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-- Robinhood FAQs --
- VISIT THE WEBSITE FIRST DAMMIT!! - www.robinhood.com

> How is it free?
"People" invest your settled funds when you're not using them, just like banks.

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, why?
Robinhood graphs are shit and only show you an average, not true real-time prices. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
Real brokers, like TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim. Otherwise you should be using tradingview.com, stockcharts.com, finviz.com, or a non-pile-of-shit for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.

-- Links --
Premarket Movers:

Earnings Report Calendar:

Biopharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

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A lone island in a sea of cryptocurrency threads...

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I know that this board is over ran with Crypto, but stocks are fun to fuck around with too, some stocks can gain 100% in a day sometimes more

that being said. Could you guys make a new fucking thread before the post limit is hit, you are all able to copy and paste.

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they don't need so many threads

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Shut the fuck up, never talk to my bro like that again.

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NAK and CVM are the plays

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which one should i load up on in the morning? i went to buy CVM but it looks like i might've missed it

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Nah this is just the beginning today,if that hold is lifted we'll see 100% gains I'd bet. Get in now on CVM

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FDA 1 month mandatory response on hold is this week

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>buying stocks

How old are you boomer no coiner goys

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I'm 24 and I have a job. I have money in the coins too but that shit is too volatile. There's a reason that jobless neets are the early adopters for technologies that require constant baby sitting to really hit the moon.

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Or 45% overnight

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>How old are you boomer no coiner goys
i have crypto
i also have physical gold and silver
i also have rental propertys
i also have bonds
i also have stocks
i invest
you speculate
im basically retired and you are still at home in your parents basement. finding out about crypto must be giving you a boner for you to be a sperg lord
learn what a thread is newfag and stick to the topic, you have many other threads to sperg out in.

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Forgot pic

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I'm playing NVAX, ten grand worth at 1.02. Gonna exit at 1.04.

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>Not buying stocks

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NAKD is still ramping up to merger day, get in for easy gains.

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For real I hide all of them

I know this is a containment board but fuck mods arnt doing shit

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Is there an equivalent to this in the EU?

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I hope people believed us, I only want them to be happy.
CVM to the moon

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I bought a Peco stock trading jacket from 1984 about a year ago. It was used in the pits of Chicago when open outcry was the only way to trade. It may be autistic but I thought it was a cool momento.

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Also, are we all buying the shit out of UVYX tomorrow morning cause of religion of peace's attack on ariana grande. I can't help but laugh a bit because it was ariana grande.

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