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Load your fucking bags boys were going to the fucking moon.

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Why is there a bearded guy sweeping in the pic anon? Is he gonna pull the rug?

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Well yeah, if you did like 10 minutes of research you could find this out. I wonder if people can even remotely understand why it hasn't dumped yet. Oh, maybe because this has all the makings to be something amazing in the DAO and DeFi space. I'd rather you didn't post these though, I'd really like to accumulate under $10.

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Stay poor

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delete this

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Don't worry, the moment this gets listed on Uniswap people are going to cash out so hard (because of the insane gains) it will go down to 50 cents.

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It's already on uniswap, what the fuck are you talking about?

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bree isn't showing up on coingecko. i want to fill my bags please sir!

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if its confirmed to be maker related

what would that do to the price

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Have you guys even looked at the code with your own eyes?

It’s magnificent

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Prolly a 10x

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There's a reason the biggest wallets aren't selling. There's at least 5 catalysts for explosive growth left here. Audit report, team partnering with a well known oracle like LINK, mainframe release later this month, team revealing info about themselves while still maintaining anoniminity, any popular crypto personality talking about it. This is still ground level for a lot of reasons. MKR is using this to subvert regulations imposed upon them and its giving them the creative freedom needed to make an innovative project.

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Durr. Du. Durr. Durr.

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is the all time ROI still negative or is coingecko missing data?

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Coingecko is just missing data, it was initially a public sale listed on Bamboo Relay and started at around $0.90, it hit uniswap at $1.20ish, then the growth for it was pretty organic after that. People started making the connections and bought in. I saw the first shill thread for it around 5 days ago, hit twitter, then read their medium posts, then went to the telegram group, then read about the devs, found the MKR connections, and threw 10k at it. No joke.

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I have 300, enough to make it?

I got $60k in STA, buidl, and BZRX. Afraid I'll miss a moon if I sell them.

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Don't sell any of those, especially BZRX. 300 is fine, I'd try and hit 500 if it dips because that's the minimum staking amount.

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So it already did a 10x?

Yeah hard pass, as soon as there is enough liquidity someone will dump this

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500 requirement is ridiculous, top 20% of wallets has people who don't even have 500.

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There's $400k locked liquidity. Please try and do at least a bit of research, price has stabilized at around $13-16 for the last 3 days. If it was going to dump it would have already. There will be another rally soon, but I respect your decision.

Its a DAO, significant share holders should be the only ones that get a say in the voting and staking process. It's the entire point of it.

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ngl, this project actually looks good for a dao project

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Everyone can vote.
Only top 10% of wallets have 500. That only affects staking.

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will i make it with 25 bree

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Think about this for a second. DMM paid DXDAO 4.5mil to test their DAO. DXDAO wasn't even made to test other DAO projects. CBDAO's entire point is to create a sandbox environment for other DAO's to test their governance and staking schemes. When other projects use it for testing, all CBDAO share holders will profit from this.

Right. My bad. There's already talk of making the requirement lower in the future if need be. Also a couple people are already going to vote on a pleb-staking pool that significant share holders can initiate and pay a fee to run them.

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Realistically $100 EOM is completely possible. I'm a bit more reserved and think it will be more like $60-80, but once everything is actually implemented this will be a 500mcap project mid year next year.

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The failed vote to lower requirements a few days ago was not a good thing. It would not be that bad if they had pooling, but officially I haven't heard anything about that.

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It was proposed the same day the vote for lowering the requirement failed and seemed to have a lot of support, so that's what I'm thinking is going to happen.

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Find the trai to who are the actual liquidity providers on Uniswap for this scam and you’ll save yourself from another rug pull.
Dextools pool explorer should help, not gonna spoon feed you fags anymore info because if you invested into this shit you deserve to lose money.

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How have I never heard of this

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Cool, I hope it happens. What it feels like is a trajectory for whales to take complete control.

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Liqudity is locked, seriously what the fuck are you on about?

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Almost at 500, please guys keep it between 10-20$

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You had 4 days

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You're a retard bro. Do some fucking research and have some balls.

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what a retards..some one named david and that name matches in some other project and buy bree...

what a bullshit. stfo from here. biz is for clean projects not for bree kind scam projects

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No you pathetic little pajeet scum. It's the DAO of DAO's you dimwitted fuck. You probably don't even understand english let alone what a DAO is.

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>It's the DAO of DAO's you dimwitted fuck. Y
what the fuck is DAO...? but i can sense what is good project and what is bad....just for fun i am fudding this...kek

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Where does this fud even come from, its literally pajeets and chinks lmfao.

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Not bad.

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this is my latest bree ..increased my stack.

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I did something very similar the other day, well done. Are you swinging it or snagging the dips? I bought after the Thomas fud and added 600 to my stack lol.

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adding dips , started adding from 2, then 4, then 6. and last 500 added around 12. targeting for 2k if i able to scoop around 12 or below 12.

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I hope a whale dumps to sub $10 cuz I will throw down another 10k, BREE will make us rich.

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sub 10 tough unless btc makes big moves. i. think it settles above 12 before next pump

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