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Smart contracts are already being used by some of the big boys, but I have a feeling its going to be like how computers were only originally used by colleges, governments, and large companies.

When will smart contracts enter the personal PC equivalent era? Just like the personal PC, it needs to have utility, ease of use for a non-technical person, and be cost effective to implement.

Even for things that use a standard legal contract nowadays will probably go the way of a smart contract in the future, with real world data feeding into the smart contract via linkies and human oversight via kleros.

Theres been talk of for instance medical records being uploaded and tracked and accessable via blockchain, but that presents a different problem because you would need near complete security and privacy on it, so only those authorized would be able to view it, and a paper backup in a room somewhere.

Im my opinion smart contracts are srill in the embryo stage, we havent even seen the full extent of what they are capable of.

You thoughts /biz/?

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We need Smart Contract drug markets.

Lets face it: most of us would want to buy heroin anonymously, guarantee free escrows and anonymously. This is what Smart Contracts were created for.

We need darknet, decentralized anonymous drug markets powered by Smart Contracts and Chainlink. Most of us love dope

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Im pretty sure those markets just go by a rating system like ebay

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i think the old coinbase wallet was the perfect design for mass adoption. very simple send/receive with usernames (not addresses), easily accessible dapps, saving seed key was braindead easy with google drive, etc.

eth 2.0 enabling the masses to use the braindead-easy applications of the future (think uniswap for maker, gaming, betting, etc) will be huge.

the ethereum network is unusable unless you're managing $50k+ inside of defi applications, so no adoption will happen until real scaling occurs

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I'd give it max a decade. ETH one day will have a market cap greater than the stock market. Plebs will use defi applications the way they use Robinhood now. Tokens and their niche use cases will be similar to buying stocks. Companies will make erc 20 tokens with perfect economics and two layers of hedging will exist underneath all of them to use as a world reserve trading pair. First eth and then BTC

This all exists already and works right now, it just needs to be better and easier for retards like me to use

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There needs to be an application layer that's easily usable and serves a need for ordinary people to use it. I'd say it could be a few years off although once it exists everything will develop quickly.

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nice digits op

I think you're right and I think that we're on the dawn of another technological boom

Check out XRT. My understanding is very basic but they're controlling robots and AI using smart contracts/blockchain. The explanation that I had read was boiled down to installing an AI in a coffee dispenser, attaching it to the blockchain, and allow it to schedule and pay for its own maintenance, supply replenishment, etc. to increase efficiency and decrease costs. Imagine a drink dispenser that orders its own supplies when its low. They have working proof that you can control a drone, a robot, or an AI safely without fear of interception of the signal with a blockchain. I thought it was just kinda cool but then i saw this video and now i'm all in on this project



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