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Chainlink FUD increasing usually suggests a spike incoming!

There is so much FUD posts right now.

Post E)D predictions. Green ID's get double points

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This HOUSE OF CARDS will soon fall

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You realize we’re about to exit this speculation bubble right anon...?

Bloomberg was the catalyst as they are telling normies link is over valued as fuck right now. Price is about to dip massive.

Only redemption would be big orgs taking opp to buy in mass as this happens.

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$160 EOY

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Not interested in your tulips

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Sorry I can't hear you from my 100x

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Sorry anons, a coin doesn't grow to 5th largest crypto without being legit. Natural growth BTW. Took years to get here.

good try tho

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Feels good knowing how much money you losers are going to miss out on.

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Load the Korea FUD

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It is legit and is the most legit coin in history

I’m not selling. A single link.

What I’m saying is this action is going to go down for a while as normies filter out and stop buying, selling their positions

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Your are absolutely insane if u thunk that fud article is bearish

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Couldn't agree more anons. Glad to have such strong hands around me at this time.

Bless you and god speed to the road to 1k.

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$20.56 EOD

$47 EOM

$125 EOY

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Know how I can tell you are new here? FUD is literally at around 10% of the normal post pump fud levels

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I believe you.
Although we are all a singular consciousness experiencing things subjectively to distract our true one cosmic ego from its absolute loneliness and lack of purpose, in which case

I believe me for this

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Check em

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if there arent any macro events that fuck up the markets I think 200 is more likely EOY


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Who even cares? I sold half my LINK stack (.80c buy in) for Flow. Could care less about Link right now

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You really want your shit token to make you some money by scamming others

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$20 at least, BTC pumped like mad and guess where all of that new found market cap is going? Hint: It's not ETH

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You had 3 years...

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Oh no

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It’s ETH.

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$377 eoy

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I can vouch for this as being highly likely. Let my ID and digits be your guide.

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>5x in ID
we made it

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I'll be selling my LINK soon. So I can move my money to blockfolio to hold LINK and STA

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>I'll be selling my LINK soon. So I can move my money to blockfolio to hold LINK and STA

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Meme magic is strong in this thread

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>Chainlink FUD increasing usually suggests a spike incoming!

peak delusion

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Relax linkies today btc is the winner

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More than a year ago, Google posted a blog about how to use a service like Chainlink to make data from its data warehouse BigQuery available on a blockchain.

“There isn’t a formal partnership or any kind of agreement in place,” said Daniel Gabis, a Google spokesman