros is that far outside of your thinking capabilities mister *looks at paper* "poor-4-lyf" (heh must be a soundcloud rapper).
There is no sentencing for this charge as having to live life as you is seen as punishment enough.

*smiles and only gently taps PNK gavel against the table*

The Chad-Jurors have declared you to not have used the methods of DYOR.
You are sentenced to one large searching of etherscan as well as a googling of what Kleros got from Europe.

>> No.21600177

checked and based

>> No.21600204

based gavel-anon

>> No.21600275


>> No.21600365


>> No.21600392

thanks sir

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did you do the needful?

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Seriously I'm tired of buying PNK but if it goes down anymore i cant help myself im obsessed. Please stop going down im going to steal money from my mom to huy more...

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how does 1 million sound EOY

>> No.21600689

Holy mother of based

>> No.21600814

If PNK sees more movement in the market, PNK will react to it more. When a PNK is not responding to a move, the PNK will make it more likely that the move is being countered by another move. For example, if PNK sees more movement in the market, PNK will react more to a move than to the move being countered by another move, and so on. A simple example is the case when the trade data indicates a move has been stalled for some time , PNK will not react to the move by any means, regardless of when the move has been stalled. For this reason, PNK is probably more likely to react to a move that is not being countered by another move.

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>> No.21600885


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>> No.21600929

based gavelanon

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>> No.21600983

Its very simple. Kleros (PNK) reacts to other market movements just like any other token. It then changes the price by the amount that the token's value is. In order to perform this we have to perform a similar function, with a different price. Kleros (PNK) also behaves like a token in this way. For example: a market will take some of the values and move it up or down. Kleros (PNK) performs the same thing for each price, and it will move a bit more as the price gets higher. Thus: the price will move at or near the next price.

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>> No.21601270

checked. I'm gonna get myself a bag of this just on the meme magick that surrounds this shitcoin. Time to learn2uniswap. Wish me luck

>> No.21601283

I wouldn't recommend using Uniswap, even though it's a great decentralized exchange. You just need to understand what it does and what you can do with it, which I would also recommend to everyone. There are two major problems with using Uniswap. One, it has a lot of overhead to setup (at least in theory, considering the state-of-the-art) and can be very expensive . This also leads to many unappealing trades. Second, it requires a huge amount of money. In general, using Uniswap requires a lot of knowledge about how to use it (which is why I would not recommend using it if you're a novice).

In addition, you must understand all the terminology involved, which is especially difficult since a lot of it is related to the rules and protocols which make use of it. If you know about the trade (or have done some research) and don’ t like it, stop using it .

>> No.21601358

Is there another way to get pnk?

>> No.21601366

Holy fucking whale.

>> No.21601392

Don’t listen to him, he’s meta-ironic-AI posting.
Uniswap is super fucking simple to use, though gas fees can sometimes be higher than other DEXes. Just enter a round number of PNK in your transaction and you’ll be fine.

>> No.21601396
File: 334 KB, 315x445, 4AAD3D3A-F15B-43BA-B98F-B9C6F3B72463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having a suicide stack of 50k unironically makes you one of the biggest holders on /biz/. That’s the power of getting in early.

>> No.21601494

What's the best way? I could try kucoin or bittrex but I'm still trying to figure how these things work. I'm also a poorfag and will probably throw 0.5 ETH for start and dca from there depending on how the market moves

>> No.21601499

do i buy more now or is there going to be a dip?

>> No.21601516

This is the dip.

>> No.21601567

One should not just evaluate a coin based on its potential to 'moon' or rise greatly in value. Instead, a coin must be ranked based on the value of its potential to improve its performance and its potential to improve its performance when evaluated using the proposed methodology. The evaluation methodology should be to evaluate the underlying design, not just to evaluate the application, but also to evaluate the potential of an implementation in terms of the quality of its proposed architecture. The design and the application of the proposed method should provide the necessary tools for evaluating the design and application. In that effort, it is important to identify what types of issues each of the proposed methods might pose. These issues will include, but are not limited to :

>Whether or not a coin is suitable to perform for the application
>The quality of the application or its performance
>How effective the implementation was at achieving the design goal
>How the design contributed to the final result, or perhaps whether a design was inspired by the original design

We propose two new models for evaluation: a ranking based on the design and the application, and a ranking based on the results obtained using the previous methodology.

>> No.21601688

you realize this is a lebanese basket weaving forum

>> No.21601773

I want to buy Kleros, and like other posters here I am skeptical. For the record, I think the Kleros would be a great investment, and a great resource, for a number of reasons. First, it is well thought out and well-known, in my opinion. The fact that it has already become widely known in other forums is a good sign for it's popularity. Second, it is a really useful tool for the people that need it for decentralized dispute resolution. Third, the user-friendly interfaces are intuitive, making it easy to use, and useful for a lot of applications .

I really like the idea of adding the ability to send money directly to the user, to the benefit of all parties. It could be very helpful for dealing with a huge set of legal issues, and not necessarily in a manner that would make all parties involved happy. It could also be useful for the people that need the money, to send it directly instead of simply on a bank account with a credit card company.

The way the user interfaces were designed, you can find the system in many ways, with the best of intentions, even though they were all built by different people .

It is worth pointing out that some of the ideas here are quite ambitious, and will take a little experimentation to develop. I don’t think we should expect anyone to want to build decentralized systems. The core ideas would, in some cases, be for a small set of decentralized systems to be built, without taking account of the complexity of dealing with a large set of issues .

The core idea here is to make a system which is completely anonymous, as opposed to using any kind of external intermediary such as a credit card company or a credit union to communicate with each other directly.

>> No.21601802

dang, are you doing anything with that stack? what can a whale do with his huge stack? pool in uniswap?

>> No.21601871

>replying to a copypasta

>> No.21602071


>> No.21602197

Uniswap is quite literally one of the easiest methods unless you've never used metamask. (But even then its not that hard)

If thats the case its a fun learning experience you'll benefit from, at some point you will come across something on the ethereum network like PNK

>> No.21602246

Is that the best way for us poorfags to buy in?

>> No.21602296

You guys don't understand. Biz is now Kleros territory. We now need to infiltrate into /r/cryptocurrency. This is the next key movement. Let's move pnk squad. EVERYBODY WILL KNOW ABOUT US.

>> No.21602308

Thanks for the insightful comment, memes aside its important to consider the abilities of a project you're investing in.

Kleros is one of those projects where I'm not just in because of the memes, but because the concept itself is good. I do believe they will at some point play a minor if not major part in the crypto ecosystem.

>> No.21602365

When using Uniswap one must prepare themselves for a journey and experience in frustration. Uniswap is a tool that takes advantage of the untapped liquidity on-chain by converting it into the token of choice. Uniswap uses a small amount of gas to compute the average transfer volume of the token to be converted. For each token, each conversion is calculated as the average transfer volume of its corresponding counterpart, where each unit is converted to a sum of its unit value and its total unit value. Uniswap has been proven effective for converting large amounts of tokens into tokens that are sufficient to support a single transfer. One can easily understand how Uniswap improves a user experience on a large scale by simply applying it to the whole transfer volume.

>> No.21602463

I hear you on that. I love the memes but if that's all that mattered, there's plenty of useless meme shitcoins for that. This one actually has a decent use case

>> No.21602606
File: 104 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200818-183450_MetaMask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21602619
File: 188 KB, 431x405, pnk1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who here is /verygoodbadboy/?

>> No.21603346
File: 226 KB, 701x424, 1597646761036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comfy hold anon

>> No.21603509
File: 148 KB, 814x436, Judeg PNKleros responding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Chad-Jurors have declared this to be a fucking stupid idea. Even the very THOUGHT of sharing any kind of information purposefully with plebbitors before we hit $15 caused half the jurors to begin projectile vomiting and the other half to demand confiscation of any PNK you hold.
It was determined, however that your post was made in an excited moment of naievetè. Your sentence is to *looks at paper shudders* (oh god), return to plebbit and india fud PNK till such a time as you are banned before being allowed back into the Kleros Kourtroom.
*bangs PNK gavel*

The Chad-Jurors have declared you to both be correct.
Your sentencing is shutting the fuck up outside of the *looks at paper* "slash-biz-slash" board until such a time that you can post threads of a *looks at paper* "you had x amount of months/years"
(I think the prior case may be affecting this one a bit but I cant be sure.)

*bangs PNK gavel*

>> No.21603637
File: 52 KB, 500x500, 1592194756351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21603676

Only got 6600 should I buy more?

>> No.21603692

What’s the suicide stack of pnk?

>> No.21603729

Put this faggot in fud jail. Assemble the jurors.

>> No.21603797

I keep wondering the same thing. 250k was definitely it when it came out, but now I don't know.
I have 68k pnk and it don't feel like shit. I have 1btc but I just can't bring myself to use any of it. I'm proud of that thing.

>> No.21604006

But I don't want reddit to make it. I'd rather laugh at them from afar.

>> No.21604042

why is this coin not moving at all

>> No.21604111

Dunno. It'll crab for a while til it hits binance/coinbase then we'll finally take off.

>> No.21604220
File: 117 KB, 288x384, 7DF20D9F-3490-40A6-A2E2-BF06E7D3D4C5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sitting comfy on 1MM PNK sirs, should one do the needful again and dump rest of eth bag into ganges river for cleansing? It is big bag. But will do many a 4Moon for us sirs, unless rug pull if not magic carpet ride to heaven as Vishnu smiles down upon willage. Plz,sirs, wat do sir

>> No.21604648

Plz respond sirs, my willage need me

>> No.21604763

Buy more sir u know this

>> No.21605296


>> No.21605417

I see so many wales moving in on this coin. It’s insane

>> No.21605436

where to buy,,,

>> No.21605473

postman PNK

>> No.21605483

10k sui 100k make it sir

>> No.21605576

If we reach $1+ EOY I’ll get a PNK tattoo and tell a hooker to write PNK on her tits

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