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obviously not you have 1k invested mostly in alts at peak bubble for some

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>peak bubble
the bubble hasnt even started yet

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Too much diversification, pick and choose what you think are the best. Stop being a pussy.

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Good start but you're late in the party to invest only $1K on majors.
You better try your luck on a uniswap shit

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Combine your bottom four and tezos into link and strap in.

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with this little you should be all in on 2 projects at most

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>No Vidt
Never going to make it

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Thank you g...guys... s...sincerely.

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This. What the nerds here don't realize is that they are so far ahead of the curve on this they can't even see the general crypto landscape or the amount of liquidity that could potentially rush this way.

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Can you grow a pair?

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EOS currently mooning

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o...o..okay f...ff..fff...fren

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Yeah you're going to make it, see you when you're a millionaire in 2021

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why the fuck would you spread out a small amount of funds over so many coins like that. it might make sense if those were all potential 100x but they're not

put it all on one-two at max until you have more capital to diversify

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You’re too diversified.

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enjoy the perma ISP ban. Hope the shitpost was worth it, goes for everybody ITT

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You want me to grow a pair of testicles? So I'd then have 4 testicles. As if that would somehow make me more manly. You fucking moron Jeremy

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Diversifying $1k lmfaooooooo, pick one of those you believe in and go all in. You fucking pussy

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Yes. But you should ONLY be buying btc from here on out.

Personally I’d put your kyber, 0x and Atoms into btc and then call it a day.

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you mean Eth?

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go to sleep bot

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Wh...why so an.gggry fren? Hhere is a nice p..picture of mouse w..with fff..lower.

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n.....no.......... .n. .. .n. ..n....n...no..... n o.

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When did I ever reply to your post?

Take your meds schizo

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Are you retarded, OP? Genuine question.

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I'm o..n m..medication.

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Trade all your altcoins for ETH, hold on to your BTC just wait.
Diversifying so much isn't worth it, especially into dead projects like XLM and 0x - why do you even hold these?
If possible consider buying more Link, watch for a dip.

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>no bull run jesus
not gonna make it

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except btc....and maybe LINK

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Ah didn't know these two are dead. Well will put to something else then next batch. Thx.

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I will not trade, will just hold on whatever I have. And maybe increase positions.

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there's no point holding onto these except for link and mayyybe tezos and algorand. you need some ETH in your portfolio ASAP.
they're not exactly dead but they're not going anywhere and will be left behind.
Stack BTC, Link and ETH while they're cheap, they will lead the bullrun by a large margin and suck money from other alts.
if you want to dabble in other coins learn how to trade them. good luck anon

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Thanks, good luck to you too!

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>no sBTC

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