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Reminder that everyone in the cryptosphere unironically believes in this and hates on both BTC and LINK. You know what that means.

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It means that everyone in the crypto sphere is a fucking retard, which I already know.

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believes in what? The broken spaghetti code bloatware piece of shitcoin with its communist asexual founder?

nah bruh it's just the easiest way to get our gambling fix until something better comes along.

If something came along with better smart contract platform and like 10 second block times it would eventually become the standard - the only question is which projects that fit that description are worth jumping to? WAVES? XLM? pretty much anything else is a ghost town - it's the network effect in action.

Even a significant outage in the 2.0 environment hasn't convinced people that this abortion of a blockchain does not deserve the energy devoted to it.

This whole shitbag platform will go the way of myspace once something easier to code on securely comes along.

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bingo (note the OP image)

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kek too true

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Cardano will save crypto

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Your prayers have been answered, fren