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I've seen some of you post about wanting to help in some way. I remember an anon said he wanted to help the elephants. So what are your plans if you have any?

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i'm going to start a huge dog sanctuary where anyone can bring strays or dogs from pounds that are going to be euthanized. i'll have a streaming channel with multiple cameras set throughout the different areas and treat dispensors that are operated by donations to help cover costs

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I'd like to do stuff for my local city. Just make the place nicer. Maybe fund parks, see what unfunded projects were in life, etc.

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that would be a good way to get them a home too. people would watch dogs on lifestream and then maybe want to have one. neat idea

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If I was retardly rich I wanted to start a farm/mental health center for schzios. I once spent a couple days in the mental health ward and it was the stuff of nightmares. No one should have to be thrown into that shit.

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hah! gaaaaaaay

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I'd like to do something for those less fortunate, or for abused / neglected children.

If you end up "making it," be sure you also "make it" spiritually and humanitarianly by giving back to the world.

See you there /biz :)

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you'll understand when you're older

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I’m gonna conquer the world through blood shed and end all wars so there’s no more blood she’s. Thanks for reading.

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If I have enough money I’ll definitely adopt a kid. Like foster care kid not one of these newborn babies bullshit.

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I'd like to do something for those less fortunate, or for abused / neglected children.

If you end up "making it," be sure you also "make it" spiritually and humanitarianly by giving something back to the world.

See you there /biz :)

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I am trying to start off a natsoc boxing club where we could turn fatass neets in to hitlerjugends, I am literally broke and in debt but we already have found a gym that we want to purchase. I am a /pol/ refugee though I have less then 1k link, we will all make it one day or another, I have high school students in the club and I try to keep them on the right track, it's so fucking hard. You can donate to make american hopeless youth like poltards, turn them into fitards then biztards if you want to donate just 1 link for founding tomorrow's youth then god bless you.

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A charity that supports scouting for European-American youth. Like BSA, but without the homo, and with more emphasis on self-defense and small-unit community protection.
Also, wildlife conservation and alternative energy.

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shitposting is for all ages, thx for makin me feel youn tho

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I would be a patron to the local libraries and the Division of Wildlife. Parks and libraries have been my sanctuaries, its tearing me up inside not being able to grab a book and chill with a coffee at the big L.

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This is actually more or less what my main goal is. My city has a huge stray problem and I'd like to help as many pets as possible get saved from euthanization, especially dogs because they've really helped me. Depending on the amount I obtain I've debated on getting the shelter another wing so they can hold more. Or buying a piece of land and building a kennel for a rescue that I've fostered for, they try hard but their building is humbly small. Or a sanctuary like you said, where I can act as a middleman between rescues and pulling from the shelter.
>i'll have a streaming channel with multiple cameras set throughout the different areas and treat dispensors that are operated by donations to help cover costs
This is a fantastic idea! I'll definitely be doing this if I can make my goals. I hope you make it anon.

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Interesting I want to do the exact opposite. I started an MMA club at my school with the explicit purpose of retaliating against any sort of potential White Nationalist movement. See you on the streets bitch, can’t wait to put you down like a dog just as your predecessors were.

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Ill probably fix up the shitty community centers around my city. I might do other local things, but there's no way in fuck I'm giving 1 penny to an actual charity. They're all corrupt.

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I am going to buy a bunch of smartphones for ethiopians. I am going to first use the phones to record myself gorging myself with food and then throwing half of it in the trash.

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Should start a forestation effort

Personally, I want to create jobs where I come from.

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Start with my close friends, i'd really like to be able to get them all house deposits because we all had each others backs when i was broke. after that's covered i want to start a business where profits go to protecting our national parks.

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I agree, so many charities are corrupt or shitty, you might as well throw your money in the trash because it will never reach the intended destination. I meant more like starting your own because you know what you want to achieve. That's why I'd rather be hands on and make sure I'm there for money allocation and overseeing things and stuff.

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I have had similar ideas. Especially with older dogs

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Start a charity and make it beyond transparent. All charities are fucking scams otherwise. Don't donate to them.

As for me? I plan to start a business that is an entire ecosystem for getting younger men and women off to a much better start in life. I want to make a pod living styled apartment where people have a small POD that has EVERYTHING they need in it for as CHEAP as I can possibly make it. I might even try to take a loss on the units and make up for it through said ecosystem.
SO speaking of said ecosystem imagine an apartment that has a localized shopping center in the center. People living there can literally walk to the ground floor and enter an aldi's/costco styled grocer that offers the best prices I can to them. I'd like to also include a pre-made food shop within said grocer that would sell pre-made meals such as soups by the gallon that would last a week and would help younger people eat healthier on a convenience without having to force them to pay fast food tier prices for sub part quality food. Outside would be hopefully a gas station that would offer a discount. Maybe there would be a card and a yearly fee program for further discounts like costco has for residents. Gas station could be used by non residents but discount only for residents.
By pod living I don't mean like the bullshit they have in Commifornia. People deserve privacy and every amenity that you can fit into a small space to make it as economic as possible, and the way I see it if people are willing to pay 1k usd+ a month to live in literal concentration camp conditions maybe 250-350$ for a nice comfy pod with plenty of storage space and just enough room to eat, sleep, shower, cook, study, relax would be a viable thing. I would like to try and offer economic programs that would teach people in-house how to save, invest, etc.
Basically I want to make an ecosystem for people to move out without getting raped by landlords and such and be able to actually work and save for a house.

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So a cost-controlled, subsidized, non-profit arcology?

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Cancer research

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If I was a billionaire I would send a bunch of a Christian missionaries to China and the middle east and fund tv channels and radio to overthrow the CCP and Muslim run governments saving 1 billion lives for Jesus


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This sounds like a really cool idea. I hope it comes to fruition because I'd like to see how that plays out and see it on the news.

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so you are just going to be the anti-PETA and not euthanize the dogs after having them for more than 12 hours? thats fucking stupid

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Based. I would say to try to make one in Phoenix, but that would bring too many immigrants from the east. Godspeed and hope you make it.

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I already made it. Some of you may remember my post in April when I decided it would be nice to help other anons make it. I helped ~100 biztards 10x and some even 100x or more, just in the last 5 months. Sorry if you were one of the 250 anons that emailed and never got a response. I have considered starting new group soon now that the first round went so well.

I have this idea that I can 10-100x thousands of people’s crypto, which would allow them to donate an ETH or 2 for grassroots projects to combat all these cash grabs. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to believe biztards actually had enough IQ points to see the bigger picture. Boy was I wrong.

Gave 100s of hours to help and only 19 actually were appreciative and donated. I just want to help people but they are too fucking stupid and greedy

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>Not many people actually want that
>Actual poor people will want to live there and discrimination is illegal
>Doing it at a loss is not sustainable and will only hurt your goal

What you really want is a fantasy business where you have a magical product because you have ignored realities about regulations and the market.

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If i got a couple million id fix up the sports complexes at my local high schools and probably donate to anything that doesnt give money to non-europeans in my state.

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when i make it i'm going to build homeless shelters and focus on rehabilitation of individuals

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off the grid art and craftsmanship workshop commumity for white autistic children. i was fortunate to have a place to go and succeed away from normies and i want to provide a place like that for kids who never have

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I've known about such buildings, but I had no idea they were called that, but yeah.
As close as I can to making that work. Obviously I'm dumbing the idea down and it would probably more in the ecosystem to be sustainable, and I would have to make it work without offering pods to section 8 participants. It sucks but unfortunately a lot of the people on that just don't give a flying fuck and I wouldn't want people paying for apartments to have to deal with the shit that comes with section 8 tenants. Although I have heard you can designated areas of an apartment or what have you for such renters. Like you can have luxury apartments that have a ground floor where assisted living tenants live. (which is kind of fucked up because they just get a nice free ride to live in a better unit than a lot of people can afford)

One other thing I want to work on is getting college kids a cheaper place to live if they have to room in the college grounds. Buying nearby houses and converting each room into it's own private hotel-like room where the student would have furniture, phone, a mounted and locked in TV, internet and wifi all included. I would likely take basements and build a couple more room if possible. And convert whatever house is left to commons areas. Similar to frat houses but cheaper, and no hazing bullshit. Same sex only. Also I would take ONE additional room to be built. This room would be provided to a student FOR FREE the entirety of their stay at the college (maybe an extension post college would be allowed for a short while) in the exchange they would simply act as caretaker of the grounds. Deal with quarrels and disputes. Deal with things such as mowing the lawn, etc. They'd have direct contact to my cell in the event of any issues. The student would likely be from a poorer background that needs the break and has good grades and good extracurricular activity.

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If you help me 10x I'll donate 20% of the proceeds. I only donate about $85 monthly and would love to do more.

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>You'd be surprised what people are willing to do to save money. Look at california. Look at any major city.
>Discrimination applies ONLY to the due process. There are apartments that discriminate on gender and get away with it due to outcome not being a clear winning case. You can sue a place if you suspect they are discriminating but if the grounds is taking all action to take in applications and shows no signs of discrimination that isn't a winning case. In fact there is a law term for that. Where a business is not required to HAVE a healthy mix that is diverse in race and sex, but must make not discriminate in listings, ads, etc so as to not deter anyone from applying or other.
>It's not sustainable unless you make up for the cash lost elsewhere. What does help is not being a public company where every quarter has to have increasing %profit gains. If you can pay the bills and keep the lights on and you simply owe the bank or other institution for a loan then you're still in the game. It's different when you have shareholders demanding higher margins and you are LEGALLY obligated to provide them profit for their investment. That's when margins matter most. But nothing is set in stone obviously this is just putting ideas out there.

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[email protected] I'll even reply back to your email.

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Most people are stupid animals who are unworthy of my compassion. If I ever do anything, it would be to set up charitable organizations that actively harm communities while I still get tax breaks.

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im autistic and the state lost all my school records even though i still have them.
was supposed to get neetbux my whole life.
they shunned me.
they injected me with drugs and lyme disease.
and a bunch of weird shit.
like ted kezynsky.

i have been refused medical care my entire adult life. and gibs.

so chainlink is my gibs.

also i am going to war against my state before i die.
as one last fuck you. and a homeage to the founding fathers.

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Sorry you got your hopes up anon. I believe in paying it forward but most don't so it's not surprising. Don't let it get you too jaded bro.

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I have selected the top 20-25 people out of the first 100. Probably should invite the other 200 that I never did first but unsure if it is worth my time anymore.
Very demeaning to help people 10x-100x for free during a pandemic and then still have your goodwill intentions questioned.

Why do people make it so hard for me to help? I was blessed with high IQ and want to share the wealth but everybody finds it so hard to believe somebody has pure intentions.

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SEAL/SWCC Foundation

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>Beautiful idea with a bunch of leftist ideals

You realize not every leftist is some identity politics faggot right? What you've described is very leftist and humanitarian yet you referred to California as "Commiefornia". California and the Dems are neoliberal corporatists faggots. Neo-feudalists. Don't run to conservatards or conservatard language just because you despise those ghouls.

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Buying cheap land in Idaho or Montana and building a compound for my family and select close friends. Everyone else can fuck off.

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Collective conscious is powerful but hive mind ignorance has taken over tenfold. Intellectuals are the minority and the average person actually believes they are intelligent as long as the majority agrees. It’s sad. I just wanted to give back and create a community of like minded people to overthrow elites in a few decades..

People like this guy in the pic make it worthwhile. There were enough grateful anons to make it worthwhile, but the process is exhausting. Uphill battle

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Idk how old you are but I'm in my 30s and I've been disappointed by a lot of people in my life. You accept it for what it is. It's all a numbers game, fren. You help as many people as you can knowing that you can inspire only a few. Just motivation for you to help even greater numbers, imho since it's a percentage game at the end.

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You're patting yourself on the back for telling people to invest in Chainlink? Fucking deluded.

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How much LINK do you hold that you think you'll be able to afford this. Sounds monumental. Also, besides doing this to help people you're definitely going to fuck some of the college chicks who live there aren't you?

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Moving to a latinoamerican country and creating several help groups posted in the churches of marginal places, as in, building a private library with several computers with security in places of poverty, where in the mornings a could do CS intro clases for adults, for disavantaged children provide materials for learning in the afternoon, and the weekends free english programs in the morning and in the afternoons movie nights also in english . I have already seen several places like that in latam, it's not a novel idea, but i think it's a worthwhile work. In their countries the poor they don't really have much chance to grow like we could thanks to internet..... I always wanted to try being a teacher.........kek maybe I will create the next generation of poltards or bizrailies

> T. spaniard who is a programmer.

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I am 24, but yeah I agree. It disappoints me knowing that intellectualism is dying and the sheer lack of feeling responsible to help those that are not as intelligent makes me wonder how society can recover. Noam Chomsky detailed this many years ago but unfortunately Kim Kardashian is more well known than folks like Noam, so can I blame them?

Nobody is patting myself on the back. That text is from 2017 anyways. It is an open conversation relevant to biz and this topic. Sorry you are presumptive and misguided by your own lack of moral aptitude. In layman’s terms, you’re a worthless fucking retard. Go swing from a rope

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is there a way I can send you my sob story? I just want to be able to allow my mother to retire from being a teach for the past 30 years.

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>Misuses the English language trying to sound intelligent, insults others intelligence.

Telling people to invest in a random coin isn't helping them you fucking worthless faggot. Get over yourself.

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The American Chestnut Foundation. Let's restore those eastern forests.

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A group that turns NEETs into nazi killing machines. A group for warrior philosophers.

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Teach my niggas in the hood how to invest so we can all make it.

>> No.21564829

My apologies for typing fast and not worrying about syntax on 4chan. Get over myself.. oh the irony

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Nah you didn't because its the antithesis to leftism.

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Yeah your mistake wasn't with you typing too fast you fucking idiot. And quit with the pretentious language. You aren't fooling anyone and everyone can understand you just fine without you having to "dumb it down".

But yeah get over yourself faggot. You helped no one with random advice three years ago. Did you send them the money to invest? No? Okay go fuck yourself. Learn what helping someone actually is, you imbecile.

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Build a massive gothic cathedral to replace ugly shitbox church made in 60s with zero aesthetics.

Then mandate the Latin mass be said there every day

Then build a giant golden statue of Christopher Columbus out front and pay a security guard to dress up like a knights Templar to guard it everyday

Afterwards construct a monastery and have mandatory Gregorian chanting

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>Delusions of grandeur


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I want to start a college fund for disadvantaged whites.

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Tell you the truth man, I'd do anything except suck dick to get outta my shit financial situation atm. If it means paying you back 10%, its a done deal. Almost 30 and still a fucking wageslave with a family to support.
If you're legit I wanna touch base.

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This guy just wants to shill people his bags dude under the guise that he's some noble and altruistic sage. Don't fall for this scammer loser.

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If he is so gooood with money and is also altruistic as fuck, why the fuck would he need that you invest first and give him 10%? He could donate it directly himself......don't fall for this scam brother

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>having a family before 30

>> No.21565394

Very odd to point out lackadaisical errors in my text, while simultaneously sounding like a prepubescent retard.
It must be exhausting to be so poor that you rage on racist Internet forums at people who literally do not care and will never speak to you again. Is this your daily routine? What a sad lad. Poorfag

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Landlord here, your idea is literally impossible because the government will fuck you in the ass as soon as you start denying undesirables access to your pod palace. In your head you want a safe place for young people to start off in life, in reality you are going to be taken to court for not letting shaniqua and her 3 crack babies equal access opportunity. This wont change until the whole system come crashing down in a fiery wreck, so maybe use your money to that cause instead. Pic unrelated

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Except I said I do not have a desire to help others at this point, so please explain how I am shilling my bags?
I spent 5 months helping anons with their financial literacy for free, never asking for anything in return and have not even offered anybody help on this thread, so it is quite baffling that both of you are truly this retarded. Never was about money. Who hurt you?

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actually noble

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I would donate to small, local cat foster places. I don't know that I could foster myself without keeping too many.

I also regularly donate to https://libertywildlife.org/ and if I had money to not work my "real" job, I'd volunteer and donate more to them. We had to take some abandoned just hatched pigeons there, during the height of covid and they were so nice and there was no "oh those are just the rats of the sky" kind of thing.

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white nationalism and investing in brazil unironnically

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If I make it I'm just gonna be the gardian of whatever part of the forest I live in
if I MMake it I'll just buy some mountains and fence it off as a wildlife sanctuary

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Not enough people help cats. Most gravitate towards dogs, myself included, but cats for sure need help just like pigeons.

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Wrong picture haha

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Two of my cats are strays. One literally moved in. The other was found in the engine of a car in the parking lot of my apartment complex. The other cat was from a foster. She ran the cat fostering with her teenage daughter and was so wonderful. I gave her twice as much as she asked for as the donation for him. I really admire people who can help animals and can adopt them out.

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Absolutely none.

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Kek, that picture is beautiful but the first one was good too

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Lots of nice people with good goals in this thread. Many I want to do myself, such as nature and wildlife conservation so you won't be alone. I hope you all make it.

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Sounds nice till the pitties start ripping throats

>> No.21566976

I have the same idea except with tiny houses on a hobby farm. I want to help young people become healthy and financially independent.

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After I sell my linkies at $1000/share, I'm going to start a thing called the 18+1 Group.

It's only open to girls who apply on the day after their 18th birthdays. They must be 10/10 looks wise (they'll be a screening) and willing to move to my ranch in Wyoming.
Once there, all of their material needs will be taken care of by me. Private bedroom/bath, car, allowance. They cannot date any men while there.
In return, I get to randomly mouth/ass rape them every once in awhile (whenever I want).

>> No.21567420

Not sure if I want to give charitably right off the bat, although I will donate to my church and help my family members out with financials.


>> No.21567660

I'm going to start a charity that gets White South Africans into Europe and into jobs. Going to get them their passports and visas all set up. Will pay for everything. It will be a pipeline for any whites stuck in Africa who want to be safe and happy in the Motherland.

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checked and ultra based. $1000 eom
its monkey season

>> No.21568003

>monkey season

>> No.21568126

I just want to leave the city and become self sufficient

>> No.21568254

We shouldn't help cats. Native birds are going extinct because of domesticated cats.

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My plan would be to buy as much land as possible and turn it into a bee sanctuary

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Email me [email protected]
Pic attached is from an hour ago as a reference for my friends ITT that reflect their own issues onto others. Especially this guy >>21564625
claims he wants to help people, but his next comment is condemning somebody else for doing so. Some anons have odd behavioral tendencies

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I'm gonna help out my fellow blacks and improve the neighborhood in Brooklyn I live in. Gonna fix up the schools, have more senior care, add more job help, improve the local healthcare system, add more urban farms so teens can have more jobs (I worked at an urban farm and it was great for me in high school).
I'm gonna also invest in eco friendly stuff and cancer research.
As a dog owner I can get behind this.

>> No.21569801

Domesticated cats belong indoors, that I agree with.

>> No.21570285

I'm truly rooting for you anon

>> No.21570365

> when the customer tips you over $10

>> No.21570383

I just want to be able to pay for my mom's nursing home expenses when she needs to move into one in a few years.

>> No.21570475

> Linkies
> sHaReS
go fuck yourself. The only time you're gonna enjoy mouth/ass rape is when you drop the soap in prison after getting caught robbing a 7/11 for some toilet paper.

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I'm an ancient history autist (without the aliens and crystals) and would love to fund research and archeology in egypt, the amazon and shallow ocean shores. The current established timeline of humanity is woefully misconstrued and I would love to have a part in uncovering new history.

>> No.21570704

I would donate and build proper playgrounds in neighborhoods that dont have any or that are in bad condition. I would also like to donate to or help create organizations that do free or cheap activities for kids. Many kids are left out because their families are poor and cant afford much. Same with vacations. Id like to help/create a free or affordable alternative. Would probably also donate to things animalrelated.

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keep us posted anon

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