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>$20 USD, Where LINK Kicked The Bucket
It had been a fantastical run, guys. Been a holder since 2018 and we have seen the event horizon. No growth passed this point, only a painful decline. A lot of you guys won't acknowledge this, but LINK has served it's purpose. Riled up fanaticism or ebin memes won't help you "make it". Be careful and be smart. Selling is the right decision...

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Get fucked, not selling until we overtake ETH

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god bless you sir, god bless you.

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Every fucking time.

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Its a dollar from ATH while painting another bull flag on the 4 hour lol

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Ask me how I know you're new here?

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>literally every coin has been crabbing for 2 days
>”that’s the end of link guys”

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So, you are ignoring the fair and honest concerns I posted? Fine. The upward has come to an end. When you carefully analyze the charts, you should be able to see the decline in waves. Furthermore, the 48h charr looks bearish AF.

Not attractive for new buyers as well... Too expensive for most crypto-enthousiasts and too unknown for normies. The growth is over.

Last but not least: It has been quite annoying (and rude) that this shit has been spammed all over /biz/ for the last days. The memes were funny, back in '18, but not anymore. It is just another scamcoin trying to fondlle you of your hard earned cash.

Please, don't be a fool, there's not going to be a golden bull.

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Drns because im not a scared cunt who after knowing thst you made a mistake by selling you try to look for complacency on your decision from totañ strangers online. Grow some balls and talk to yourself

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I'm sorry but OP is right, 54 % is selling at the moment and 46 are buying, the prices are going to hit rock bottom again, get out while you fucking can

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DRNS, just like everyone else on this board that bought sub $1. fuck you

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I dont think so anon, with smartcon on its way, even if its only one last run, LINK might see another big pump if staking is anounced.

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LINK and Trump are finished. 4chan's reign is over. Die CIS scum.

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Are you the that 18 year old with the 800 link you tried to swing?

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Sergay is a smart conman. Smartcon isn't going to do shit. As far as staking goes, there are way better coins to stake.
The great correction is on its way.

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You're not getting my linkies you filthy kike.

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When others are selling you buy more anon.

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>filthy kike
Retard, I'm Irish

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did he stutter?

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No one cares, really. We're just passing the time while we get rich. If you really believed that shite you spout you wouldn't be in here trying to persuade us of it. You'd be elsewhere, doing something else. You really don't give anyone here much credit for having a brain. Your business.

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Not selling. I'll ride all the way to 0 before I sell.

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Im OG and sold half stack kek
I also made DNRS and swinger rope memes but swinged my stack x8 since 2017
Take this as You wish

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You're not getting my linkies filthy potatokike.

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I started the drns bitch

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Im OG and sold half stack kek
I also made DNRS and swinger rope memes but swinged my stack x8 since 2017
Take this as You wish but yeah if you are not comfy swinging hodling is for you

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Wow the shirt.....

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Priced in already. Will dump when the news doesn't live up to the hype.

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yeah linkers need to fuck off now. their overpriced coin is boring

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stop pretending that anybody wants your scamcoin
you can take it and show up in your ass

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Same. I swung link twice and regretted it both times. i'm never selling its #2 in market cap at least

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No it was me bitch

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LMAO! Checked!

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Fuck LINK, honestly

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