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Non determinist contracts will not be using smartcontracts, get this through your thick skull
the entire point with link, is that the oracles will only feed the data to the contacts, nothing will be subjective to interpretation, which is a centralized point of failure, because it relies on thrust

this will not replace the traditional judicial system, no one will lock funds in a contract for small payments, and big players will never put themselves in the line to use this

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Are you seriously trying to fud PNK at this point? Is it not enough to have a working product and government backing?

What do you need, and more importantly what shitcoins are you invested in?

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At this point, FUDery about a coin makes that coin go up.

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It's not worth it fellow PNKchad. People like this are newbie players in crypto. They don't have the context yet. They will see the light and they will make gains from PNK after buying in at a dollar. Next time something this good comes around they will have learned their lesson.

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>Non determinist contracts will not be using smartcontracts
they already do

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>Oi mate, paint my wall blue and i'll pay ya 50 bucks
>Alrigth' lets make a smartcontract vey
> 2 days later
>Theres ya blue wall mate
>That aint blue ya cunt, thats colbat
>Ey kleros, how we going eith this
>Kleros: thats blue ya fuck, pay the nigger

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any arguments or just "MUH FUD"

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Depend on how subjective, some subjective notions are still grounded enough in common sense for kleros to be useful.
Don't forget that this kind of arbitration is very, very cheap, so companies and individuals might still want to plan their use in a contract in case of future conflict, if only to save the money and time required to go through the legal process.

Imagine eliminating the risk of having to go through trials a very years, that's worth a lot of money. And kleros only have to show that it's able to make decisions about as predictable and reasonable than your average state mandated juge or arbiter, which isn't necessarily very hard.

Kleros is still a work in progress and it might end up not being useful, but you'd be wrong to dismiss it right now

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based pnk

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Arguments against what? Read one of the handful of daily threads full of great memes and discussion. You'll throw money at shitcoins without a working platform but FUD the one that has a working platform and has already paid out over a mil to jurors despite being completely unknown outside of a Singaporean headlight manufacturing forum? Get off the board newfriend.

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i see very few uses where someone will lock their funds for x amount of time in a contract, and maybe they will only do in cases that like you mention, are not subjective

but what are the cases that are non deterministic and not subjective?

i'm not dismissing, i'm just provoking to see the good arguments

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there is maybe a few use cases, but you are better off buying link, much bigger market

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A big point of your argument seems to be that this will be a final form of the "subjective oracle" solution and making any profit relies on chainlink level adoption. If you break away from that tunnel vision, you'll see a shitcoin blazing toward the top 100 with a working platform and no 2017/2018 bagholders waiting to break even and sell. Look at the chart for price and volume. There is a lot of money to be made in the next 1-2 years no matter what the final state of the project is. The platform works now, the coin is super cheap, and interest is only growing.

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The legit FUD on PNK is that the current dispute resolution mechanisms in place are written into law and protected by powerful interests

> but muh arbitration clause

arb clauses are written by powerful corporations to take away your right to a jury

PNK is a jury of sorts; corps are going away from this.

So the question to ask is "who will use this" or "who will be displaced by this"?

FYI I own 0 PNK. I'm all in on another coin, not gonna shill it here but it's a good coin, on Cuckbase.

But that's the hurdle.

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That’s exactly my thoughts. And also the fact there’s no team on the website. So I never got in.

I don’t even feel bad for missing something since I’ve put my money in Swip sxp and I get the same results as of now.

While Swipe being more of a comfy long term

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Powerful fud

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“Governement backing”... He said it...

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sir all of this talk about ORACLE
cant i just use TOAD or sql developer to laod data why i need smart contract

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I don't see kleros being as potentially game changing as link, but I do think it's a solid product in a novel niche that has a lot of potential. This could easily be used by companies like amazon and ebay to handle conflict resolution between buyers/sellers, which is currently a complete shitshow. And that's just type of example.

The way I see it, for potential up-and-coming coins you can either pick between a billion defi shitcoins, memecoins like doge or tend that are trying to get by purely based on memes, or kleros.

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well you counter argument seems to be that you can make money on the hype, i never denied that, plenty of shitcoins that are even more dumb go up a lot, but thats no my point


i think there are too many moving parts, and thrust is a big part of the equation

personally i dont see a case where i would use something like this over my local jury, and in the cases that i would use, the counter part would probably not want to use

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Go look at any real world contract you've ever signed. If you haven't signed one, look at your Terms of Service agreements on pretty much anything. Search for the term "arbitration" and you'll find something called an Arbitration Clause. These are included in every contract in the real world because of how inefficient and expensive real court is.

Kleros will not replace "real courts." That is not what it is trying to replace. That's why I honestly think it's misleading calling it a "court," but maybe only to laypeople who don't understand what arbitration is.

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>but muh arbitration clause
>arb clauses are written by powerful corporations to take away your right to a jury
You're either trolling or misinformed. Most contract disputes wouldn't even go before a jury.

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Thanks just sold all my pnk for xrp

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ok, lets use a gym membership as a example

how can any decision made by kleros be enforced in a dispute between me and the gym? there are no funds locked in a smartcontract

so we can agree that kleros only works where there is a smartcontracts locking funds of someone

lets use amazon example, say i buy something, and the seller sends me the wrong product, the way it works today is that i just upload pictures to amazon and they will decide, what is the advantage of kleros here?

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Wow, this is quite shocking. The revelation that Kleros will not replace the traditional judicial system is highly concerning, implying that Kleros itself may potentially be an illegal scam.
This news has generated fear, uncertainty and doubt in my Kleros (ticker: PNK) investment.
Therefore I will now sell all my PNK tokens at the market price. Thank you again for looking out for us.

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your comment just confirms that most people buying these stuff are just buying anything that looks remotely shine and revolutionary, but cant actually defend their vision

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LOOOOOOOOOL. It is pretty obvious that this message is a trap to lure you guys into selling your PNK. A clumsy attempt to dump the price. Better luck next time. My x20 investment salute you.

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>so we can agree that kleros only works where there is a smartcontracts locking funds of someone
I thought that was implied. No, you can't just take your gym leader to Kleros Court. It only applies to the smart contracts. This is just a way in which Kleros smart contracts are advantageous compared to real-world contracts. I was only using real world contracts as an example to illustrate what an arbitration clause is.

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I don’t know about you all... but because of Corona this is the first time since college that I’ve felt alive. I have lots of silver and been waiting for something like this to happen for 5 years. The point where things get so bad that 1 silver merc dime will buy me a blowjob from a formerly well to do housewife and her 18 year old daughter at the same time. I’ve been waiting in the shadows laughing at these cuck husbands who buy their wives range rovers instead of buying silver bullion... knowing that I’ll be face fucking their wives mouths for the 1.30$ it cost me to buy that silver dime.

Just yesterday at Whole Foods I seamlessly entered into conversation about Corona with a roastie milf that had a ring on her finger in the water aisle... and I said this is all a cover for trump to bring us back on a gold standard. She started looking at me in amazement like she wanted me to paint her lips in cum. At the end of the conversation I’m like take my number l have plenty of protection and freeze dried food if you ever need it and she took it from me.

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Unironically this.

I learned the hard way with link.

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thank you very much sir.

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in fairness I think a lot of people on /biz/ don't even take the time to learn basic concepts like oracles or inputs or smart contracts, and just think all these DeFi projects are just variations on BTC.

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>Singaporean headlight manufacturing forum


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give one use case of a contract non determinist, non subjetive, and where a smartcontract can be applied

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Except it would be more like
> that guy once said nigger
> not only do you not have to pay him but we are taking his entire wallet.
Read the fucking documentations fags, why do you think such faggy places like euros are funding this?

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Wtf is a non deterministic contract you fucking cheese brain? Do you mean subjective instead of objective ? Are you retarded?

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Uh it’s my life buy whatever the bags I want?

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who is this guy? I wanna pay him to make me a fiver video for my next Kleros case

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not an argument apes

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Nonbelievers shall face the Kleros court to be liquidated before being sentenced to death

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>i believe

imagine making investments based on feelings

this is way you are poor

i can refute any argument against chainlink, can you do the same for this?

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>this is way you are poor
Project more faggot. Dilate. Most of my net worth is already in BTC/ETH/LINK/PNK - as well as physical Gold & Silver. I have about a quarter mil sitting in dead money (cash) for security. I have no debts.
Keep projecting - time to dilate!

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doesn't matter how havy your bags are niggers

that is not an argument nigger

i knew biz was low iq, but this is like talking to women

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in a 10k portfolio, how much should be allocated to pnk? Currently 50% link, 30% pnk, 10% xsn, and 10% split among alts

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>heavy bags
>it's at ATH
here's how i know you're just a retarded meme FUDer

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Time to go back. Reddit-spacing, cocksucking, soi-boi faggot. You can still blow whatever’s left of your soft-serve brains right-the-fuck out. A route for you which may be best, because I know that this decade will not be kind to you.

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Lmao someone hasn't researched how kleros prevents this exact scenario.

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The escrow app is extremely useful. If you buy a physical product online, the tracking data might say it arrived but what if they sent you the wrong item or its a knockoff. Its the only way to do decentralized ecommerce without making it all scammers. Thats just one application..

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same response i got on telegram, just to confirm none of the niggers know how what they bought works

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At this point, I don’t even give a fuck. You’re too stupid to get it. I filled a bag with a million PNK in January for just 10kUSD. It’s now worth 170k+USD
Not selling before a Coinbase listing. Invest in some high-quality, Made in America kneepads. You’ll need ‘em. Goodbye, faggot.

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Can't refute this

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yup just ignore. Bait responding to bait ...

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>which is a centralized point of failure, because it relies on thrust
tfw your coin reliers on thrust

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> decentralized ecommerce

yeah sure, that its a use case i can see working, if the prior where to work too

what are you going to buy? weed? used shoes?


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>weed, used shoes
lmao retard you probably thought amazon would only be a book store

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>everything decentralized
>blockchain everything

fucking dumbass, you are boomer tier of retardation

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