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there is too many new zoomer kiddys lurking biz these days

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skateboard token will bring you many riches

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Post the one with the ship

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Buy espers on yobit sirs

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buy BazingaCoin sirs

many riches come to u sirs

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Nihao wealthy Chinaman

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apparently I'm an oldfag now

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This was my first /biz/ inspired purchase
Made 60%, not bad for stocks

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/biz/ oldfags and 4chan oldfags aren't the same
/biz/oldfag is pre-2018, I would actually put the cut off as the bcash fork date

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True /biz/ oldfags remember when the board was mainly bogleheads and value investing shit.

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Biz oldfags are pre 2017

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Unironically pic related

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r-remember me?

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Based altcoin poster.

> deepbrainchain
> bounty0x
> iota
> prl
> fun

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they really need to redo this without the /mu/ shit

2016 was peak comfy /biz/. it used to take a week or two for a thread to 404. now its 2-3 hours at most

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wew those are some proper dead coins

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The collective iq was probably a whole standard deviation higher with like 2 threads dedicated to ethereum tops

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ni hao wealthy chinaman

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it definitely was, it was normie in the intelligent sense, not the mindless bullshit we deal with today. one cryptocurrency general, 2 threads dedicated to either btc or eth and usually 1-2 threads related to whatever the fotm coin was at the time (remember waves in mid 2016?)

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Who has the bitbean memes

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We got too many get rich quick hopes on crypto tokens and not enough business ideas and how to plan out a business. Honestly nubiz sucks I'm going to endchan

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Shit, I held PRL from 40 cents to the top and I didn't fucking sell... IM STILL BAGHOLDING (now forked and called Opaque)

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Remember this legendary thread?

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i remember being whitelisted for this and i was allocated 2 eth (i think 4 was the max) and thinking it was too risky since the hard cap was something like $450,000. watching it go 10-20x was rough, but i remember catching a bus on the way to a medical for a job and opening up /biz/ and seeing all the pink wojaks, what a day

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Deludedarkie checking in

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woah this is link now

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The day it was ended was hilarious, indeed. I mean, who would've thought it was a scam. A well-designed one kek. I traded Confido on EtherDelta and made like 2 ETH.

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Kekd then, kekd now

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Hi fren

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Who has the bitbean memes? Prove you're an oldfag

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holy shit I'm glad I missed that I was actually holding that shit token during that time.

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Ni hao wealthy chinaman

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this one gets me every time kek

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This is the kind of shit that makes me scared as fuck about my PNK bags. I literally put my whole fucking portfolio and even some of my savings in this shit. O god please don't let it die.

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Ouch I remember this thing...lost 4 ETH in this madness. How stupid I was kek

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*additional note: Sold Santiment after this shitshow before SAN went 1000% up....

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I remember having $20,000 in deepbrainchain

Also does anybody have the meme of belt dad where its btc as the dad and alts as the son

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The guy who created etherdelta is my neighbor lol. Total sperg

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Bless him, for he made people both rich and poor. Is he American or European?

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can you imagine if the uniswap generation tried to use etherdelta.. jesus christ there would be daily threads of people losing all their eth in 2 clicks

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Pretty sure he is American. Seems to me like hes trying to keep a very low profile.

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you literally doxxed yourself. Give me 2 ETH sir or I will leak your adress.

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pnk doesnt have a bunch of fake devs and shit does it? you wont have a confido situation with it but i wouldnt go all in on something

the JOOST meme was proper, its a shame it didnt last too long but what a journey that was

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some fucker shilled SAN here at some point and i thought that sounds fantastic, and i did the same thing. sold at a minor gain to put it into something else and then it mooned violently

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remember when 0x ico went live and everyone was trying to figure out how to use etherdelta? fuck me what a day. what got me the most was when people would mix up the price they want to sell at and the amount of tokens they want to sell, youd see it in the trades column at some point.

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>pnk doesnt have a bunch of fake devs and shit does it? you wont have a confido situation with it but i wouldnt go all in on something

No I checked their github it all looks legit , even tried debugging some of their shit because they have like a 200 ETH reward for some of their bugs. They seem very legit.

but yeah I'm legit all in on them that's how much I believe, I just hope that it will get some support from other crypto investors.

I have like 2-3k into them and I'm 80k in debt this my final suicide stack.

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I lost 50 euros on that fucking shit, I still have nightmares about it. My sole crypto scam so far

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tfw i didn't sell the SIBOS news

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don't have the mozzarella picture saved sadly but this was also pretty kek-worthy, if you ignore the fact that my REQ stack was worth 100k+ at the peak

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The next Confido

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i remember this shit live hahahahahah

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Based mousey poster

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Man i forgot about this one, nobody siipppssssssssss anymore

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Fucking cryptopia took my 7k beaners