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That even just 2,500-5,000 link will be enormous stacks.

Link looks like it is going to do what all the autists here have figured out. You don't think you have enough because you are literally comparing your stacks to others on this board with 20-50k.... but we are such a ridiculously small group of people who have figured this out.

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Thanks for helping me cope

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1700 linklet here, makes me feel much better, fren.

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I bought a total of 1200 LINK suicide stack when it was at $0.2. I could have been a whale.

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3k linklet who sold off 17k early 2019 (fuck me). I guess I just have to hold longer than I was originally planning to. Can someone post the most recent chart for me too?

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Jews only represent 0.2% of the global population.

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i feel bad with only 1k link, only sometimes i feel bad

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anons forget that they'll be able to stake and enjoy passive income and grow the number of linkies they have.

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hope and pray that staking will help me enjoy good passive income. i have 1200 link. a bit of a brainlet and fuck up at jobs all the time.i had a brain injury early on in life that has fucked me a bit. repetitive and boring jobs are what i need but dont pay well. really just want a comfortable life.

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There are only 4k wallets with more than 7k link. Let that sink in

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There are only 7k with more than 3k link. That puts even 2.5k linklets in the top 5% of holders now that the number of wallets broke 200k

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stay strong fren you'll make it

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I’m 20 and got 250 coins when it was ~7$. I’m planning to just hold out for a very long time. I’ve been on 4chan since I was 14 though so really no excuse for me not getting into chainlink when it was way cheaper. 250 is honestly spectacular for me though, I can’t complain.

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180 linklet here
thanks op

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I dunno wish I bought a lot more Bc I could have and I have 45k

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1k linklet reporting in. I am a poorfag but this is the most money i’ve ever had in one place with no debt. I fucking love you guys.

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>but LINK 2017 at 1.44
>it sucks complete ass, loses 3/4 of its value
>stagnates at 0.40 USD for 2 and a half fucking years
>literally every day throughout that process there were dozens of threads claiming "$20 EOM, $100 EOY"
>hits $4, dump my shares and cash out because it rebounded hard
>watch it drop to $1.88 on crash night
>never buy in cause thought it would go lower
>it doesn't
>keeps going up
>@ $3 "I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $4 "I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $6 "This has to be the peak for now, I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $8 "This has to be the peak for now, I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $10 "This has to be the peak for now, I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $14 "This has to be the peak for now, I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $16 "This has to be the peak for now, I will buy when it dips again"
>@ $19 "This has to be the peak for now, I will buy when it dips again"

I'm fucking seething /biz/, I am the embodiment of that pink wojak. I hate this shitty fucking token. Did absolutely nothing, no products no announcements, and yet randomly skrocketed to the top 5.

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Just buy what you can afford now faggot

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>Did absolutely nothing, no products no announcements, and yet randomly skrocketed
Oh sweet summer child, I feel bad for you.

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Bought 30 linkies at $10 per. If you guys are right about the EOY I'll be happy, I know it's not a never work again stack but it feels pretty comfy to watch my little investment grow and enjoy the memes.

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copy pasta from 2017/2018, anyone got a link to the original thread?

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You have to go back

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Stay strong anon. Your stack seems tiny still currently and compared to the OG LINKies.
But give it another few years.
There was a 4 million LINK whale the other week and his target for LINK is $5000
I think we can agree that the guy knew what he was talking abou.
Don't sell early and don't swing.
All the best to you!

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I used to feel bad about my triple digit ETH stack and double digit BTC stack.

LINK will be the same.

It sucks now, but in a few years, you'll be comfy.

Also blowjobs, lots of blowjbs.

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Did he give a timeline?

Also how close can we trust a guy who is saying he will be $20billion strong from link?

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There has been one single happening on LINK and it's back in 2019 when Google used it for a Proof-Of-Concept.

More and more I am convinced that this is really just a guessing game and it's all about luck. Literally hundreds of tokens have been shilled here consistently for years, so 'muh memes' isnt even really a reason.

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Heard about LINK years ago on some Sam Hyde vid but knew nothing about crypto. Feel like a retard for not taking 20 seconds to do a google search and buy some

Poorfag student spent £400 on and got myself 30 LINK 2 days ago. Think I might just pull out my 5k savings and go all in.

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Hello fellow 30 link brother

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There is an enormous untapped market for Link 'cube' merchandise. I want a marble one to put on my coffee table as a centerpiece when I make it. Probably have to contract some etsy faggot to make one for me instead of buying direct from Sir Gay.

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He stole my copypasta i posted this a year ago. the new number should be 500-1000 link

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Well if you know what you did wrong stop doing it now and just fucking buy Link. Even if it dips history has already taught you it rebounds, fucking hard.

Swallow your pride and buy Link.

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He doesn't know companies are, right at this very moment, paying Chainlink for price data.

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>Did he give a timeline?
nope. Only thing he said is, that we will see LINK with a higher marketcap than Ethereum early next year or eventually at the end of this year.

>Also how close can we trust a guy who is saying he will be $20billion strong from link?
He showed a Margin trade where he was like more than $100k in profits. So he wasn't larping.
He had some good input in general. Soon after LINK started it's specular rise.
Here is the thread:
Make up your own mind.

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Yes very prudent, I suggesting waiting for solid results of chainlinked smart contracts creating savings in real industries. Once it is cleas rly shown to work, you would then have the security of investing in a proven asset.

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Based Hyde may very well have the last laugh on that Buzzfeed Basedcuck who got his show shoa'd.

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I have literally 60 LINK and can't afford more due to my mortgage and such. Be happy if you're in quad digits at all

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Buying an unproven asset is called "guessing" retard. Plenty of extremely solid tokens have lost 95% of their value and never recovered.

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I'm comfy af with my 1300 stack. Now if only btc/eth would pull their weight too...

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Boomer mutual fund fag here. Am I too late to get into chainlink?

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You know I remember a lot of Anons saying back in the day that a make it stack was 100,000, and suicide was 10k. I'm starting to believe they were right.

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What do you mean?

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I have only 96 linkies, I'm hoping for 10k per link

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Once it's shown to work it will be worthless. This is only hopium.

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Also remember that staking rewards are paid out in link tokens, so if you were paid today for a $20 job you’d get one link which will later appreciate to $81k. We’re all going to make it, even microlinkers.

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a pepe for your troubles, sub 10k link holders.
We are all going to make it frens.

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400 linklet here and i bought them yesterday at 16 something. waiting for an eft to settle in my bank account so i can buy 600 more and watching the price move like this on my makes me angry.
hoping it pulls back a smooth 20% by monday or tuesday.
fucking stop trying to price me out you bastards.

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Thanks for cope OP,
4100 LINK here

It will be very tempting to sell at $50 $100 etc.

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Now us linklets have to find the next moonshot. Any ideas? Is it Aergo?

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lol. This will keep on pumping untill smartcon.
Good luck faggot

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Sell a quarter at 50 and half of the rest at 100

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>this Elliott curve

But which is it bros?

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Yeah anon, keep selling early on top of being a LINKlet.
Fucking retarded dumbfuck
Currency is worthless

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Just buy it. This thing is going to skyrocket when BTC starts its bull run. There is an actual possibility of 1k EO2021, and 10k EO2025 (have to wait for another BTC halvening for that)

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Just what I said. This shit is real, anon.

Buy now or cry later.

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It is good luck to buy at an all time high.

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>There is an actual possibility of 1k EO2017
>There is an actual possibility of 1k EO2018
>There is an actual possibility of 1k EO2019
>There is an actual possibility of 1k EO2020

Ok Nostradamus

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To be fair I can buy another 600 coins at whatever the price might be... I just don't want to buy at 16 and then at 24. Already own BTC and ETH in much bigger size.

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A question to all you link autists:

How big will the deflationary aspect of chainlink be when staking is introduced and link is locked into nodes or burned, how much of an impact are we looking at in reducing the circulating supply and driving up of the price?

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take a guess m8
1k eoy

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im scared bro :(

my portfolio is 100k atm. never had sooo much money

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Go spend all of it with the understanding that LINK will double in a couple weeks. Then it's like nothing happened, but now you have all this new stuff.

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Im glad I bought more at 12 and 16 no ragrats

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I have 25 link.

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Ty Anon

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>im scared bro :(
Are you retarded?
I am also nearly at 100k
And I never even earned that much money in all of my lifetime all together. (I am in my mid 20s)
Tell me what the fuck you are going to do with your messy pocket money? Get real. You can't escape the wagecage by yourself or with "just work hard bro"
This is your only realistic chance.
And you better realize that you won't touch your bag another 5 years.
I don't give a fuck what you faggot think.
The collapse of the financial system isn't far away. LINK will usher in the new one. All people will jump into Crypto and pump your bags when the dollar loses value. You have the chance to never work again in your whole life.
And all you can think about is, how you CONSOOM the money you made here. ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE? The only other possibility would be that you are a fucking nigger. If you are, then please sell!
If not, then hold you retard. Learn how the central bank system works. Learn why people can't get ahead in life. Get repilled about the Jews. Learn Learn Learn. And I promise you: The won't be a single reason for you to think about selling anymore

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I feel your pain bro.

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Tranquility is going to be enormous. This is like investing in BTC in 2009. TranquilityNET is going to be used in actual hotels and could capture a huge portion of the property management system market in a few years.










1. Obtain 10,000 TRANQ
2. Email Tranquility and submit proof at https://tranquility.network
3. Receive 2,500 TRANQ bonus
4. Join FTHA
5. Receive cut of unsold TRANQ after ITHA ends

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What is all needed for staking? Hardware wise do I need a top of the line desktop? Similar to something that can mine BTC and then watch my utility bill go up the shitter? (worth it) or can I do this with any laptop