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dumb fuck front end engineer here, let’s say ethereum = the OG Internet/ARPANET, is it safe to say LINK is the equivalent of HTML+CSS+ECMAScript 6 but better in every way?

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one is a DAPP platform the other is a DAPP

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More like https

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Furniture salesman here, yes

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eth - BUS
link - HTTPS

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imagine admitting you're a front end eng on biz.

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Ethereum: The Internet
Chainlink: An API that's somehow valued at 13% of the Internet's total value

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Don't let them know how cheap ETH is anon.

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More like PHP and https in one from my understanding.

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Unironically these days Internet practically equals to the World Wide Web

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No you kinda got this backwards, to put it in really simple terms so other anons can understand my post as well:

If we assume that Ethereum to smart contracts and transactions is like the internet to websites and individual data requests, then Chainlink is the equivalent of blacked.com

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That actually also makes sense, thanks anon.

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LINK = Node js

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A better front-end analogy is
ETH = JavaScript
LINK = XMLHttpRequest

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It's the htpps equivalent cause it secures the data

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Imagine thinking anyone is going to read that useless word salad

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Immagine if you could invest in http how much money you'd be making.. do the math
Link is the same

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Jesus, it's true /biz/ is full of technical illiterates.

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OP, it just occurred to me a lot of people on this board will be too young to get this analogy so let me explain
If you look at the oldest websites before JS they were just documents with formatting. JS was all the rage when it came out but it was basically only good for adding little animations another superficially dynamic stuff to your webpages for a long time.
XMR was basically introduced to make apps like Gmail work and it was the first thing that made JS actually useful. (also just so happens "useful" = "able to reliably transmit real-time data in a reliable way" in both cases)

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No it's equal to a JSON scraper. It connects with APIs, that's it. Basically, log in with google or facebook kinda functionality you see added on sites these days.
It adds a lot to the functionality, it's those few lines of JavaScript that fetches your twitter following.
Protip, look into Holochain, that's gonna be more disruptive than anything else.

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And now XMR has already been depreciated by fetch. What does that tell you?

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Yeah dude, chainlink is CSS. What the fuck?

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No one will use a Protocol which is not free, doesn't scale and doesn't provide privacy.

Smart people will make money right now from the idiots that think Eth and Link will be the next internet.

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Roof repairman here, yes

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this thread is a proof that /biz/ has a collective single digit of IQ

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chainlink is a json parser valued at 6 billion, shorted yesterday, I’m going to be so fucking rich

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Imagine paying $50 to browse a webpage

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BTC = tcp/ip
ETH = netscape navigator
LINK = bonzi buddy

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>your wasting company resources posting here

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>debt of minimum imbued onto the network creates value potential
Do people really believe this? There are infinite examples of energy usage without a corresponding “imbued value” of any kind.

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ETH bulls have revealed themselves. Don’t let them know boys. This is our time.

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erc-10 token soon, this will dump to 0

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this is basically what chainlink is:

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btc = <table>
eth = float: right
link = display: flex

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I hate reddit too, but this is cruel

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Fellow dev here, it is more like Angular or Vue.js where people can build applications using these frameworks to save time and money

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It tells me you're either a zoomer or misunderstood my analogy.
fetch is just a different browser API that lets you do the same thing as XHR with promises.
Before XHR there wasn't an async BOM accessor to external APIs, you just had to navigate webpages synchronously.

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so all in XMR?

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only real OGs will remember

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From what I get it
Ethereum = Coca-Cola
Chainlink = Big Mac
Yes you don't need one but god damn what a good combo it is if you have both

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Let me summarize it differently:
Protocols(infrastructure), smart contracts(processing) and oracles(data)

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Really, I don't get how people in tech use weird analogies like that...

Ethereum = Computer
Chainlink = TCP (arguably SSH?)

Other analogies just don't work

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>let’s say ethereum = the OG Internet/ARPANET

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Will there be suicide tent for people who lost their entire fortunes in the ChainGang? Also in 2021 will 5,000 Link enough or me to buy a new scooter?

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I do... and stop ignoring all the rest of the properties of bitcoin

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Eth is JS, Chainlink is the Fetch API

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