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sell me on this bullshit sir

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Check your digits anon. Every algo thread is dubs and trips.

Do you really need more?

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Right now i'm strapped for cash but planning on buying at the beginning of next month after the coin dump (which I hope will drop the price). Where do you guys see the price at the end of the year?

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$3-$5 anon

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ETH will become so clogged by chainlink it will end up being the only functioning thing on it. ALGO is the realistic eth killer even tho link will still be the standard

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Algo moves with link so I'm happy for linkies right now even though I'm a nolinker myself.

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Checked and based anon...


people are so focused on the fact that usdc will run on algorands blockchain... But they should be more focused on how crazy the smart contracts and ease of use algorand provides to developers

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The algorithm is working

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Aight frens this is getting scary the dubs ratios in here. I'm quitting.

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Don't quit. Just buy more algo

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Based. People are so distracted they will miss the next wave, funny how life works.

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The algorithm is complete.

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Close, NuAlgie, but it's:
>The algorithm is TURING complete.

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Complete encapsulates all. The algorithm is alive...

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Bought this at .71 last night. Dipped to .59 today but wasn't worried a bit, because this coin will eventually hit $1 or even $2. Now it's back to .70 nice

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>Where do you guys see the price at the end of the year?
I personally would predict between $1-2. Above that would be less realistic, but of course should that happen, it would be nice

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I caused the dip at .7575 and i apologize for that

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Nvm fren, I saw you from the last ALGO thread. This coin is still comfy. Do you consider to re-enter ALGO later?

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Feels good being all in on link and algo, two peas in a pod

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buy ALGO
stake in wallet
hodl until next bullrun

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nigger I didn't waste 4 years of my life in college taking theory of computation and other nerd glasses to be told that I AM WRONG.

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I bought in at 0.74 and got cucked

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Whats your buy-and-hold-for-2-years-and-become-rich stack bros?


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I don't mind waiting for a yacht.

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