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any pnkers?

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Take two seconds to look at the board and archive. Wtf do you think? Of course there is its the shitcoin of the month again.

t. top 200 holder

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I want to so bad but Coinbase is holding my ETH hostage. I have a bunch of ALGO in a wallet but I can’t figure out how to use that in uniswap because I’m retarded:(

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u jus need a lil ETH for gas, then ur good

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I’m gonna miss the boat on this one too, fuck. Goybase is holding for 5 more days

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Just taking a quick break to shill some AKRO and TRB
I'm back to the PNK squad now though

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400k is more than enough to make it, bought in during during the second sale. I won't be selling anytime soon.
Prove that it isn't, all crypto is until we see major adoption.

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when will it get to comfy Coinbase?

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Are there rumors that it's going to coinbase? That would be nice

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Yeah, still building my suicide stack. At these prices it will actually be possible for poorfag like me.

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>5 days
Things have much more room than that to grow fren

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you'll be fine fren, we're still very early

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well LINK did and it's garbageware so anything could

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yeah, they sent out an email about arbitration focused projects

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There are rumours but are probably made it. It will definitely be on coinbase within the next few months though. Read this and tell me PNK doesn't go way above and beyond all the other shitcoins listed on coinbase.

>major adoption
By the time you see major adoption kleros will be $3-4 and you will be priced out of a real stack. Kleros is currenlty the only way to get data on-chain without an oracle network being set up in advance. It is decentralised, extremely cheap, and can fulfill every function chainlink can without requiring an oracle network. LINK is the bread and butter for things like exchange rates but for things more complicated than numbers, PNK will be the go-to. There's a reason Vitalik is so excited about it.

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>There's a reason Vitalik is so excited about it.
it's funny how vitalik loves kleros but doesn't give a shit about chainlink

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>was just in a call w/ sergey

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LINK is also incredible, but doesn't have as many applications as Kleros, as it can only focus on things for which there is sufficient demand to invest in creating an oracle network. Vitalik is also quite interested in Idena-style tech, as he believes human input to the blockchain is necessary and a good thing, which Sergey is trying to avoid.
Plus it's obvious Vitalik just doesn't like Sergey. So when an oracle solution comes along which could potentially upstage link, of course he's going to shill it.

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>a call where sergey was asked to explain his tokenomics and vitalik literally laughed in his face when money belly quickly changed the subject

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Kleros has zero applications stfu with your pajeet scam already and gtfo /biz/

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Yup, the pajeet scam run by Europeans

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Wow this email and the above from
The website match almost entirely

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Kleros is THE oracle. The idea of decentralised arbitration is genius and anyone limiting that application to merely 'judge judy on the blackchain' doesn't realise what kleros can do.

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Where do I buy this shit? Got $5k to plop down.

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Yep. 0 applications. You’re 100% right anon how did you get this smart?

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Unfortunately not, i'd rather remain a poorfag then pay these asinine gas prices.

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uniswap. You might want to wait for ETH to finish pumping before you do though, that way you'll get a few hundred more PNK.

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Also this. Sub80’s think it’s for courts of law kek

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ZOOM OUT. Only dumbfucks are worried about the day to day price of pnk. Hold past 2022 or neck because you sold too early. Entirely up to you.

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This. They’ve already brought $1M of revenue to the platform. Kleroscan.com
Yet biz still doesn’t buy kek. See you past $4.

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the shills are choking

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Well at least you tried

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sirs price is sinking...,,,,,
how can I buy food for village????

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