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why does this project have the worst memes of all time?
in before
>kek, it was reverse FUD to give us time to accumulate
it very clearly isnt, you guys obviously think posting grayscale pics of le based chads in suits is cool. its embarrassing and makes the only people investing are brainlet teenagers.

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Considering all the blustering rage and counter-memes (ie, the BBW shit) it generated, it must have been effective on some level. :)

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cope harder faggot

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Meme quality is what determines a coins success....yeah ok pajeet. Go read the whitepaper.

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not really, you can tell its all coming from the same group, who is now trying to create hype around US exchange listings that wont happen until next year
i think its just whichever 3-5 people try to boost the project here are dumb kids

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Boo boo faggot, you had over a year.

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>i think

You don't think. :) :) :)

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like I said:

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cope with what? im up 5x

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The guy who created the BBW memes said that it was intended as FUD for the very purpose of accumulating.
The rest of the grayscale pics of le based chads in suits is indeed, dare I say, based
I can taste your cope faggot

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