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Are we going into another housing bubble? Price is rising so quickly right now.

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kid can't play and is going too rough, beat him up

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Imagine being a dirty whore thinking it's ok to present yourself as a vapid whore in front of little children

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Is that Sergey's living room?

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Where do I get a Sergey couch?

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so cute to see a father playing with his son

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>And all for the countless whorings of the prostitute, graceful and of deadly charms, who betrays nations with her whorings, and peoples with her charms.
These wreckers of nations should be burned at the stake.

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That's a man

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I also thought of sergey before opening the webm

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Is the kid autistic? Doesn't he recognize she's dressed like a whore?

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bro at that age what better way to get as close to hitting that ass than playing like that? you're the autistic one

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A non autistic kid would do pic related

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You can't even get a Sergey shirt at the moment: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079MDPQVW/

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no, that's the other end of the austism spectrum, you need to find a balance, autists can't be subtle, find a balance, or read the situation

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In Canada houses are being bought up left and right. Seeing how homes are expensive here I can only conclude that the ultra rich are buying up even more assets because they’re betting on the dollar crashing or a lot of normans are willingly getting into 30 years mortgages because of fomo.

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you spooked by the human body? tradcaths go back to fucking /pol/

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Whores and Sodomites go to Hell.

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kek gottem

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kid is built for /biz/

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thats a boy

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remove the in front of a kid and you'd still be based anon

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All this kid wants is to hump that girls ass and she knows it. People are weird.

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put your ass away in front of your kid, fucking weirdo

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He's beating her for being a whore.

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>People are weird
now reverse the genders

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why she showing her ass infront of a fucking kid?

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The reason why house prices are still rocketing right now is because the fed got rid of all reserve requirements for banks, so they can all loan infinite money from thin air. On top of this, you have zero or near-zero federal funds rate. This means really easy to get loans with very low interest %. So even though the houses are overpriced, it's still worth it in the end when you factor in the low interest.

And then ON TOP OF ALL THAT, every moron can see that all the BRRRing is going to cause crazy inflation. In which case, the debt you're taking on doesn't even matter as much because it's just going to get inflated away to nothing.