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LINK $1000 EOY

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no thanks

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We're doing it doing it

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The pump is so exciting to watch

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Literally haven't gotten goosebumps since teenage years.
Somehow looking at link chart right now gave me goosebumps

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This shit is about to crash hard.

Where are the fundamentals? You kids know nothing about trading and markets if you think this is remotely sustainable.

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Links back

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>trading and markets
$1kEOY suck my dick boomer lmao

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You has so many years man. Countless opportunities and you squandered every single one. It must be devastating.

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Poomp moar

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We're hitting 20USD soon.

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posters on this board were doubting the weekend pump. idiots

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You had 36 months

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>This shit is about to crash hard.
says increasingly nervous man for the 100th time this year

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value investing has been dead for a decade boomer. tell me about how apple and tesla are about to crash

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>confused and enraged boomer hands typed this post

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1095 days, Anon, 1095 days

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Enjoy your fundamentals faggot...I cashed out and bought a house this week. Still got more than half a mil. Boomer faggot.

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Fuck it feels so good to have been right the whole time. So many scams and shitcoins and we picked the right one right from the start. And the funny thing is it wasn’t even hard. When you read the white paper for the first time and heard Sergey speak for the first time it was so obvious that Chainlink was something else. We didn’t get lucky and when I cash out millions I’m not going to say I was lucky because I wasn’t. We just saw something others didn’t even though they should have.

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aaaaaaaaaand it's gone

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You can induce goosebumps with music you really like and zone out to

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You had 94608000 seconds.

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>153 WEEKS
>1095 DAYS
>26280 HOURS
>1576800 MINUTES
>94608000 SECONDS
>9460800000 MILLISECONDS
You wasted it all Anon

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>tfw you didn't get into LINK ages ago

>tfw you did couple of weeks ago but your weak hand bullshit dropped your stack from 8k to about 3k LINK 32 ETH

>tfw you believed in Statera and Kleros

>tfw at least you didn't do YAM

hold me until 20$ bros

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ETH had five green weekly candles you retarded faggot when it broke out. we're just getting fucking started

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>buying things for the fundamentals

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and for the reference pretty much all I did about crypto was regularly DCAing in ETH

god i need to hang out more with you fellow degenerate faggot gamblers

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>the absolute state of nolinkers
you had 1576800 minutes. your bitterness and inability to let go of perceived losses and buy in however you can now is a sign of your NGMI mindset

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if you had a profit you did good, no regrets allowed. also nice reddit spacing

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I could have been one of you cunts that dropped one paycheck into a shitcoin and then watched it bloom into house money. Fuck, no point crying over it, but it still stings. Could have made more money in a week than I do in a year of work.

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Yet you are still here

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We're here forever.

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For one guy that dropped a paycheck into a shitcoin ang got a house out of it there are 100 guys who dropped their paycheck and got fucking scammed, don't think about it too much, some people are just very lucky, there was no way to be sure this coin would go so high in the beginning, if you made a profit, even if it was $5, you should feel good about yourself

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Forgive me sergey for i have sinned
>t. 3k linklet

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>there was no way to be sure this coin would go so high in the beginning

He didn't know

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My dopamine was running low, god i need to bring up the calculator again

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I only have 15 LINK
Will I be able to afford a nice dinner for the 1year anniversary with my gf next month ?

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If dubs, link will be 1k eoy 2020

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based mindset. beating yourself up or comparing yourself to others will always lead to misery. contentment comes from within.

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Checked based anon

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checked. 1k eoy confirmed

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how does $1.5m sound?

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Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

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> 42
How does fifteen billion American dollars sound?

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That's a man

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>Where are the fundamentals?
Dont be so gay anon no one cares. Not even boomers for stocks care about that now.

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$19 $19 $19 $19 $19 $19 $19 $19

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Thanks, I'll keep believing you guys.
Next paycheck, 30% hoes in LINK
It would be perfect

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>link goes up a dollar on average a day
Yeah this seems sustainable

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dubs and blue ID checked

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how does supreme commander and controller of 15 distant solar systems sound?

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You had 1,095 days

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Meanwhile Bitcoin swings by 100 everyday.

Remember that a 1$ change per day is a lower % change the more LINK costs.

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>it just keeps rising
This is it. The BVLLrun of a lifetime.

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Excuse me?

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This is the BTC/ETH of 2017

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It's just gonna get worse. When we hit 100, the changes are gonna move by a decimal. Suddenly 10 dollar swings mean thousands and thousands gone or lost each minute. I'm honestly not sure every anon here will be able to handle it.

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20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD 20 EOD

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- Be me.
- Be haggling with Uzbekistani at market over price of mandarins.
- Get him down from 100rub/kg to 90rub/kg.
- Save $0.55 on 4kg -- great success!

- Refresh Blockfolio, just made $30k in the last 5 minutes.

Should I tip the guy?

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You still hold plenty linkies, don't fret. Diversifying isn't that bad either, and in the coming bullrun I bet promising coins like the ones you hold will go up plenty as well.

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Heiled and fucking checked

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Fuck no. NGMI with that attitude.

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Just set a fucking series of stop loss that still ends with you having house + travel money. You don't need a mansion on top of the Manhattan skyscraper. Find out what you need to be happy, put a monetary value on it, cash out however much you need for life expenses and you can just coast to the end of your life.

Like, let's say LINK hits 50$. Set stoplosses to 48, 45, 40, 30 and then just forget about them.

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Our baby boy is old enough to smoke now, lads. Abloo hoo, they grow up so fast.

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No. Tell the scum to go back to his country.

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Why do you put such low value on your time anon.

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You had 2346 Lord of the Rings marathons worth of time

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Guys my links are up but this korean sloot I've been boning put up a story last night having drinks with some dweeb so I blocked her on everything (forgot she had whatsapp)
Dubs decides my reply

Why does it hurt bros I'm meant to be celebrating

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Swingie, are you okay?

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>my poorfag stack is worth $100,000
>while I work for $12.50 an hour

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>only bought 10 Linkies
Am I going to make it?

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So you were pussy enough to not state your true feelings and twll hwr she can meet other guys, now youre punishing her like a bitch for your personal failing. Man up, my nigga. Stop acting like a bitch and be upfront with her.

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I should really just pay him to deliver fruit to my door, but desu it's a decent workout -- 1km walk to market, 1km back carrying 10kg.
Long-distance farmer walk.

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Why did you tell her she could see other guys you absolute cuck?

>> No.21441632

>emotionally mate guarding against a sloot
sort of beta desu. should have made her your GF if you cared. but just in case i get dubs, call her a nigger

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I sold, it can't pump like that for long.

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Forget about it bro, if you want a gf this is not how
If you want to just fuck then forget about it and move on

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You're the dweeb in this scenario man. Who the fuck cares if she drinks with some nerds. If you aren't some insecure beta she will just laugh at the petty attempts of those fags to impress her and come home to suck your dick at the end of the night.

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Do you live in Uzbekistan anon?

>> No.21441669

If your goal is to buy a third hand used car, yeah probably

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>t. virgin

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I literally don't care about her whatsoever but I can see in hindsight why it looks like that.
She's 35 and not that attractive.
The 'hurt' is more because now I have to find another sloot. I k ow this sounds like im coping and seething but I want to reiterate how little I care about this woman

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quote from man who sold at 10

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Pretty weak fampai
"You can see other guys" ok, but STFU when she sees other guys

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Russia -- all the best produce comes from the 'stans

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If you caught feels why did you let her see other guys you dumbass?

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Kek's done fucking around god christ, strap in maniacs it's time to get excited

Fucking same, I'm spending an hour each day updating my swings for my entry into a new crypto project all to save like 50 bucks off my entry
And the worst thing is, I feel more stress seeing it pump by 10% (thus potentially forcing me to rebuy at 100ish USD loss) than when I see my link stack dump 5k in value

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You all know we all know link should be a 8-10B company right esp after korean banks, bsn, deutch Telekom. The rest of the world is just find that out. Any more announcements will be absolute mayhem

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> 1,095
More time than it will take to get to $1000 given its current rate. Praise sergey

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Fucking checked Old Fag

>> No.21441763

guys to be clear I literally never said she could meet other guys. We were just fucking but then realised I dont want to smell some other dudes penor

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>He lets his girl have a drink with different men
Yeah sure, she isn't getting her brains fucked by every one of them, noooo, she rejects them because you are so alpha you let her see other men

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*lifts glass* Praise him.

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Looks like the Bogandoffs made the call...Pump It.

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>blocked her on everything (forgot she had whatsapp)
>Why does it hurt bros
>I want to reiterate how little I care about this woman
you're a bitch

>> No.21441799

I'm officially up 4000%, this train has no brakes babyyyyyyyyy

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Then just tell her to fuck off and go to her place to get your hoodie back

>> No.21441818

I'm way late to the link party with my near nolinker stack of 100 links but as a poorfag that used to live paycheck to paycheck having near $2000 essentially 'saved up' is wild. Not sure if Link will end at 50, 100, or 1k but when it does I'll definitely reinvest and not miss the next wave

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Imagine buying 200 btc @ 300usd

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That's a based for me.
>tfw average 5'9 guy with cute 6'0 amazone goddess
>at a party
>lots of guys trying to get her attention
>I'm living my best life with my bros
>she rejects their attempts and comes near me
>cuddle from behind, kisses
I can't even begin to explain how smug I am in those situations

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We getting practice on the way up. 2 years ago a 1k swing in my stack was huge. Last year it 5-10k swings and now I watch 15-25k. Next 3 months, 6 months next year Ill have the ironest hands Ive ever had thanks to the overton swing increasing.

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You're an idiot that can't be upfront about what he want.

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I believe

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>these comments

So, your cuck post isnt going the way you thought it would...

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There's a difference with this (your girl acting as she should, rejecting attempts from other men) and literally allowing her to get a drink with other men

>> No.21441871

I have 53 LINK, will I make it?

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>have a girl being interested in you
>have a girl message you couple of times back to back without you responding
>have a girl that actually says she misses you and gets upset when she think you don’t like her
>all this and you just fuck her and probably don’t even like her
Why the fuck this is so strange to me? It’s like i watching a movie..
Why I never experienced this..

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That's a fascinating area of the world
Music from central asia is a bit alien but a lot of people in the western world seem inexplicably drawn to it eg I fucking love kazakh rural music or uzbek maqam
I believe at some point in the very distant past, a part of humanity survived in the Altaï mountains which are at the crosspoint between Russia China Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and that from there they spread out after whatever cataclysm, hence today why music from central asia rings so true to people with no ties to this part of the world.
Do you have a big enchilada about all this?

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imagine those legs wrapped around you like a spider while you coom in her

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I'm a newfag with only 60 LINK I got in at 10 dollars. Will I make it too?

>> No.21441912

how does 428788 BTC sound?

>> No.21441917

Chances are that when we hit $50, it'll be dropped to $20 just to shake people off before pumping to $100.

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chainlink ROI is over 9000%!!!!!!!!

>> No.21441923

What ACTUALLY happened to cause this pump??

>> No.21441931

Show tits

>> No.21441938

We finna hit $19 right now. Let’s go straight to $20

>> No.21441939

Who is buying? Why now?

>> No.21441940

what the fuck is this even? I was rich at $8, this is getting weird

>> No.21441942

Whyd she take off the mask? She just wanted him to see her face. That girl is trouble, shes sexy and knows it, see how she puts an extra sashay into it as shes walks away. Almost comically tall though. Another inch and shes a walking giraffe.

>> No.21441945

if your girl is going out with other men regularly you should just dump her. trying to control her behavior will rightfully come across as insecure to her and will only make her cheat faster in a more secretive way.

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Bull flag. Also if swift ends up being a thing ever watch the fuck out this is going ham

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feeling poorfag and also super hesitant. I only have around $500 to play with and i dumped $50 into link at 15, and 50 into link at 16.

Should i jsut drop the rest in now? i dont really wanna go all in but damn 1k eoy sounds delish

>> No.21441981

Shit I should have bought a ton more during the $16 crabbing phase. I even had the money to do it but I put it off

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Kek rose from the grave, it happens every 4 years, last time it was in 2016 to elect Trump, this time he's taking care of Link

>> No.21442016

She touched 18.94

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Yeah I understand, but I do trust her, so if she says she goes for a drink with friends after work, I'll probably be fine, but after all it never happened without her asking if I would want to come too.
Believe me bro, it's fantastic.

>> No.21442027

o sheeeeeit

>> No.21442030

A gigantic normie influncer named Dave Portnoy Recently bought chainlink and now his legions of fans are flooding in


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>> No.21442052

What will you regret more? Losing that $500, or missing out on the chance to 100x your money?

I felt fear buying in at $8, now I only wish I put more in.

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>> No.21442062

$19 breached. We hitting 20 tonight

>> No.21442077

Listen to the album "made in heaven" by Queen. Goose bumps every time

>> No.21442113

right on brother!

>> No.21442136

I was supposed to clean my room but I can't stop watching this fucking chart update in real time, it's like my brain is wired to watch it, just like your brain is wired to watch a fire for hours without getting bored because it increases your survival chances to do so

>> No.21442155


>> No.21442159

There's a lot of sloots out there brah, you can get one. At the end of the day none of it is as good as it sounds

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Yeah, could be a Great Flood survival point.
I kind of think of Nur-Sultan, Kazahkstan (was "Astana" until 2019) will be the center of the Good/Eastern NWO to fight the Satanic/Western NWO. Just so much masonic symbolism in the architecture.

>> No.21442218

>Link pumping
>non link crypto dumping

Every time

>> No.21442235

My penis is hard, yet remains facing down

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>tfw I have just recently started earning enough money to be able to seriously invest in crypto
>tfw link is already mooning and I don't want to buy the top
Fuck bros, why even live. Is it too late?

>> No.21442263

fuck you nigger whore

>> No.21442265

>you can get one
nah, i cant, i already know, and i gave up on it.
i am not saying i cant fuck, pletny of clean escorts out there, but that kinda of relationship? hell no, not in this lifetime.
>it doesnt feel as good as you think
you think like that becasue you already got it.
see, its just bunch of chemicals getting released in your brain that make you feel great, and eventaully they wear off and it become mundane.
its like getting into a lambo for the first time, it gonna feel awesome, a month later, it feels mundane.
last time i got one like, and a response on tinder, i got so euphoric i couldnt fall sleep.
you just experienced so many times it wear off.

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>> No.21442284


Relax. You’re moron but it’s alright.

You’re just going to have to hold longer for same returns.

>> No.21442299

Thanks for the line bro, It's gonna be in my next mixtape ;)

>> No.21442302

Nah bro, I missed the boat so many times in the past, and now have only gotten enough money to start investing now. There will always be more opportunities

>> No.21442319

the fortunes people missed out on because they believed apple, bitcoin, google had topped and were afraid to buy.

>> No.21442322

tell me about it.
i sold my eth at 205 and now its almost doubled.

>> No.21442327


>> No.21442331

Ok so why didn't you make her your gf you retard?

>> No.21442362

how does 60 top class asian live in hookers sound?

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catalysts from recent weeks? deutsche telekom being data provider (one of the biggest telecom companies on earth), china's BSN, centreprime integration aka data from multiple top korean banks, the growth of de-fi, the market waking up to link (but still not understanding it.) it was a slow ride to the top 10, steady gains up the ranks, but since it got around there its been fast so i think that retail investors have something to do with it too. they're smol brayne and only paid attention to link when its one of the first things you see when you log on coinmarketcap.

but link has been undervalued in general for about 3 years now. it was undervalued when /biz/ got it on it 1000%. when we were first buying link we were making fun of the crypto market every day wondering how so much bullshit could have a higher marketcap than link which looked like a blue chip crypto asset years ago. the only time we saw it adequately valued was at mainnet launch then the coinbase pump after the google cloud news and oracle for startups news. ~$4 for link around that time seemed fairish as it had only just launched. it went down a bit then, but in that time, literally hundreds of companies in the blockchain space have integrated chainlink. some retarded like slumlords vidyagames, some of them being insane like ed felton's company, deutsche telekom, etc. and oracle said they have a Q3 integration. plus link working on multiple steering groups with major companies on the interwork alliance, EEA's taskforce for enterprise integration, working on hyperledger avalon .

chainlink is shaping itself up to be part of the base layer of the entire blockchain industry, basically. people got excited and meme'd the "hundreds of teams" statement from sergey a few years ago and here we are. fundamentally, if blockchain is successful chainlink will be successful. and chainlink is making it easier for blockchain to succeed. link isn't even in its final form yet either, btw.

>> No.21442388

Every link you don't buy now is $50k you decided not to gain.

>> No.21442410

Cmon bro don't talk like that.
Have you considered why girls don't talk to you?
Are you goofy looking, autistic, fat? Most of these things can be fixed bro. Seriously

>> No.21442432

lol i should add this also:
i used to watch anime and shit like that, becasue the girls always seem nice, and for some fucking reason they would fall in love with protagensit... but i got bombarded with reality so many times, that i cant even enjoy anime anymore.
somehow, my brain came to a conclusion that a girl being interested in you, is more bizarre and impossible, than fighting giant monsters and robots.

>> No.21442438

>yet you are still here
>at the same place that gave you an investment tip hot wnough to make you a millionaire

What a shitty dumb argument. Neck yourself, faggot. Molyneux is rolling in his grave and hes still alive.

>> No.21442439

because she's at her very best a 5 and barely speaks English and is ten years older than me?

>> No.21442470

>nah, i cant, i already know
You got some literal deformity or something? If not just start lifting retard
If you can't get yourself to get off your lazy ass then take that as factual proof that you don't ACTUALLY want a gf that badly (or you'd work for it), no, you just want to feel bad about yourself, because pitying yourself makes you feel better about how little you're trying

Unfortunately even that doesn't excuse you from trying, not even "I'm just born with a lack of drive" is an excuse for lacking drive, because creating drive doesn't require drive.

>> No.21442503

sounds like a keeper anon

>> No.21442509

Ok then so who fucking cares? Imagine thinking fuck buddies are loyal

>> No.21442512


Wait for the correction then go all in over the past few weeks link has been following this pattern of rise and fall but each time going higher then before. May aswell ride the up wave.

>> No.21442515

I mined BTC right at the beginning and disregarded it. I hesitated too much during 2017 and earned a total of $200 from the boom. I disregarded buying LINK 3 years ago. There's still time to get rich.

>> No.21442544

>but link has been undervalued in general for about 3 years

>> No.21442550

Damn your eyes, anon. Ive been wavering whether or not to buy at these prices and I just let you sell me. Just bought 50 more.

Lets do this, to the moooooonnnnnn lads.

>> No.21442564

are we going to have another bull market soon?

If so LINK will probably go parabolic

>> No.21442565

not fat. in army.
fit, but not complete buff, cant grow chad-like muscles.
not autisitc or goofy.
got a head on my shoulder.
probably ugly.( i say probably, but people told me that to my face...pretty much the only person who thinks i look good is my mother...lol even i dont think i look good)
and its just bizzare though:
if i somehow see a girl and talk, and even get friendly, i get ghosted.( this happend so many times to me, like here is my "relationship" life time: meet girl, talk, talk, go to mini date(for studying). ghosted.

>> No.21442635
File: 55 KB, 945x745, 1597288004837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lambos and island parties for all marine.

>> No.21442649

>you dont have the drive
motherfucker, having a gf, finding people being interested in you, and developing relationship and memories with them deosnt need a fucking drive and motivation, it just FUCKING HAPPENS.
do you think this dude had FUCKING DRIVE to meet chicks??
you know what needs drive? making money, saving money, studying, working out.
literally anything that is kinda going away from status quo needs drive.
finding someone interested in you is just something fucking natural for billions of people, you dont need a fucking drive to have it.

>> No.21442655

It sounds like it might be the way you talk to girls then. You might unknowingly say shit jokes, stare at them too long, have visibly no confidence etc.
Try to imagine an interaction between yoi and your best friend from the perspective of someone else. What does experiencing you feel like to others?

>> No.21442671

Have you considered that you don't owe those girls? Like don't understand this the wrong way, what I'm saying is this: You might act like you owe girls something. Like it's YOUR obligation to be "likable" and YOUR obligation to tolerate their behavior - but in reality it's different. It obviously is. You're both just humans. I guess what it boils down to is a feeling of self-worth, you need to stop thinking of girls as people you need to "convince" and start thinking of YOURSELF as the one they need to convince. Who said THEY are worth your time?

And if you're curious about your face, try posting it in a rate thread on /soc/, at least then you'll know.

>> No.21442718

Will it really go up to that much?

>> No.21442750

>motherfucker, having a gf, finding people being interested in you, and developing relationship and memories with them deosnt need a fucking drive and motivation, it just FUCKING HAPPENS.
You consider yourself utterly and totally unsuccessful when it comes to accomplishing this, yet you're trying to tell me you know how it works and I don't? Ever considered that you don't actually have it all figured out?

You need drive to meet chicks. If you disagree you can take that as proof that you have a misunderstanding somewhere.

>> No.21442763

This this so much this

>> No.21442777

these are the comments losers make who were too dumb to buy in 2 years ago. we already know about gay chainlinking. to enhance collective positive thought, i've been chainlinking with my friends asses, and we aren't even gay

>> No.21442791
File: 222 KB, 527x406, 1590654680493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whys it doing that... i only have 25....

>> No.21442795

Poor attitude
Work on your social skills. I see even fat dudes with good locking chicks sometimes, usually because they're funny or interesting. As a tip don't think of any date like an interview, just treat it like going out for drinks with a friendly coworker who you have no interest in fucking. The more your mind is on impressing the girl during a date the less you will.

>> No.21442807
File: 123 KB, 1252x704, chchchecked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trips of truth!

>> No.21442814

>stare at them, making it feel unnatural, etc etc
bro, any girl i ever saw, i had an interaction with them as if i just met a new person, no pedestal, no try to impress, nothing....the girl just kinda fade away...kinda run away.
dude back in army i had a group of friend that i had, and one of them had these other couple of friends (2 of them girls)
for some fucking reason, ugly one was always protecting the hot one, FROM ME (like "hey dont stand so close etc) like i am this creepy dude, who trying to do something..(at this point i was already given up, so i didnt even THINK about either) if it wasnt because of my face, i dont know what was it (even my male friends acknowledged this bizarre behavior)

>> No.21442816

posting about TFWNOGF is bearish who cares girls will line up to suck your dick when link makes you a millionaire

>> No.21442851

This, I can go months without even talking to a girl because I'm distracted or working on something else. Its not like they're just going to walk into my bedroom (although it does kinda get like that when you've pumped one several times)

To actually get with one I have to make the effort to reach out, organize a date, go through the nerves, talk to them and have fun and then see where it goes.

>> No.21442864

You’ll be fine bro. Hoes will be hoes

>> No.21442881

cool bro/
i have drive to make money, to better myself.
unfortunately girls not that.
realizing this, i started to come to term with my inability to meet women, but sometimes post like this reminding me of the things i wish i had.

>> No.21442923

checked and gaypilled

>> No.21442932
File: 1.76 MB, 962x1080, 1597275007835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assuming it gets large scale adoption (which it is), and 90% of it is tied up in staking (which it will be), yes.
Congrats, you're rich, the world just doesn't know it yet.

>> No.21442934

>for some fucking reason, ugly one was always protecting the hot one, FROM ME
That does sound pretty weird
You got a trauma or something that might show through your mannerisms? Idk man. Unironically, there are girls out there that'd gladly talk to you to help you figure out what you're doing wrong. Not because they're interested in dating you but because they're interested in helping people/killing time by talking with strangers

>> No.21442946

Checked and very based

>> No.21442950

Is it actually going to keep going up?

>> No.21442960

I forget the famous quote but basically never put your stength in women. If you put your strength in a woman she will ALWAYS let you down and it puts yout both in an unnatural position. Men draw their strength from theirself, women draw strength from men, if a man draws strength, worth, value, etc. from a woman he is destined to live an unstable and shitty life

>> No.21442963

Did they said how many LINK minimum to stake? 32 like ETH?

>> No.21442978


>> No.21442995

>dont treat it like an interview
back when i was still delusional about future of my dating life, i thought learning pua stuff may help.
so i read about 50 books, and exactly know what a smooth date is.
just let me ask you this
you know that part about "dont talk, listen"
"let the girl tell you about herself" "make her wants you etc"
well, for me it never works. i say something interesting, try to engage them, but they never be interested.
i come to realize the fact, that women tricking "handsome" men. by making them believe that they are "studs" seducing women. but in reality, the women just talk about herself, to make them think like they cracking the code or something.

>> No.21443011

I wouldn’t consider selling until Smartcon is a confirmed nothing burger. Which honestly seems unlikely and this pump seems to be entirely fueled by insider knowledge.

>> No.21443024
File: 879 KB, 1242x1470, AD827CF2-7DEC-4F09-8213-07696F8D65A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I tell people IRL I got lucky. I don’t want them to wildly invest in crypto and think they’ll end up like me.

Though I have gotten numerous people to buy ChainLink cause it’s obviously the best it your gonna invest anyway

>> No.21443026

ye, bro, we all gonna make it, we got links!

>> No.21443105


Unless I’m remembering wrong or something is changed it’s any amount.

But ofc the more you have the more you’ll make back

>> No.21443110

Not really sure what your even saying anymore desu bro but


>> No.21443147

well fuck me. All bets are off I thought it was going to have a big fall....

now I genuinely don't know.

IT seems that link maybe be in top 3 or 4 with BTC ETH and XRP at this point ..... maybe above XRP

>> No.21443153

I have 32 LINK. Am I going to be ok?

>> No.21443176


>> No.21443178

How's 2592000 sound

>> No.21443181

i am not putting my strenght in anyone.
if i actually meet a real life woman, that is actually interseted in me (like that anon post) i would be VERY VERY suspicious.
even if she somehow genuine, its not like i gonna lose my cool. i got burned so many times, that i would expect a ghost move after sending each texts, after each meeting, after each phone call, etc..so i can move on easily (helped alot, because i got wrecked on tinder and bumble, so many ghosts)

>> No.21443201

>go to /biz/ during BTC mania
>lots of crypto talk
>chain link “get your links now!”
>think it’s a scam
>6 months ago I come back
>people still talking about chain link
>check the price
>1 month ago come back
>check the price
>1 week ago come back
>check the price
>1 day ago buy $1k worth

I’ve got another $4-5k I can risk. I’m ready.

>> No.21443210
File: 1.94 MB, 680x1800, 1583789842606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21443211

$1,000,000+. We are all going to make it anon.

>> No.21443213

maybe a bit drunk.
yes, link is life.
pussy is easy. (keyword, pussy for me, not the female affection, kek)

>> No.21443215

Tell her to post a pic of a pencil in her butthole so you can have that one anon give you 1000 PNK sent to your wallet.

>> No.21443264

at least not gonna result in a hairy pancake ass..(i hope )

>> No.21443286

BTC will die and the jew coin will kill it and drink its adrenochrome.

>> No.21443323

>what is price discovery

>> No.21443392
File: 43 KB, 800x468, 1572889385672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


From everything you've posted so far it seems that your looks are the problem. If you don't have this issue when you first talk to a girl for the first time over the internet / phone without them seeing you first then it's 100% a shit roll on looks. If you haven't tried this already, do so with a Chad catfish on Tinder or Omegle or w/e. If they stick around until they see your face, you found your problem, otherwise your autism might legit be a problem without you even realizing it. Don't fall for the gym meme, if you're that ugly you repulse any woman you interact with a Zyzz body won't do shit for you, work on yourself only for you and nobody else.

>> No.21443411

2592000 What?

>> No.21443459

I have learned this from many years at the gym. Comparing yourself to others will never satisfy you. The main attitude in life to have is that you keep being better than the day before that.

I'm happy with my 50 linkies I bought at 8$

>> No.21443462

i never view myself lower because of my relationship status.
although self conscious.
i mean its fucking natural that everyone get (not the sex part, the being desired part) wont you feel like a mutant if you couldnt get it?
i actually never ever tolerate, maybe a bit, but my interaction with females pretty much like a male . i joke a bit, i tease, i make fun of, stuff like that.
about the face part, i am not curious, i already know, i saw people reactions, and i been told to my face, not by enemies but my friends that i trust.

>> No.21443476


>> No.21443480

What are the fundamentals compared to, say, Cripple? Why shouldn't Chainlink be above Cripple?

>> No.21443509
File: 273 KB, 640x5556, 1581551892242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21443532
File: 136 KB, 1920x1080, 99138490_162775321921161_6635294168136548352_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

20 by the end of the day no doubt

>> No.21443548


>> No.21443567

You are a maniac

>> No.21443604

Wow you guys got lucky just admit it. Stop acting like geniuses for investing early in link and stop being excited about it!

>> No.21443608

USD my friend

>> No.21443617


>> No.21443618

ummmmm GUYYS???


>> No.21443634

This shit is pumping so fast.
Going to be over 20 in an hour.

>> No.21443640
File: 962 KB, 1124x987, 1566840350423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21443645

god does have mercy on a poor 700 linklet like myself.

>> No.21443665

i just assume this is bait from someone with 90k LINK

>> No.21443703

>work on yourself only for you and nobody else.
already on it.
i had no trauma to effect my mannerism, specially since no one else said anything about my "mannerism"
no, i actually dont want to talk with girls to "fix" my not existing problem. there girls that were rude to me, angry at me, for no fucking reason.
i had girls that were normal to me, but hey, i dont want friends (coworkers are fine) i have no time for fucking friends, i want that part of my brain to be satisfied, thats it.

>> No.21443755


>> No.21443774
File: 544 KB, 1440x2960, 20200815_145327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She replied. She is smelling me from my hoody I lent her after her dress zip broke

>> No.21443781



>> No.21443805
File: 166 KB, 864x864, s03RVWv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My phone is filling up with screenshots of ATHs. What to do?? Do I sell my LINK to buy a new phone???

>> No.21443830

>tfw sold at $16

want to kill myself

>> No.21443842

550 linklet here, we should definitely buy more

>> No.21443870


>> No.21443875

>he didnt sell at 17.5, short to 16.4, and long up to 18.6
Not gonna make it

>> No.21443885

Buy back, it won't stop as long as all the governments are printing money you dumdum.

>> No.21443897

>already up bigly

Fucking A!

>> No.21443902

275 linklet. bought before $10. pretty much priced out.

im happy with whatever comes

>> No.21443914
File: 63 KB, 1920x1080, 84660552_122876622577698_6386875471644065792_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he sold
Never gonna make it

>> No.21443926

It's only too late when it gets to $1000, anything below that will guarantee gains.

>> No.21443938
File: 130 KB, 678x167, 1586494849949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21443943
File: 15 KB, 309x153, 2020-08-15_6-56-08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21443944

>implying the guy on the right doesnt crush puss too

>> No.21443948

Price suppression baby it’s a hell of a drug

>> No.21443965
File: 123 KB, 511x671, 1595509952962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to emotionally manipulate you. Usual female behavior. Kill her.

>> No.21443969

just make amends man don’t be a bitch

>> No.21443976


>> No.21443978

I wish portnoy had waited until link was $100 the normies are getting in too early

>> No.21443982
File: 77 KB, 1508x206, 1587483549535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21443988

Make nigger moves get nigger prices

>> No.21443994


>> No.21443997
File: 4 KB, 125x125, 1594599734788s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I remember when /biz/ discovered LINK and after reading the white paper and people discussing its use cases, it seemed like a no brainer. People who understood it knew it would take years for adoption to take place. Companies like Google, Oracle, FB, etc. plan years, if not decades into the future. If they were going to invest the time and money into Chainlink in hopes of drastically slashing their overhead costs, they were going to do everything they could to ensure it worked seamlessly. We're still in the infancy of smart contracts and the more mainstream they become, LINK will continue to go up in value.

I've never had as much faith or felt as comfy with an investment. I'll never tell anyone that I invested in it or how much I have though. Normies don't understand BTC, so what chance do they have of understanding Chainlink? They'll just view it as a reckless gamble on "internet money", only to leech off me as much as they can if they find out how much my stack is worth. The only time anyone is going to hear anything about my gains is when I tell them I've quit my job and fucking off to South America to start a new life. I'll have a permanent shit-eating grin on my face knowing everyone is stuck wageslaving while I've got my feet kicked up on the beach, enjoying my NEET life.

>> No.21444013

Based as fuck. This is going on the wall of my mcmansion when I make it.

>> No.21444017

the price doenst matter
you just hold until you wont even need to cash out
why dont some of you faggots still not understand something so simple?

>> No.21444020

lol even if he is autistic, he probably make other men back off, so he REEEEEE to his chosen mate.

>> No.21444023
File: 39 KB, 844x200, 1592238191332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21444027

Should I get another $500 LINK?

>> No.21444044

Lol how many link do you think a normie could buy at 15?

A wealthy normie (doctor, engineer, lawyer) could probably do 1k and even then it would seem insane to them to spend 15,000 on a token they’ve never heard of.

Most of them will invest between 100-2000 and call it a day

>> No.21444045

Got a high res version?

>> No.21444047


>> No.21444054

lol, i wish any female tried to emotionally manipulate me.
like fucking once, i just wanna see how it feels like.
i bet there are chemicals that my receptors never felt before.

>> No.21444057
File: 312 KB, 1440x1236, 1585835211244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21444067
File: 119 KB, 1191x826, link facepalm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21444069
File: 42 KB, 512x512, fdfdyyyy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wait for the correction

Does this come off as a normal trading scenario to you, retard?

>> No.21444074

Ignored you Linkies for years and finally decided to yolo 50k at around 8.

Last time I ever doubt /biz/, next moon mission I'm putting in 100k and shutting the fuck up.

>> No.21444084


>> No.21444090

Right now?

>> No.21444098

Just go on tinder

>> No.21444116

wait until the price gets a bit higher

>> No.21444131

Dude it sucks. Get a pillow unironically

>> No.21444168

can someone post ranks?

>> No.21444201
File: 90 KB, 900x1042, 1591925384436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's been 3 days and coinbase still won't verify my account, when I first made it it took 4 months to check my ID. will I miss the bullrun?

>> No.21444204

tinder CRUSHED any dilusion i had about feeling desired by a female.
and it fucking took 2 weeks only.
sometimes it was no likes, sometimes it was match and IMMEDIATE cancel, sometimes i texted and no answer came, sometimes it went a bit, asked for number, and no answer.
i am ok though, if there was a fucking way, to remove that part of brain that get emotionally connected to girls (the part that enjoy being sexually desired by females) i would have been fucking happy.

>> No.21444212
File: 56 KB, 640x596, 1595521492585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why? If you aren't retarded you don't give in to her, if you do she just sees you as a weak faggot. So either disgust\apathy(higher T) or guilt\longing(lower T).

>> No.21444232

agreed barely anyone is going to be getting 10k link now, let alone 100k & thats funny af AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

>> No.21444244

Here's what you do: you say "come to my place at (insert obnoxious time, like 3AM or something)", then just go to bed like you always do at a healthy time. If she shows up fuck her and kick her out right after you nut, then block her watsapp too. If she doesnt show up then that's that.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you're setting your mind to never meeting her again, that way it doesn't feel bad whether she shows up or not.

Avoid contact with her at all costs after that otherwise she will walk all over you, trust me I learned that the hard way. If you feel like you need to learn it the hard way then by all means, just make sure you actually learn and grown and don't just use it as a reason to remain complacent.

Godspeed anon

>> No.21444251
File: 157 KB, 1439x752, Screenshot_20200815-150648_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make amends with a random sloot who was literally gagging on some guys balls last night

I think it is you who is the bitch.

She is getting desperate now, too bad.

>> No.21444258

Exactly. And normies will shill it their normie friends since link will only just keep going up

>> No.21444270

I really have no money, 0 fiat , fuck
not begging

>> No.21444272

my issue is not friends, family or pussy.
there are emotions that each man suppose to feel, and i cant EVER feel those emotions (with things going)
i am just acknowledging that, and a pillow aint it.

>> No.21444290
File: 365 KB, 604x604, 1518589298874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Guy on the right isn't hideous, he has a pretty normal looking face, pic is more to highlight the fact that you can have the body of a twig if you got the right face and hairline. I experienced this myself cause I was very skinny in my teens but I had pretty-boy chadlike looks with a head full of hair that I also used to style a lot. Wasn't swimming in pussy but there were a lot of 15-16 yods that would completely droll over my type. Started losing it slowly at around 19-20 and now it's almost completely gone and as far as Tinder thots go I might as well just be a 1/10 5'5 bald pajeet janitor cause I get just as much attention as they do on tinder, zero. I'm not at the level where I can't find a GF or even have them run away from me but I also refuse to settle with anything less than a looksmatch. So here I am, 4 years and going with no pussy, kek. Face is everything.

>> No.21444313

>its either A or B
you get a fucking choice.
i did not.

>> No.21444346
File: 126 KB, 1067x800, 5aabddbb1225bc2a008b46c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You in the back

>> No.21444368

So what are you going to do about it? You sound like a defeatist faggot.

>> No.21444393

well i never gonna now.
got no huge muscles or pretty face.

>> No.21444447
File: 37 KB, 870x395, IMG_20200805_130743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am a brainlet who bought without even reading white paper, just because/biz/ told me to

How will staking work and when will it be implemented??

>> No.21444470

give up.
put my attention on money, studying, hobbies, traveling, maybe get a pet (maybe not!)
fuck escorts
i cant hang my life on something that never gonna go anywhere. sometimes giving up on something, free you up to do other things.

>> No.21444498

Swingies get the rope is the most serious shit in the world, anon. Why nickel anddime yourself for a few hundred dols here and there when in the downside you could lose everything. One day Link is going to violently moon to 50, 100 or hell maybe even a thousand and swingies are going to be left out in the cold. ETH anon will look like child's play.

>> No.21444503


>> No.21444513

The emotions blow dude. Trust me.

>> No.21444528
File: 41 KB, 1068x546, Band-Protocol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The funny thing is that Band Protocol is trying to follow Chainlink, so if Chainlik goes to 20, then BAND is going to a minimum of 18 again, so double profit

>> No.21444609

Never heard of this what is it

>> No.21444608

Link pumps and ETH pumps seem to go in alternating cycles like sine and cosine. I think i'll buy some ETH to catch its next pump.

>> No.21444639

you say that, but you propably feeling like this becasue you got used to it.
just like how people get used to a lambo or having a mansion, you got used to having girls (or maybe one girl) liking you.
i never experienced that, so it probably would be too good for me..( felt a bit of euphoria when i got tinder likes...cant imagine what it feels like to have a girl actually liking you)

>> No.21444654

Sounds good. At least you have the balls to make a choice. I hate faggots chirping about stuff they don't even remotely try to change.

>> No.21444674

>The virgin fudder vs the Chad Link Marine

>> No.21444703

shit, i never had this and i am with you on this. he need to be in control of this situation.
damn, how it actually feels to have a girl getting desperate??

>> No.21444757

This is clown world retard, what you thought you knew about how anything works, means nothing at this point. But go ahead, keep telling yourself you know what will happen if that makes you feel like you have some control in the situation (you don't)

>> No.21444770

yep, and if tommorow someone said there is a new medication that can KILL these emotions and feelings, i would take it.
because i bet my productivity would go 100 time

>> No.21444804

Bitches have an elevated sense of their own self worth, especially on tinder. Have you seen the ham planets with 3+ kids waiting on brad pitt to sweep them off their feet. Never let a bitch define you because if she decides one day you arent shit then thats what you are (according to her).

Know yourself, know your worth.

>> No.21444807

Chainlink clone, the price will follow it, BAND is pumping right now.

>> No.21444828

Went from 32 to 58 LNK. How am I doing boys?

>> No.21444832

Fuck it, I bought more
Thanks for the reassurance fren

>> No.21444835

This is how you get me-tooed

>> No.21444859
File: 50 KB, 850x260, 1594071277856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21444895

ye i am not gonna stay in my bed, depressed over this.
it is sad, but hey, there are feelings in life that a very lucky minority of humans will ever feel.
the feeling of total security and serentity becaseu there is 10 million $ in your bank account and you never gonna wage slave ever.
this is a thing that gonna compensate everything else.
link is the ticket!

>> No.21444920

>Band was .20c just this year
>now its 15+

Holy fuck, how was no one talking about this? Thats two lambo missions ive missed getting in on the bottom of.

>> No.21444928

Me-too only matters for people who depend on an income. Link will make you rich enough that you're just a sex god instead of a creep.

>> No.21444948
File: 80 KB, 935x1083, 1592029188411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck you fat faggot

>> No.21444962
File: 177 KB, 921x642, 1579554534112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much

>> No.21444984

>Know yourself, know your worth.
thats why i never put a girl on pedestal, never cut my time for their benefits, and over all treat all females just like males.
(becasue when you know you dont have a chance, there is no reason to try to sweeten them up)
the reason i gave up is this too. i just dont want to "dydream" about "20xx is the year i gonna get a gf"
i just told myself to grow up, it will never happen, so put you effort in some other shit

>> No.21444996

How is the state between Linkies and SNX spartans?

Are we friends or enemies?

> t. 100k SNX

>> No.21444998


>> No.21445057
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>> No.21445056

not fat
not faggot either
(but honesty, can you even imagine how can A MAN be a bottom, and overly sensual , and act gay? thats sooooooo bizzare to me and kinda disgusting)

>> No.21445085
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>> No.21445089

Just buy this fucking shit, it's pumping at the same time as link.

>> No.21445093

holy shit. this is fucking funny.

>> No.21445117
File: 649 KB, 778x1100, 1585922514807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You had 3 (three) years to get set up retard.