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You guys do realize that even when chainlink has the same market cap as bitcoin it will only be worth $625.71, right?
Also do you guys seriously believe LINK can overtake Tethers marketcap? Nobody is gonna buy LINK at this price, only newfags who FOMO in.

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I actually addressed this issue in a dissertation I have been working on. Here, I’ll include the important details below:



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its called euphoria
people think its doing a 100x after it did a 200x

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Everyone who has been in crypto for over a year knows LINK is a hot potato at this point. There are plenty of normies on Coinbase to make a quick blow-off top to over $25 though. Parabolic rises always end with shorts getting swiftly liq'd. So get rekt.

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How new are you?

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Based department on the line.....I think it’s for you

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Link is flipping bitcoin.

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hes right, linkies are retarded beyond belief

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bitmex LINK pair would be fun, i don't want to short on binance

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The normies are here with their twitter gifs, biggest sell signal I've ever seen.

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You just wait and see.

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Will you do a hero when LINK is first?

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I would tell you why you're mistaken, but I want to see you remain poor

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>a hero
/biz/ really is reddit at this point.

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OK so you are obviously brand new...
Look into a little thing called etherium or bitcoin.
The whole crypto mc is about to explode.
Link at 1000 will still only be 3rd

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Better to wait and place a short a bit late than early. The wick to the top can be massive. And check in /biz/ also, should get interesting.

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why is about to explode?
everybodies grandma knows about bitcoin by now and didn't buy, why do you think there will be mass adoption?

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newfags still think link is a blockchain lol

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too based for reality

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yes, 1000 is a meme but I can see it doing 80-200 in the next year if the stock market doesn’t crash and bitcoin goes to a new ath

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>Tethers marketcap
Hahaha what? That's not even a real thing. That's literally just a counter of how many tethers they've printed. They could type eleventy zillion into their computer and that would be the "market cap" of tether.

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Holy based

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kek I remember getting told this at $0.17c, $0.21c, $1... you get the gist

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Unironically more than enough if you just want some quick gains

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Op=FAGGOT. Correct.

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50x anon. $1k is only another 50x away.

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ya but the marketcap can change too brainlet. look at the chart a few threads over

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They only have like 25 link on so.

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I raise my glass to you good sir

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Chainlink is well over Tether, it's valued at 20 billions dollars. People buying right now don't even know what a marketcap is.

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Never underestimate the power of normie attraction and money, a normie is happy with a 2x. They will put in a few hundred on the coin even when it's worth 5000 if they think it can replicate BTC levels.

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but seriously who would buy right now

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Oh no I'll only be worth $14 million!!! Whatever will I do

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Well quite simply, the last explosion was because the news and normies were talking about it constantly.
The dumb money moves in droves that are directed by something. Right now they know about it, but aren't really being directed to buy it like last time yet.
Once that happens, the marketcap goes apeshit again.

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There he is the officer, the man that was being giga based on biz!!!

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me, pls no bully

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Yeah, Bitcoins CURRENT mcap. I've seen the stupid shit crypto can do during a bullrun. 1K LINK seems unrealistic but it wouldn't surprise me. XRP almost flipped BTC at one point.

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Isn't there a low supply of link available?

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the chart will make the normies coom and they will buy

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>XRP almost flipped BTC at one point
link did that already

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nah sergay can make as many as he wants, its a TOKEN after all not a crypto

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Based member of the /biz/ research and developement division

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I was really surprised by the recent continues pump on link, and triple digits next year looks real now. And with enough fomo and exposure even 1k does not seem like a meme anymore

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normies who read that this is the new BiTcOiN and have $20 left in their bank account hoping they'll make it

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>only $625.71

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Who would buy bitcoin at 11k when it was 3k last year?
Why would someone buy gold at 2k?
Why is a house that was worth $150k in 2010 worth 400k in 2020?
Why is a Charizard pokemon card worth >$1000 on ebay?
Why do Australians pay $18 for avocado on toast?
Why do people pay for onlyfans when pornhub is free?

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why are you comparing a shitcoin to all of the above??

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Onlyfans nudes and avocado toast are more of a shitcoin that dogecoin and XRP

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Not to mention this time there are numerous blow off valves for capital to fly into and help sustain a parabolic growth scenario for DLT as a whole. You weren't able to borrow against your stack as collateral into a basket of stablecoins used as an automated market maker and arbitrage vehicle for 400% yield. Until those opportunities leave the ecosystem, it's going to be straight the fuck up with or without bitcoin. Given these parameters for the bull run, this time really is different.

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Buddy, this has a chance to go much higher.

When there's traction with meme stock/crypto's, it rises EXPONENTIALLY. See Tesla, See Kodak.....FUCKING SEE HERTZ.

The amount of retail investors from all economic backgrounds have grown immensely. People are staying inside....gambling on random stocks/crypto. When they catch wind on meme assets....it will rise above the heavens.

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See deez nuts boiii

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