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Sirs I do very much love the kleros, but I fear it will correct soon. What is the needful here?

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Buy more on the dip.

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Dump this tranny coin

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If you want a dip, pajeet memes. If you want a boom, Greek memes.

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Sir, no dump only green line go up. Moon festival coming soon. Needful is buy more kleros bc village hungry.

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I thank you sirs for your replies. I pray to Vinshnu to bring your villages many toilets. But I still do not understand... do I sell now? 20 cents? A dump must be right around the corner.

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sir it’s very simple sir, if price goes up village very happy if price goes down big opportunity sir buy more pnk

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Sirs, I just checked corner. No dumb visible. Only Ranjesh and Sanjay standing in line for ahitting street. No need tonworries, fine sir!

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u must buy sir. sell last cow if needful. vishnu say sir

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This, it just sounds gay

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Do the needful and don't sell sirs

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village like this soon for u sir

but only if u have the pnk to buy it

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Weak handed faggots step aside
I’ll happily buy your bags.
You don’t deserve to step to the stairs leading to Mt Olympus
But hold strong, and I will meet you there, we shall drive lambos in the sky together as we smoke Sean John and drink Dom Perignon

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sir, lambo?

just a humble tuk tuk for me.

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Sergey Namorov from TG here. I freaking lost my whole stackerooni by swinging it into USD. Not only am I missing the Kleros moon, I'm missing ethereum gains too. I want to kms.

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I hope u get scammed by a pajeet and become bankrupt and make ends meet by selling ur blood plasma schlomo

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The progression.

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