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>enter /smg/
>save OP pic
Keep it up guys

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The stock market is closed. Why are the threads being created? Don’t you guys have a life? Come back Monday morning.

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If you sell covered calls, you'll be able to afford ice cream for you and a friend!

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$GAXY train

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Went to the last thread wanting to ask questions about covered calls, saw you guys already had a covered call 101 class in there lol. Gonna try stuff this week and see if I get it.
I have 1 question though. On TD it says you can do covered calls if you have the same amount of shares in it. Since an options contract is technically 100 shares, does that mean I need 100 shares in a company to sell 1 option contract on TD?

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Fuck off.

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No we don't.

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If i had a life I wouldn't be here

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Coomer edition

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Seriously, you guys jerk off to this shit? How do you get off to cartoons? I don't think I could do it

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2D does not have the imperfections of 3D.
Alas, they will never exist.

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Can he not appreciate perfect linings and artistic perfection? Go get a hambeast wife and live your life then

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Haven't posted in quite a while since kicking my options habit several weeks ago. Still enjoying throwing cash into the roth while I can. Need to start collecting more ex-US etfs desu. Pic related is sorted by total position dollar value.

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No, it is maid edition.
Weekend editions are when the true genius of /smg/ is exposed. Also I have nothing else to do.

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>all this random garbage
dude why

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This is a monthly cash generating machine. At some point I will cull all of the etracs into Schwab and Vanguard core funds, but I for once timed the drop and later the buy in very successfully back in March into April and May and rode the principal gains up quite nicely. My 401K is for all of the boring shit. Almost every week I see cash rolling in, quarterly divvies are just icing on the cake.

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Why are 20 year US treasuries dumping so much this last 10 days?

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you have to not be gay

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I don't think you have enough positions. I would open more if I were you.

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just go 75% spy 25% tqqq drop all this trash. sorry to be rude but all of that is just stuff that's worse than spy

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If you's suggesting TQQQ then why not UPRO instead of SPY?

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do we like Ben Felix here?

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I hear you, but honestly for the last year and especially since corona I've gotten obsessed with researching funds and it's the last exciting thing left in my life through this lockdown hell. My Vanguard 401K is about as simple and boring as it gets and after about 10 years the gains are just as would be expected, this is kind of just for fun desu. Lucky that it's worked out, I know.

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I get you. My IRA and 403b are a bunch of boring shit so I browse smg for weird positions. I have some TQQQ now which I never even knew about before and NET

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Shut up faggot. You lack the refined tastes of a 2D connoisseur. Enjoy your fat, bloated, putrid, yeasty 3D piglets.
>Alas, they will never exist.
The curse of perfection.
Can't knock it if it works. If you have a strategy that works for you that's good enough.

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imagination. one point of time there were porn mags. crazy I know. You wanna know whats more crazy? a lot of models people jerk off to is photoshopped. crazy right?

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What’s his plan? Why is Trump so obsessed with the stock market? I’m getting Trevor Milton vibes

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You think the US will last 20 years?

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Never bet against the mouse

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>having 40 ETFs just to track the broad market

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>You wanna know whats more crazy? a lot of models people jerk off to is photoshopped. crazy right?

I imagine that 90% of all pictures women post online are photoshopped or filtered in some way.

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what are the financial implications of big businesses moving out of the big cities? they are shitholes and the police won't protect them.

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Tandy Leather Factory delisted

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goodnight fellow anons, may the stock market gainz be with you on opening monday morning.

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hey i remember this pic
but not this one, excellent!
loving maid edition

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been seeing more anime in /smg/ threads lately, this is maximum comfy

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That's man

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Yes to sell covered calls you need 100 shares to sell one contract. With margin of course you can still sell naked calls, but that is much riskier. Simple example I have stock with an average price of $57. The stock was trading in the upper $54 range. I have 700 shares and sold 7 calls for 0.40 each. Currently the stock is around $42, so likely I will keep all $280 minus commission I made. But what if the stock went to $60? Then my shares sold for $58, but I still kept the call money. If I didn't own this stock then I would have to pay the two dollar per share difference. So a $280 call would have cost me $1400.

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So if the front page story on every financial news site has been "six new reasons the CRASH IS IMMINENT AAAAA" for weeks, does that mean it's unironically priced in?

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Shit, gonna have to go with poor stocks then lol.

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anon, what does "being priced in" mean? i promise to post pictures of cats doing cool things if you help me out here.

here's a picture of a hedgehog as a down payment.

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It means crash is imminent.

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that a certain piece of news won't move the market because the market has already discovered a price which takes the news into account beforehand – for example, there may not be a huge pump on vaccine approval, because the market is already acting like a vaccine will be approved this year

if one isn't, AAAAAAAAAAAAA

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good deal

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here is a picture of undercat.

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Yeah selling covered calls is more a game for those with money. My 700 Citi shares cost me around 40k. To make $280 max on selling the calls.

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They won't move out of big cities. What they will do is select locations that are harder to access during civil unrest. Mainly less street level storefront type arrangement.

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Why wouldn't they move out of big cities when you combine work from home with online shopping? What's the point of the city other than titty bars?

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It just means the media is keen on stoking fear at the moment. They have a number of reasons for doing so, none of which are beneficial to citizens or the health of the economy in general.

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Just for clarification (Because ive never sold options lol)
IF the price per option is say $1
When I sell a contract
I would get $100 - fees correct? I know about how if the stock goes above the sell price im fucked and how you want the stock to stay under your sell price.
Still though, "easy" $280 will be NICE when I eventually get that type of money

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pretty sure that's racist to move above/away to safety. you have to have rolex shops in the ghetto so BLM can diversify the store.

>> No.21433432

I don't trade stocks, but I clicked on this thread because of the OP image.

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what coins do you own

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this is correct. >>21433256 Thing moves on rumor of news or anticipation of likely news in absence of actual credible rumor. It's the basis for the saying of 'buy rumor sell news'. That saying just means long the run up then sell once the news is made public on the thinking that this will be the totality of the beneficial price action related to that good news.

>> No.21433496

download robinhood, put $500 in and spend it all on a TQQQ 150 call 8/21

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>pretty sure that's racist

>> No.21433555

I guess some brick n' mortar still makes money some way.

>> No.21433564

Yes at $1 per contract price you would get $100 minus any commission.

>> No.21433573

I agree, they are grotesque caricatures of females

>> No.21433594

Thank You!!! Will stop being a newfag now thanks again.

>> No.21433617

AAPL predictions eow going into split?

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>I agree, they are grotesque caricatures of females

>> No.21433678

We're talking about anime not trannies

>> No.21433701

I understand that those are cheap as fuck options, but how the hell do you profit off of this?

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hope next week is a GOLDEN BULL RUN

>> No.21433750

Is buying Apple at this point just FOMO

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>if one isn't, AAAAAAAAAAAAA
Yes! That's another commonly made mistake among new traders. Thing pumps on rumor, rumor is confirmed in news release but it's not quite as good expected. It's still good for the company but not amazing. Thing dumps. Hard. New fren trader asks WHY THING DUMP THE NEWS WAS GOOD?? And yes, the news was good. But not equivalent to the expected. Therefore speculators beat it and you had better, too, lest you be holding that bag filled with hopes and dreams.

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Thoughts on Workhorse? One of you guys (presumably) came into the bathroom at work and started talking about it and told me to invest

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Is it time to just unload these heavy bags.

>> No.21433845

did you suck his cock?

>> No.21433871

should have been here some months ago when it was shilled at $4~

>> No.21433876

Watch his Twitter and see if he post good news about the market pull out he is warning his billionaire buddies

>> No.21433886

Why did you do this

>> No.21433927

>he missed out on CLSK
>he missed out on WKHS
>he missed out on NLS
>he missed out on NKLA

don't miss out on NTNX

>> No.21433934

It dumped on earnings despite them being fine, so there's worse times to invest. There were better times, too; but that's always the case. The basic bull thesis is that they have a truck certified both federally and in California as a road legal zero emissions vehicle. That's more than pretty much any other EV company bar Tesla can say.

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>tfw /pmg/ is now a mess
I will be a prodigal prodigal son and return to the motherland /smg/. This is a nice edition. I hope the weekends are quiet and more thoughtful again. How are we feeling about looming defaults and deflation bits? Did King Boomer shit the bed buying Barrick?

>> No.21434049

I’ve had this position since 2018.

>> No.21434068

>t. NTNX bag holder since February

>> No.21434089

What would I be missing out on Calls/Puts? From what I see they're always operating at a loss

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eventually the market has to go down

but today is not that day

>> No.21434197

Calls, earnings run up. At the bottom of it's short term range and long term range

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and then the newfag scream "clownworld" and refuses to learn the lesson...

It's not even 1% of the portfolio. Berkshire bought more of a Sirius subsidiary than they did Barrick. I should've dumped on the afterhours FOMO, but I expect Barrick to keep rising. Earnings were pretty solid.

I'm a little concerned about Newmont or Kinross or Wheaton not being able to handle a pandemic as well as Barrick.

This is RING, my main gold miner etf... maybe I should just sell it and add to my Barrick position

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>and then the newfag scream "clownworld" and refuses to learn the lesson...

>> No.21434253

I mean, it's Saturday, so if course not. I'm really unsure of what the equities markets are doing at all. I think it's generally overbought, but others are pointing to potential deflationary pressure and inflationary expectations. LQD did shit this week. Lots of motion.

>> No.21434263

Is there a website wear I can read about all the different companies. Like one that has stock analysis shit but also I can read about the company itself and their key people and shit, other than Wikipedia

>> No.21434277

So if I buy through a broker, I actually own the share, right? Also, how do bonds in countries work, are Israeli bonds actually profitable? What is the best broker for a Canadian?

>> No.21434350

So you're saying that despite past history with this stock decreasing in value because of negative earnings you think it will increase in value with negative earnings

>> No.21434361

well the real yield on treasuries is negative out to 30 years

so something is fucky but it's been like that since the crash

>> No.21434380

>So if I buy through a broker, I actually own the share, right?
Yes and you can transfer that share between different brokers if you want. It's a hassle but you can.
>What is the best broker for a Canadian?
Overall I think it's Questrade. Which isn't saying a lot. Leafs have shitty choices for brokers. IB is cheaper on fees. Wealthsimple is pseudo no-fee but read the fine print as they ARE taking a cut from you in another way.

I don't know the answer to your question about international bonds.

>> No.21434411

Do you mean like yahoo finance?

>> No.21434440

Thanks for the info, I never looked into trading before but I might take a chance with this one. Just need to look into how and what accounts to set up.

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>It's not even 1% of the portfolio.
Usually positions are pretty small. I'm still shocked he has anything gold related. I'm expecting the deflationary pressure to be due to the tenants and mortgage defaults. Very glad I changed up my 401 today to mostly cash again.

>> No.21434496
File: 321 KB, 984x1476, __clownpiece_touhou_drawn_by_maturiuta_sorato__6763bee8970b76f09f058accd10be940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cute clown!

>> No.21434507

The 08 one, right? Maybe VZ will be a good proxy for the bond market.

>> No.21434529

Is Clorox the safest stock right now in case of another corona crash?

>> No.21434545

Thanks anon. The international bonds thing was just something I'm curious about.
I'm just a zoomer with some loose change.

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bro these maid pics have me fully torqued

is it a good thing or a bad thing

>> No.21434669

>missed out on bitcoin
>missed out on tesla
>missed out on chainlink
i knew about all those things when they very tiny but didnt invest. i want zo kms so badly bros

>> No.21434732

ETH/LINK/ADA/XLM/REQ; basically coins from 2017.
What about 50 dollars?

>> No.21434811
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I just had a dream that bitcoin pumped over 20k
don't worry about that, just get a job and buy great stocks
it feels so good
you'll never want to kys yourself again

also GSL is on in an hour ~

>> No.21434859

Give me one reason to choose NVDA over AAPL

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Maybe oil will do something soon so I can have an excuse to shop more clownpi pics :o
wtfffffff the summer sale!

>> No.21434890

In the US bonds are loosely separated into municipal (state and local), treasury-backed (federal), and corporate. The original holders can sell them on the secondary markets to other entities similar to stocks. Although the bond market tends to be (a) much larger allotments than stocks and (b) less fluid on a day-to-day basis. Bonds are typically valued in deflationary environments because of their fixed returns (annual and to maturity). They return less than stocks but that is because the downside risk is much smaller. As long as the entity who owns the bond can pay its debts, a low bar, you cannot lose money on the investment (if you are adjust for inflation you might if the returns are too low). Corporate bonds that default usually mean the stock has imploded too. In most bankruptcy proceedings, bondholders are compensated first (cents on the dollar) before equity (stock) holders.
The main practical advantages between the three categories is return/risk and tax treatment. Corporate bonds have highest returns but most businesses over time eventually go bankrupt. Municipal bonds have slightly less with slightly less risk of default if picked carefully but the main advantage is that the capital returns are frequently exempted from local and state taxes, especially if you live there. Federal bonds are the same for the federal level and have the lowest risk of all but the lowest returns. International bonds will likely not have these tax privileges for where you live. ETFs sourced from one of your country's stock exchanges might be a good way to get this kind of exposure and not get hit with multiple taxes (foreign and local).
Uncertainty is very high and fears of deflation have made the premiums on good bonds absurd and junk bonds basically price controlled by central banks. This is mainly because bonds protect the nominal value of your wealth (a preoccupation of wealthy conservative investors).

>> No.21434899

Terrible mindset. Who cares about meme stocks that pump 500% in a short period of time. The same people who gamble on shit like that are the ones who will end up getting greedy and losing everything. It’s all about that 10% annual compound interest.

Also I bought Tesla at $350 and sold at $1620

>> No.21434909

can GOOG crash next week?


>> No.21434934

You have no taste.

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I just moved to UK, can i spread bet the same way as if I would be investing in stocks? Like put all my mother on IG.com & open positions without margin (or with a very low margin). and than hodl for long?

>> No.21434962

>I just moved to UK
ohnonononononon hahahahahaaahahaha

>> No.21434985

>just moved to UK

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what does the clown have to do with oil

it can but it probably will do the opposite of crashing

>> No.21435100

you're fucked mate. Have you not been listening to what's been happening to them recently?
New country and you're already borrowing money. Really dude?

>> No.21435126
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She causes mischief with it! In reality nothing, I was just playing LoLK during the oil crash. Call that a "self-meme", a meme just in my brain

>> No.21435205

>tfw sold airlines at the bottom and bought gold at the top
it was with my retirement money also. hold me /biz/. at least my apple shares are doing well.

>> No.21435206
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Get ready

>> No.21435211
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hmmm yes I see now
before I was confused but now it all makes sense

>> No.21435226

just buy stocks through your bank you fucking mongoloid

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

>> No.21435353

>I just moved to Uk
Why, retard?

>> No.21435367


every single time

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Why aren’t you guys day trading?

>> No.21435647

What stock/ETF can I long term hold so I don't just have cash sitting in my bank acc

>> No.21435664

The usual

>> No.21435694


>> No.21435720

ATT or Coca Coola

>> No.21435734

>the swag academy
Guarantee you this faggot sells courses on surface level trading knowledge

>> No.21435747


>> No.21435757


>> No.21435772

Thought today was Thursday lads. Totally fucked up everything. Had to take my mom to emercengy early in am abd I guess I just kept think it was Thursday and no one told me.

>> No.21435817

Welcome to Saturday morning. Hope your mom's okay.

>> No.21435843


>> No.21435884

Should left your mom on the floor and traded crypto like a true jamal jackson

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>> No.21435958

>Buffet bought ~600M in Barrick shares
the leadership change in BRK will be a interesting watch, those new guys are pro accountants btw

>> No.21435993

>gold top
zoom out the chart, this is maybe this months top, 2500 by eoy

>> No.21435994

If you get rich enough do your name also show up on the news if you invest a large amount of $?

>> No.21436008

>a millionaire day trader!!! watch does he does it!!!
>scalps a thousand grand with $10k orders, pure luck
>montage of the lucky shit trades
>makes up some garbage that's more retarded than even TA
>sells you some shitty course
>(no evidence of having a million in account anywhere because only a literal retard would daytrade with this amount of money)

>> No.21436022

2x leveraged lean hogs futures ETF

>> No.21436037

ironically there's very little in /pmg/ about Buffett and the impact on miners in general.

>> No.21436072

Thanks man she was good, but apparently TONES of people with covid inside. Wouldn’t even let me in the hospital. Crazy times these days

>> No.21436081
File: 286 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200815-034923_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anybody jump on this gravy train?

Easiest money I'll ever make.

>> No.21436093

Idk, but barrick shot up 10% in after mkt, because of that.

>> No.21436120

Was that an ipo?

>> No.21436131


>> No.21436141

>scalps with 10k orders
these are the worst, its so fucking easy to scalp say 300 bucks on a 100k bet and there are so many so called 'traders' on yt that present themselves as pros by doing this. Well on the otherhand there are prop firms that literally do this all day and make half a milly by end of the day, but still kinda pathetic.

>> No.21436158

because they dont follow the stock market (except when it crashes), because those boomers think its a sham kek

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>buys the airlines top
>now buys gold top

>> No.21436164

you're forgetting the 90% of the bad trades they've made and lost that they didn't put in the video

>> No.21436169


Yep. Company working on COVID vaccine that was backed by Microsoft.

>> No.21436200

One trick when selling courses is having two accounts and going long on one and short on another and then showing the successful trade in your advertising.

>> No.21436209

yep, not to mention the source of the initial capital, im guessing 90% are trust fund babies

>> No.21436242
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So where is this going? I'm tempted to short silver.

>> No.21436245

KEK, one of the famous ones got caught trading in a demo account by mistake btw

>> No.21436259
File: 211 KB, 327x316, golden1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21436284

21.50-22.50, but be careful it can go up 10-20% overnight just because of some black swan, a lot of people have blown up by shorting these volatile/geopolitical type of assets

>> No.21436301

I especially dislike that one guy who keeps shilling his drop shipping course

>> No.21436311

Of course it was, never heard anything here lol. It’s mostly people say never touch an ipo cause it dumps but idk

>> No.21436327

also a lot of people have a longterm tgt of $35-40, just so you know that when it will start moving, people wont take profits that fast

>> No.21436348

I’m shorting then as well

>> No.21436351

well it depends, if the corp has fundamental or meme potential then it will drop a bit and then take off, just because the underwriters want to accumulate more of it aka DKNG

>> No.21436352
File: 128 KB, 1207x753, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21436376
File: 215 KB, 828x1792, 5742560A-5AEB-494D-8393-205E500F6F33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fingers crossed for Monday. Had a trash day today

>> No.21436381

Nvidia Ampere will be launching soon

>t. Zoomer who's waiting for new GPU to crypto mining

>> No.21436382

yup, 21.50-22.50 area, there's no certainty that it will hit the line tho

>> No.21436384

they absolutely will leave big cities. because white flight has already started and those places are going to implode detroit style. why would businesses remain in a location where nobody has money to shop and people who do have money will avoid the area like the plague?

>> No.21436424

To be fair I'm probably in the camp of slv pushing to the mid 30s so I think once the correction is over it'll be a decent time to buy in

>> No.21436463

I tried to wipe her titty mole off

>> No.21436483

I was in that camp and made my first call option, such a great feeling. SLV totally pulled through. Then I got paper hands and took profit, now I’m hoping it slides down next week

>> No.21436494

>Wells Fargo
>Buying the airlines top, selling the bottom
>Buying the gold top
>Sitting on 140 bn in CASH through the best buying opportunity since 2008

Boomer Buffet is DONE

>> No.21436515


>> No.21436521

>To be fair I'm probably in the camp of slv pushing to the mid 30s
Is there a reason for this?

>> No.21436530


>> No.21436540

You're right they will leave if the money is leaving.

>> No.21436542

He wasn’t even the one who decided to buy Apple, apparently it was one of his executives who did that one

>> No.21436545

Economic uncertainty drives precious metal investment

>> No.21436563

he makes mistakes a lot, but now the new guys are taking over, remember the he also bought loads of AAPL

>> No.21436579

also he mostly doesnt buy shares on the open mkt, his prices are way different than ours

>> No.21436581
File: 72 KB, 160x160, 1585594791283.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21436585


>> No.21436618

suppliers tightening up the supply, demand is up, if economy picks up it will rise even further. Fear of inflation/fiat collapse will linger for a long time, When there are diminishing returns in many asset classes, 10% of folio in pms is becoming the standard.

>> No.21436636

The long version? The fact that the world economy is a rotten log utterly reliant on debt for one, and things like the historic gold:silver ratio being very out of whack. I know there's a lot of stonks traders here but a market held together by zero interest rate bonds with a big potential for inflation is an fundamentally un-sound market to me. All of which is bullish for PMs
The short version is >>21436545

>> No.21436794

Did some light research and backtesting and by far the best returns seems to be to just buy land and become a landlord. Rent means that you can always run ahead of inflation and have large margins. Riskier but even more rewarding is becoming a vacation rental landlord since the lack of permanent tenants means you can charge nearly hotel rates on a day to day basis. Covid was a definite black swan but boomers had the right idea.
TO truly make it you need to become a landjew and contribute nothing of value to society except rent seeking.

>> No.21436887


>> No.21436939

is buying us steel retarded?

>> No.21437065


>> No.21437075

>Did some light research and backtesting
>the best returns seems to be to just buy land and become a landlord
only works if you get in when the market is right and not in a massive bubble, which excludes a lot of property markets around the world. Land itself isn't a bad idea so long as you live somewhere with no LVT

>> No.21437114

What helps real estate is the gigantic leverage, leading to high return on the equity you put in

And if home prices fall all the boomers FREAK OUT, causing massive stimulus by the government - making any pain short lived

>> No.21437137

Not as hedge against china conflict

>> No.21437179

>massive bubble

Most of the US is far from any bubble. Population is rising. Interest rates are falling.

Look at Europe, 80% of people are forced to live in literal sheds. Coming to US very soon. Buy before it's too late

>> No.21437208

For this reason, Disney has done everything in its power to make sure it retains the copyright on Mickey -- even if that means changing federal statutes. Every time Mickey’s copyright is about to expire, Disney spends millions lobbying Congress for extensions, and trading campaign contributions for legislative support. With crushing legal force, they’ve squelched anyone who attempts to disagree with them.


>> No.21437226
File: 121 KB, 570x548, apollo08_earthrise 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21437375

>Interest rates are falling
are you an idiot?

>> No.21437389

Buffetts buying gold miners whilst your still fucking around with electric vehicles ngmi

>> No.21437550

why can't the markets be 24/7 like crypto?

>> No.21437581

Don’t bet against the mouse

>> No.21437592

so that the inside traders have time to plan

>> No.21437631

Bearish af

>> No.21437716

I wonder where are the idiots on this board that tried to short Disney on earnings

>> No.21437856
File: 179 KB, 960x960, 1594670135538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NET niggers what it do?
thinking about copping that bitch after that nice pullback. Also i think it can rebound at 38. Buy?

>> No.21437879
File: 84 KB, 1200x675, 1589385315140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off warren
go sell some more airlines at the bottom or something


>> No.21437890

Always inverse Buffet for massive gains.

>> No.21437904


>> No.21437911

zoom out the chart, look at its historic trajectory, and ask yourself if there's any reason for that upward momentum to stop given the new projects it had over it's horizons. People are just too impatient with NET despite how stable it is and the fact that they're already a large player on the modern internet.

>> No.21437942
File: 319 KB, 1606x830, hehpilled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you have to bet exactly like or the inverse of Buffett
The absolute state of /smg/

>> No.21437960

It's only 0.5% of his folio. Who knows if it was even him who bought this. The possibility exists considering his BAC add and GS/JPM cut.

>> No.21437967

weeeeell i always zoom out, but they increased revenue by 50% so if they keep doing that...
however they are still posting net losses so yeah. IDK i just want a nice growth stock but i missed the FAGMAN bullrun.

which larger player?

>> No.21437974
File: 717 KB, 1242x1288, 1582035310586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome to 4channel

>> No.21438019

Most of the posters are here not because they like trading but they just want to be apart of something, buying pnds and meme lols are a great way to solidify themselves into the community

>> No.21438025

Why would the boomer drop WFC now? Isn't it like actually turning around with what Charlie Scharf is doing? I get it that he might think that BAC is best in terms of price/quality and JPM might be a little bit overpriced, but why sell WFC now?

>> No.21438043

Someone needs to make a Buffet algo that tracks how much are you following/inverting Buffet's plays.

>> No.21438052

never buy financials
problem solved

>> No.21438058

he's selling all banks except BAC, banks are starting to look like dead money, don't know what's the reason behind that BAC hold tho

>> No.21438093

>turning around
the bank is too big, look what they did just to pump a bit their revenue, it is fighting just to keep their share not gain more of it

>> No.21438213

Should I keep trading options or dump my money into an index fund?

>> No.21438268
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, kaiji-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3 more episodes till I'm finished with Kaiji
They really milking out this pachinko

>> No.21438414

I have a tax question regarding wash sales. Say I buy and sell for a $300 profit. Then buy back but panic sell at a $300 loss, only to buy and sell for $300 profit again. Do I get taxed on the $300 I made overall, or is the loss ignored and I get taxed for the 2 gains at $600?

I read that wash sale losses get added to the cost basis and am hoping that means I only get taxed for the $300, but want to be sure.

>> No.21438475

If you looked at literally any FAGMAN in its first few years you'd have the same conclusion. Remember they I vesting is different from day trading. If you're investing in so etching you're most likely not expecting a worthwhile return for a few years while your money is parked. Nobody is ok g to be able to tell you what the next FAGMAN is, but you're not going to find it by being too scared to dip your toes into companies that have untapped potential. If you don't like Cloudflare there are other companies you can look for, but if you don't decide on any of them you'll just look back 5 years later and go "man, I wanna invest in the next FAGMANLETTE but dunno what to pick."

>> No.21438595

>tfw can't buy shares in eBussy
This will do well on the market. I'd buy an eBussy if I didn't need the money for uni.

>> No.21438628

true, i sort of missread your first post. thanks!

>> No.21438672
File: 22 KB, 360x450, 1570768918014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Deutsche Bank
>price to book : 0.3
It's over, isn't it?

>> No.21438714

Ich hoffe doch

>> No.21438741

So, if there's a second wave of 'rona, I should buy many shares, right?

>> No.21438745

>Super obvious moon IPO
>NOBODY on /smg/ says ANYTHING about it
lmao figures

>> No.21438786

>another liquidity crunch
Tech moons
>recovery begins
Tech moons
>it was a fake rally
Tech moons
>normal operation
Tech moons
Do you see a pattern?

>> No.21438878

>SMRT actually mooned after filing for bankruptcy with no hope of recovery
Fucking clown market

>> No.21438892

>time in the market beats timing the market
>price doesn’t matter if you’re going long term
Why do delusional people say this?

>> No.21439072

>stonckies only go uppies
>somehow not a baseless assumption
>HURRR I'm not do gambling with money.s
Some people are simply retarded.

>> No.21439731

get CODX cheapies boys

>> No.21439827

$GAXY will moon

>> No.21439915

Is PayPal a good stock?

>> No.21440143

Yea unless you bought at top of dot com bubble and needed 16 years to break even minus inflation

>> No.21440218
File: 144 KB, 1169x857, 1581348035136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

net will reach 40 dollars by this friday right haha

>> No.21440341

I have it so probably not

>> No.21440359
File: 48 KB, 900x675, E07406DB-38F2-4052-BD09-DAEBB54EF092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Caturday

>> No.21440433

Good stocks for long term holds?

>> No.21440485

I can’t believe portnoy is pumping my link bags and Buffett is buying gold the normies are giving up and hopping on the meme train

>> No.21440711
File: 243 KB, 680x709, yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21440752
File: 3.78 MB, 399x640, 1597211429912.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New to investing. Canadian

Throwing 1k a month into my TFSA for long term holding (longer than 3-5 years)

I was looking at putting it all into tsx:xic

Not interested in day trading. Just looking for a good mix of growth and dividends.

What is /SMG/'s thoughts?

>> No.21440787
File: 73 KB, 721x960, 1560305017468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21440856
File: 58 KB, 659x529, 6C936E49-C466-4865-AE7C-FE54FF772A3A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>incapable of getting butthurt
is it possible to learn this power?....

>> No.21440936

FAGMAN stonks
But they’re pretty expensive right now so I’d look for other sectors until FAGMAN calms down or has a correction. I’m bullish on Disney visa and Pepsi

>> No.21440937
File: 574 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2020-07-30 16-18-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If you want a good entry point, buy when they touch the mid bollinger band (on the candle stick daily graph) if you're bullish or wait for them to touch the lower bollinger band if you think it's going to crab.

>> No.21440940

even retailers that have leaned more heavily on their e commerce side (like Aritzia) still can't make a profit with e commerce alone. And they will always need brick and mortar stores as a showroom for their online offerings.

commercial real estate in big cities are definitely profitable and in demand. GAP tried to weasel out of paying rents through lockdown, but they ended up paying their rents anyways when they were threatened immediately with eviction in Canada.
however, I imagine in the US that big businesses have a ton of other big cities to pick other than Chicago so they're fucked. Meanwhile in Canada, there's only like a handful of choices, like Toronto alone is already a big portion of Canada's GDP, hence why the real estate bubble doesn't fucking pop in Canada.

>> No.21440957
File: 83 KB, 1600x784, Different-Bollinger-Bands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here's a picture of bollinger bands.

>> No.21441027

That’s a quality cat.

>> No.21441056
File: 126 KB, 1101x260, Screenshot from 2020-08-13 14-02-51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>suicidal cat posting

>> No.21441098

TSX is *SHIT*.
do norbert's gambit and trade in the US market instead.
you're going to miss out entirely on tech exposure (unless you count shopify) if you only trade in the TSX

if you just want dividends, then i guess look into REI.UN? BPY and HR.UN are similar but they cut dividends during lockdown already. Meanwhile REI.UN is still paying dividends (didn't cut through 08-09 either) and real payout ratio (ignoring accounting bullshit with unused real estate valuations) is still around ~80%. Rent collection in Q2 was pretty high, 86.8%, though of course there were abatements/deferrals whatever.

interpret the real estate valuations as you will. The real estate bubble around Toronto is only bubbling even more and still doesn't look like it will pop anytime soon. A shit ton of people buying more houses, and obviously these people aren't buying houses with CERB money so clearly the unemployment crisis has not affected the people who can/want to buy houses in the first place.

>> No.21441124

OTC penny trash that up 200% fucking avoid like the plague

>> No.21441141

More like they were recording a choreographed tiktok video and didn't want you wandering around because they were on take 14

>> No.21441142

>>you're going to miss out entirely on tech exposure (unless you count shopify) if you only trade in the TSX
He could buy HQU or an ETF hedged to CAD like TEC if he wants tech and it's not wise to buy USD assets with CAD when CAD is low and USD is historically high.

>> No.21441193

Couldn't I do both?

Since my budget for my investing money is around 1k a month I could do alternating months.

One month into xic the other month into sp500 or some other U.S etf?

>> No.21441214

What is the chainlink of stocks?

>> No.21441261
File: 26 KB, 684x326, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and it's not wise to buy USD assets with CAD when CAD is low and USD is historically high.
CAD is back to pre-corona levels.
and as for the exchange rate fee, that's why you do something like Norbert's gambit to avoid it entirely, some brokers will even let you do it completely online yourself.
though with batches of $1K, the commissions would probably be more significant than the exchange rate fees. Definitely saves you a lot of money past $2k and so on.

>> No.21441262

>everyone says it's useless overpriced garbage
>keeps going up forever anyway

>> No.21441284


>> No.21441289

I just looked up the tax:tec

That looks like a great growth etf. I am probably going to go half and half on it and the xic.

Thanks guys :)

Any other ETF's that are Canadian TFSA friendly that you would recommend?

>> No.21441299

as long as you're willing to actually trade in the US market, for a min you sounded like my friend who is completely hesitant on entering the US market because they don't know how to trade in US dollars even though i try to fucking spoon feed them.
they completely miss out on the tech rally in July as a result.

>> No.21441319

*actually it doesn't look like TEC is hedged to CAD. XQQ and ZQQ is.

>CAD is back to pre-corona levels.
Then he could buy the non-hedged version.

>> No.21441333

He loves selling the bottom

Also, the CEO has proven nothing but crashing the share price. CNBC shilling for him doesn't change that fact.

>> No.21441379
File: 170 KB, 1125x1844, EC3ECA58-F44E-4547-9737-C779F7EC3B11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck is this company?

>> No.21441404
File: 20 KB, 652x310, Screenshot from 2020-08-15 08-37-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is also HAC which goes up along straight line. HAC switches between a bunch of assets depending on the season, anything from gold, treasuries to tech.

Look at ETF fees and fine print and so on.

>> No.21441501

Yes. Some people call it zen other people call it chad cerebration. Anyway, it's fucking great.

>> No.21441605

eh I do this with TQQQ and FNGU when they dip and dont give a fuck because the worst that can happen is being stuck with TQQQ or FNGU until it goes back up.

>> No.21441680

I have APHA too, I fucked up though and bought it a couple days after it dumped from the low 6s and got in at 4.85$ expecting a reversal, I went in big and bought 2000 shares 25% of my folio.

>> No.21441747

depends. there is this 30 day rule thing, you can search "30 day stock loss". but basically if you had a stock and sell then buy again in 30 days you can't write off the loss. so less than 30 days would be $600 profit tax 31+days $300 profit tax

>> No.21441832
File: 96 KB, 966x513, Screenshot from 2020-08-15 08-52-37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just for reference, here's the relative performance of ZQQ, TEC, HQU and HXU, since the bottom (March 23rd).

>> No.21441881

Looks legit. Sell your house and your car and go all in

>> No.21441897

But like I said they didn't have to trade in US dollars to get gains from the rally. Look at the chart:

They could have bought HQU. Even TSX 60 HXU outperformed non-leveraged ZQQ (NASDAQ) and TEC.

>> No.21442348

>They could have bought HQU. Even TSX 60 HXU outperformed non-leveraged ZQQ (NASDAQ) and TEC.
HQU looks pretty nice, didn't know we had an ETF like that. I might liquidate my RioCan stock and move it to that eventually if Canadian REITs go back to crab mode.
HXU is meh though, might as well buy Shopify directly instead of getting exposed to the rest of the shitty TSE market.

>> No.21442457

Should I go with BMO Investoronline or Questrade? I bank with BMO.

>> No.21442570

isn't BMO's comissions relatively cheap anyways unless you want to trade small amounts a lot of times? If i'm not mistaken, you can probably do *some* options and hassle-free norbert's gambit (buy Canada stock, sell on US) online yourself so no need to call your broker? I'm with scotiabank and i was planning to eventually open a trading account with BMO (or TD) for those 2 reasons.
ALso, I'd go with BMO purely so you can transfer your funds instantly.

>> No.21442593

It was shilled here for two days straight you insufferable faggot. Dont be a cunt just because you didnt see it or didnt listen

>> No.21442597

i should mention i meant *some* options obviously in the context of a TFSA. ScotiaBank doesn't let me do anything with options with a TFSA.

>> No.21442670
File: 99 KB, 532x543, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, should I bet against Donald Trump (10000% ROI potential)?

>> No.21442909
File: 51 KB, 785x644, 1594387292487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]







>> No.21442980

I was here all week, I didn't notice it. Just so you know, if one person says something retarded like "MISSED TSLA? MISSED NVAX???? CVAC IS YOUR LAST CHANGE!!!!!" that may be shilling but only an absolute retard would pay any attention to it, so fuck you and fuck your mother if she hasn't killed herself out of shame from giving birth to you yet.

>> No.21442983

Do we love dividend funds now?

>> No.21443090

my friendship ended with dividends when I realized how much money I could make selling options

>> No.21443143

I just got started with coinbase, I don't really know much about stocks or cryptocurrencies i just want some gibs. Any semi-safe investment i can do? make a little bit of profit? im a neet with about 1000$

>> No.21443168


All right fine. Since I'm retarded should I just go on youtube and look up "covered calls" or something since everyone keeps talkign about that?

>> No.21443202
File: 41 KB, 1036x584, XIC holdings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That ETF has a lot of exposure to financials so it might not be a good idea even over 5+ years. We may be in a low interest rate environment for the foreseeable future (likely even negative) and that is not good for banks. Look at a historical chart of EU financials, japan. They have not done well off of the low interest rate era. See the Euro Stoxx bank index in particular, they haven't even returned to half of 2008 levels.

>> No.21443205

I've agreed to fuck this girl no condom, and bust a nut in her on monday. Is 3 days and 16 hours of nofap enough to build a big load?

>> No.21443224
File: 3 KB, 125x125, coffee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i literally informed /smg/ it was going live on friday, another anon on the day of the IPO explained why it was a good investment, you just didn't pay attention

>> No.21443295

It's a very simple concept so a youtube search should be fine
The main advantage in selling options is that YOU control the casino. There's an endless supply of retards praying for moonshots glad to buy your calls and puts that have a 99% chance of expiring worthless. You're fighting retards instead of banks. It's a much easier fight to win.

>> No.21443391

>wears a mask while trading
kek these are parodies of people

>> No.21443395

I was a bit worried about that as well. But it does give a 3.5ish% dividend and has a historic yearly growth of 5-6 percent.

When you include the dividend into the yearly growth that's almost 10 percent year after year since its inception.

Isn't that decent?

>> No.21443409

Do any of you all worry about your friends and family not investing their money? So many people I care about aren't investing their meager savings and just put 2-5% of their pay into retirement. "BUT I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ALL OF MY MONEY, THERE'S PROBABLY A CRASH SOON LOL IDK"

I try to convince them they need X amount of money by the time they retire and they just hand wave it. I tell them if they have a 401K they are already invested. I tell them they are constantly losing money to inflation. I tell them pensions/social security will mean shit when you're older and my entire generation is just renting houses and not even saving towards their own house, and they have no idea what they'll do when they are too old to keep working and paying rent until they die.

>> No.21443440

theres always guys who come into /smg/ touting covered calls then after 6ish months they lose all they money

its happened like 10 times, the last one was trip fag

dont lose all money

>> No.21443463
File: 209 KB, 638x716, 1579359371481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.21443575

Yes, I worry. They make no effort. I think they expect I'll pay for them.

I haven't spent my life making all the sacrifices I have though... just to hand everything over to others in the end...

>> No.21443611

Who bought SHLL before it mooned

>> No.21443662

thats what autistic perverts do

>> No.21443685


I'm okay with slow and steady. I like dividends. But some people were touting covered calls as perfectly safe "if you do it correctly, it's basically impossible to lose money"

I'm not smart or ballsy enough to take risks, so is it worth it for me to look into covered calls?

>> No.21443733

have you seen real humans and their habits?

>> No.21443754

Sounds legit lemme bump up my margin.

>> No.21443759

If anyone says something is “impossible to lose money” they are absolutely full of shit. Covered calls are relatively safe if you do them right but the safer you play them the more you’re lowering your upside. At that point it’s barely worth it.

>> No.21443760

To be fair its only been because of Bernanke money printing that the average person literally gets left behind not throwing their cash into speculative investments.

>> No.21443794
File: 194 KB, 462x582, 1597344206661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]






omfg NEWWW


>> No.21443877

>fighting retards instead of banks

What if you are also retarded?

>> No.21444443

literally kill yourself

>> No.21444495

holy shit off by one wtf lol >>>21444444

>> No.21444582
File: 280 KB, 1275x717, cover14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21444756


You're probably priced out of Link at this point.

Orchid, Algorand (gonna drop a bit early next month), maybe stick $50 in XRP in case they moon unexpectedly.

Sign up for the "free crypto" courses.

>> No.21444772

>$2000 investment gets you 1 free ice cream cone each week for the rest of your life
Not sure I'm going to make it.

>> No.21444800
File: 239 KB, 412x911, 1597323463284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Take lecithin and pygeum. Also, eat some celery.

>> No.21444818
File: 60 KB, 772x512, 7C432252-74E0-4698-882A-D2AE34F473CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>”nobody shilled it!”
>well actually someone shilled it for two straight says every thread along with other IPOs and various people discussed it leading up to listing
>”i didnt notice it”
>”and anyways i bet it was retarded shilling and its not my fault i didnt take it seriously and didnt do my own research”
jesus christ dude, i missed it too but im not this butthurt. you are such a fucking faggot. get out of this general

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