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>Want to increase rsr stack
>don’t want to sell link
>can’t sell anything else for a decent rsr bag
Help, what do I do?

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Sell your car. You will thanks me in 5 years.

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donate blood or cummies

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How big current stack and what is your stack goal?

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Post portfolio

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4.7k, want at least 50k stack.

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Here, anon.

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Take out a student loan and use it in crypto. Low interest + no payments for a while

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This is now a Green ID thread.
Okay you can do this, you only need 800. That's 40 Link, but you should have a job or unemployment right? Otherwise make some fast cash mowing lawns or like the other anon said, donate plasma.

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Currently wageless, can’t collect unemployment due to technical conditions. I appreciate your encouragement, anon.

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when you know you know

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btw we're going to 1$

dubs confirm

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is it a good time to buy more or will it dip?

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Not just $1.

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Just buy. Cheap af anyway. It will be $1 next year.

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damn anon
have you done the coinbase earn lessons? EOS and XLM are still there along with COMP, that's $29 right there you can convert to rsr, and another 80 if you can convince others to take your invite links. I can't get anyone to do my invite links but you might have better luck.

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I see that RSR is related to RSV, what is the relation between them? Why does everyone think RSR is going to make bank when RSV appears to be a stablecoin?

Redpill me on this token

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RSR is used to automatically buy/sell RSV shares when RSV is selling above or below a dollar, thus making you profit off of arbitrage
it also has investments from coinbase and peter thiel

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wait until they dump another 30% into supply first

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thanks anon

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just dropped $1k, if it dumps ill buy more

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I thought thiel gave up on rsr?

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how do i buy on uniswap pls

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LINK + RSR the gentleman’s duo

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*world´s saddest violin plays in the background*

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old fud

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Sell Link, it's finished. RSR ist just about to begin

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Put rsr contract from etherscan in search bar

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1M is make it stack?

I have 900k, I need to buy more ETH to swap.

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Just earned the free eth, thank you anon! It’ll sate my hunger for more for the time being :)

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Take it in the ass for $18 a pop.
100 dicks and your have yourself another 100 link

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Coinbase won't let me do those earn lessons even tho im a level 2 verified acc

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hope so that's what I'm at, if it goes below 0.015 cents I'm going to scoop up so many

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You'd be fine with 500k, trust me.

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i got 600k and major fomo

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Me too fellow Staff Sergeant.

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You're good. Just hold for the next few years or accumulate more (I think you have more than enough personally).

There will be a dip coming within the next few weeks, if you're looking to buy more I'd wait until then.

Just a warning: You better have your position locked in before we list on CB and Binance.

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do you have any kneepads?

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>before we list on CB and Binance.
Could be sooner than later imo

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Take out a loan

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>Take out a student loan and use it in crypto. Low interest + no payments for a while

From who?
Isn’t that the one type of debt you can never default on?

Someone tell me how to get a credit card with little to no credit.

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You don’t deserve the RSR 100x if you haven’t already invested.

Let me make this perfectly clear for you mongoloids:


We hit an all time high recently following NO NEWS and it’s only up from here. Let this be a prophetic warning to get the fuck in before we breach five cents. Once that happens, you can kiss the train goodbye.

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>get in now

He’s right, Williamson

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Just bought $25k

will continue buying throughout the week

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didn't mean to put the dollar sign

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I only have a 10k stack, looking to increase it to 100k

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>tfw no one in this thread has posted a larger RSR stack than mine

>this link stack
man am I mirin.
I've only got 40k Linkies, but that's because my RSR stack is bigger.
I hope you're getting interest from MCO like I am.

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Depends on what your goals are. If you want a 60% chance to buy a used car, keep your portfolio as it is. If you want a 20% chance at a life-changing amount of money, dump your LINK and put it all in RSR.

A secondary benefit to RSR in your situation is that it will probably grow more slowly so you'll have time to dump in more fiat and fatten that bag a bit. Though there will also be significant short-term movement once coinbase and binance listings are announced, and you'll be kicking yourself if you don't move before that happens.

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can any of you faggots please explain to me why i would want to buy a fucking stablecoin wannabe ?

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For the millionth time, RSV is the stable coin, RSR is what helps keep RSV stable.

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he doesn't deserve the gains if he can't be bothered to spend time understanding the value proposition

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Omg get a job why are you looking at investments
No offense

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What the fuck was that get in here lads.

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HOLY SHIT this is now a $0.02 waiting room thread

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It's fucking happening

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fuck i wish i had money to buy more. only have 25k right now. not selling link.

could sell some algo

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bros, i'm coming uncontrollably.
is this whats going to get me to secure a future and a homeland for my white children?

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Sorry OP, you are now priced out.


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We mooning right now .02 is imminent

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>double top forming
Impending dump anon. They need to wait 1 month for tokens to release, so no new huge exchange listings for about a month.

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>tfw hold SWAP and RSR both skyrocketing

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least you have a stack, I have no cash on me and wanted to go after this eom the more it moons the more i wanna die, i knew it had this potential fucking hell

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This chart is amazing

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missed it gonna kms

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fill my bags a bit more

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Holy shit Nevin Freeman just flew over my house

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Why am I stuck on waitlist for these Even though my coin base acct is 5 figures

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why the fuck are we pumping, is there any news?

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Price discovery

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Bro please get your linkies out of crypto.com I fear for your life

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Guys. I'm going to make it

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Why does blockfolio always display a huge dump on the last bar? It always scares the shit out of me.

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What does rsr do?

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I feel so dumb. I only had about 1 eth to trade for 2 days ago and only got 24k. I think i missed the train.

>> No.21464189

there will be

>> No.21464220

make massive gains
isnt it clear?

>> No.21464221

Filter newfags like you. Enjoy the b&

>> No.21464227

congrats, anon. I was trying to get where you were at but only made it to 550k. Still feel like I'm going to make it tho

>> No.21464228

Heh. 1.5M RSR and 100k BRDG here
Let's hope we both make it

>> No.21464229

I hope it fucking dumps
I don’t want this to moon just yet

>> No.21464232

It’s a global currency wannabe....

>> No.21464271

>They need to wait 1 month for tokens to release, so no new huge exchange listings for about a month.
Please tell me more

>> No.21464278

Pump with no news sirs what gives? No partnerships with shitcoins? no listings? why pump sirs Village worry sirs pls respond

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he doesn't know

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Probably this?

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>he doesn't know

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Sir I need this to be at precisely 0.01 american rupees sir please

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Nice dubs sir no need for profanity

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Actually, I just bought another stack with some free coinbase money :) I’m in this pump, boys!

>> No.21464453

Post schizo compilations please

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Congrats anon you're going to make it!

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>No news

No. News.

They are talking to exchanges.
According to the article producing the coins to give to the exchanges will be market neutral. In other words they are not selling or inflating the supply, just putting coins on more exchanges. We’re going to make it my bros.


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bull flag fags

>> No.21464567

>Reminder: Because RSR is currently traded only on non-US exchanges, non-US people are prohibited from acquiring RSR for the benefit of US people.
Some don't want us to gain. fellbadman

>> No.21464632

Just buy it from Huobi with a VPN.
What law says you can’t buy it?

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FUD or brainlet
Fuck the SEC
My bags are ready

>> No.21464770

No idea what this means, it's a US based project.
I've just used uniswap and manually put the contract address in

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just got another 25k. i'm at 50k

will i make it?

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100k suicide stack

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sounds easy enough. don't have the money right now though

>> No.21464867

with the price action we've seen lately and major exchange announcements in the works I honestly think $0.10 EOY is FUD

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REMINDER that this awaits you at the end of the RSR stairway to comfydom

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>> No.21464921


They are still sorting out the regulatory issues, they are just covering their ass for now

>> No.21464926

I'm not touching a single one til $1
Fuck it go big or go home

>> No.21464937

should i buy sta, rsr, or ftm?

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based coomer

>> No.21464965

My stack is 600k but RSR is tempting me to go all in. ahhhhhh
50k STA
.5 BTC
8500 XRP

what do bros?

>> No.21464992


is this bullshit or did I miss something big?

>> No.21465024

Should I sell my link now to buy this? I already have some

>> No.21465044

im just shitposting my man

>> No.21465050

Keep hold of your AKRO anon, delphi is gonna be pretty big.

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RSR is the new LINK

>> No.21465087

thank God. we are still deep in the "smart money" phase of the cycle on this, it is not ready for normie news

>> No.21465114

yeah I was actually thinking of dumping my BTC for AKRO.
But now it's AKRO or RSR... aghhh, I just wanna make it

>> No.21465119

This just means you can’t trade on behalf of American citizens if you aren’t American.

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Shoutout to Cypto Frog for shilling this months ago, made me a fat stack

>> No.21465156

>holding XRP in 2020

>> No.21465208

I know.... I bought not so long ago at .17 just in case the schizos are correct.
Almost a 2x anyway :)

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File: 1.08 MB, 1630x793, advisors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For anons concerned about the USA/Non-USA thing - I think its the whole security classification issue? Either way I am confident they wont get cucked by regulatory issues, look who is advising


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I'm so grateful frens. We're gonna make it. Thanks for everything I love you guys. I'm glad it turned out this way, truly.

>> No.21465322

If you hold any crypto ur gonna make it anon, don't threat.

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File: 2.35 MB, 496x276, XRP Fags.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you were into other DeFi coin I would have said stay diversify but XRP

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Sad that he sold his RSR for AMPL

>> No.21465667

Should I buy now or wait for a dip?

>> No.21465734

I have akro and it hasn’t moved for over a week so may be due but I think rsr will pump more first if u get in quick

>> No.21465752

Buy now we're going to at least a dollar its very cheap now. If it dips buy more

>> No.21465829

Up to you, but they have just announced they are prepping for new exchange listings. This could pump until we get those listings.

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>> No.21465883

How high could this actually go?

>> No.21465884

wow, congrats to all holders

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And the Lord doth sayeth:

"You asked that I guide you to the next 1000x and so I led thee to the /biz warriors and RSR. Plentiful bounties lie ahead my son. Financial freedom as far as the eye can see. Fuck yeah bitch, you made it"


>> No.21465895

lol at these enornous million RSR stacks, meanwhile i'm just sitting here with my 2,7k pajeet stack

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File: 1.01 MB, 1888x1435, C626E225-84B0-419F-A26A-F660833DB0CD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How high could this actually go?

>> No.21465965

That’s big in my village sir

>> No.21466020

You cannot compare your stack to 2017 fags or six figures wagecucks
Keep working and you'll make it too fren

>> No.21466079

Straight into Coingecko top 90
Top 24h gainer

>> No.21466085

wow big congrats to all holders

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This is just the beginning my dude, keep stacking up when you can, we're all gonna make it.

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RSR, Link, and Raiden have been switching out the top spot in my portfolio for a week. Fun to watch

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>> No.21466181

While I was reading the white paper this thing shot up like crazy. Damn. I'll probably pick some up after it corrects a bit.

>> No.21466198

what app is this. sorry for newfag

>> No.21466236

Did he really? That nigga swore on RSR, made multiple videos, shilled it hard as a mf and he dumped this gold mine for a PnD like Ampl haha wow no wonder why I don’t see him posting on Twitter any more. Crypto Twitter fags are the most fickle, weak handed, ADHD retards I have ever seen in my life

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>> No.21466247

if you're going to do this just fucking play slots or something, at least you can default on that debt without hoping for the complete collapse of the U.S. government

>> No.21466254

Delta portfolio.

>> No.21466261

It’s correcting to $56 as we speak

>> No.21466282

I just bought some RSR with ETH through uniswap but its not appearing in my metamask?

>> No.21466297

It’s over, ranger

>> No.21466304


Manually add the contract

>> No.21466336

add the token to meta

>> No.21466337


>> No.21466338
File: 147 KB, 687x1000, Yeah+_8f063dfdb79b764aceb52a7fc21beca3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21466345


That is, go to add custom token and paste in this 0x8762db106b2c2a0bccb3a80d1ed41273552616e8

Its from here https://etherscan.io/token/0x8762db106b2c2a0bccb3a80d1ed41273552616e8

>> No.21466385

I already bought RSR

>> No.21466436
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Yeah so scroll down to add token on metamask, go custom token, paste the contract address in pic related and it should come up

>> No.21466443

Under Assets, scroll to the bottom and "Add Token"

Go to etherscan and look for RSR's contract address.

Paste that in. It will show up in metamask. click add

go to tokens and paste in the RSR contract address.

I sent mine to my trezor from MM

>> No.21466467

Fuck yeah bro, RSR and PNK gang checking in, NEVER SELLING

>> No.21466549
File: 9 KB, 320x200, f5368b8a81262238d4b7452e67ce1ca6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a scam. I have over 243 clicks yet I have received not a single penny. Probably because I have never send money to Coinbase. Fucking jew scam.

>> No.21466610
File: 1.26 MB, 400x213, 7E00FB04-E2E6-42F3-9ECF-11E508C6DC44.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21466620

Ranjesh my son....

>> No.21466721

pls dump so i can buy more

>> No.21466748
File: 183 KB, 964x662, article-2577311-1C0CD2BA00000578-493_964x662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thou art an abhorrent negroid, I pray thee return back from whence thy came.

>> No.21466783

I've added it , it says I have 0 but my ETH is gone, got scammed :(

>> No.21466785

whens the moon mission

>> No.21466831
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>> No.21466887

Its there dude, youre just doing something wrong. I fucking hate metamask because the UI fucking sucks. Might take a bit to show up.

>> No.21466914

>whens the moon mission

We have liftoff.


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Can someone help i just bought rsr through uniswap and metamask it said transaction succesful, my eth is gone but got no rsr in my metamask wallet

>> No.21466997


>> No.21467011

Guys please fucking stop I have $7.5k usd worth of eth tied up for 4 more days thanks to coinberg jewbase don't let this pump yet please let it dump to a penny and then up to $0.10 in 5 days

>> No.21467013


Have you successfully add the custom token? Does it show RSR 0?

>> No.21467019

you gotta add the custom token address in metamask dude.

>> No.21467023

F anon's RSR :(

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File: 3.89 MB, 241x328, 1594167320200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sound like you won't have the patience for this one. It's a longtime hold

>> No.21467042

gotta use a debit card instead of bank transfer

>> No.21467058

Don’t worry sir village investigate

>> No.21467062
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This is what my wallet shows

>> No.21467067

Check out your wallet on etherscan

>> No.21467082

Scroll down to add token

>> No.21467091

Do you have the etherscan transaction link? It will show you what address the RSR went to. You should always be paying attention to that especially if you have multiple metamask addresses.

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>itt brand new fags that don't know how to wallet
the mongoloid nigger containment field has been breached

>> No.21467178

check wallet address?

>> No.21467182

Yes in the etherscan it says it sent to the metamask address that my uniswap was connected to

>> No.21467198

Wait 30mins then report back

>> No.21467214

I bought 250k a few days ago and I'm about to drop another $3k on more. I'm very bullish on RSR, even if you know nothing about the project (it'll basically replace shit like tether) just look at the venture capital that is behind it (Peter Thiel, coinbase, Sam Altman). This is an easy 10x, even from the 2x we recently had.

>> No.21467239

I'm trying to put some ETH into my metamask wallet but I'm still waiting days for it to clear in coinbase. Is there a faster way to get a bag of RSR?

>> No.21467266
File: 54 KB, 563x414, 1563591333373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ranked up to Sergeant First Class today. It'll probably be the highest I reach.

>> No.21467305

Damn, newfags so new they don't know the difference between metamask and etherscan. Bullish

>> No.21467308


>> No.21467318

Yeah I would just wait for transaction validation. It will show up my dude, just be patient and dont stress.

>> No.21467330

Thanks for tip

>> No.21467343

Does 3m make me a colonel?

>> No.21467351

Oh my god how is this pumping with this imminent dump
Is this why I’m seeing so many memes for this lately

>> No.21467368
File: 11 KB, 1195x124, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21467378

I knowwww =D
haha but as I said, I'm up 100% on it and what if by any chance the schizos are right?
I wouldn't forgive myself for selling now...
It's only 2k, whatever.

But seriously. dump my .5 BTC for akro or rsr?

>> No.21467407
File: 144 KB, 690x532, 20200713_034809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in the etherscan
>t.ranjeet panwabajawalla

>> No.21467415

Bro really? Click on the fucking transaction hash. If this the first time youve done this or what?

>> No.21467421

I think XRP is the worst scam ever but I own a 10k suicide stack anyway because I could never forgive myself if the schizo boomers are right lmao

>> No.21467452

Fudders hiding in other threads now

>> No.21467457
File: 199 KB, 674x884, 1563408925967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes you a fucking savage as well.

>> No.21467475

You buy BTC when you are about to make it
You'll get better returns on smaller coins
Remember to DYOR and don't fall for pajeet shitcoins

>> No.21467536

I clicked on it says it transferred from my wallet to mr pajjeets pocked but how do i RSR back to my wallet?

>> No.21467602
File: 10 KB, 875x120, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Over 40 mins and still no coin, nice scam

>> No.21467630

Ok so its there. You know where it is. You need to transfer it to your wallet. So its not a scam, you just clearly have no idea wtf you are doing. Can someone help this dude, I havent used metamask in awhile.

>> No.21467643

Coinbase only holds them until bank transfers go through right? Maybe you could buy some ETH with already freed up crypto if you have some on coinbase and immediately buy back the same amount with your bank so you have no net loss of that crypto and freed up ETH. If coinbase holds crypto regardless of transaction method this wouldn't work though. Also for burgers this would create extra tax events if that matters to you.

>> No.21467714

I was semi-doubtful when I bought in back in March, but now I’m fairly certain that between PNK, LINK, and RSR, I’m going to be a multi-Millionaire before I am 30

>> No.21467747

Did you pay the smallest possible gas fee dude? I just paid the medium gas fee and I got my coins (via metamask + uniswap) in about 3 minutes

>> No.21467796

Fuck yeah bro
Just buy a bunch of shitcoins before Great Depression 2.0 is in full swing bro
Wait a little and cash out your millions bro

>> No.21467811

Whatever uniswap chooses by default I didnt change anything

>> No.21467853

go back to the uniswap place or check your "transactions" tab in metamask, should say if your transaction is still processing

also, did you do a really big transaction? Anything above like 2 eth usually fails for me

>> No.21467867

I’ve been buying farmland silver gold and crypto in that order for the past year. The crypto is the best return though I love pnk and link

>> No.21467894
File: 23 KB, 620x107, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do I just wait?

>> No.21467902

You need to add the token to your metamask profile, click add token, custom token and then paste this adress 0x8762db106b2c2a0bccb3a80d1ed41273552616e8

>> No.21467977

thanks anon

>> No.21468120

How much gas did you use? 10 gwei?

>> No.21468186

To the moon bro

>> No.21468236

dont think so but i looked at etherscan it says if i ues 70 gwei it takes 7 hours if i use 73 gwei it takes 30 seconds so im assuming i used 70 gwei

>> No.21468701

>50000 link
Holy based

>> No.21469349

Crypto dot com is gonna steal them

>> No.21470293

where to buy this shiiiiiiit in the US?

>> No.21470348

God i hope you are right anon.

1.65m rsrlet....

>> No.21470421


>> No.21470781

maybe I'll just scoop another 5k real quick..

>> No.21471092
File: 457 KB, 611x762, 57467845684765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>where to buy this shiiiiiiit in the US?

You get a VPN and buy it on Huobi.
ProtonVPN is free.
Open the account on Huobi and send BTC or USDC to it. Exchange for RSR.

I doubt you'll have much time. /biz/ anons are rebalancing their LINK gains into RSR. Plus it's going on exchanges soon.

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