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I see everyone talking about LINK and it’s more than likely going to keep going up so a lot of us have missed the boat. What’s the next best thing that will moon yo $100+ in the future? PNK and STA look promising but not sure if those are long term HODL

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Just hold pnk for a few months and see magic unfold

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You said yourself. PNK


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RSR. Backed by Paypal founder Peter Thiel and soon to be listed on Coinbase.

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Name dropping doesn't mean shit, BAT was made by the litteraly JAVA creator yet it's a 0.25$ stablecoin

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I bought PNK and XSN. I expect both to reach $1 fairly soon.

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STA was literally designed to be a long-term hold you ding-dong

read whitepaper

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>PNK and STA look promising but not sure if those are long term HODL

Anon I can tell you those are both long term HODL, I'm doing the same

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OBVIOUSLY dfohub $BUIDL desu. What's wrong with you.

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Can CONFIRM as well

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PNK fren

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I have a good feeling about dfohub too. Invest in autism

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So is the erc token worthless or what?

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NEO GAS Previously had a high of $86 its now at 1.85.

Its based in China and the state is using NEO for their Blockchain Services Network.

>The China Standards 2035 plan will lay out a blueprint for China’s government and leading technology companies to set global standards for emerging technologies like 5G internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, among other areas. It will work in concert with China’s other industrial policies – namely the controversial Made in China 2025 policy – as the country’s leaders seek to become global leaders in high-tech innovation.

You can hold NEO or GAS until 2035 and be sure to have large profits.

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Java is the most pajeet language there is and it's also just a shit language in general, fuck java

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JavaScript is not JAVA

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>XRT (Robonomics)

>$4mil marketcap
>lowest Polkadot project
>will be the first parachain
>Gavin Woods, founder of Polkadot, and co-creator of Ethereum is the highest contributor
>bullish pennant formed, about to breakout

don't say I didn't tell you biz

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Nice comparison ranjay

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its RSR dyor or stay poor

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I'm hodling PNK and STA, STA is designed for a long term win.

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SHIP obviously. Get in before the anchors are cast off.

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BZRX seems like it could become big if they can get a successful launch and get the volume going with liquidity mining. By big I mean like $1b marketcap so about 20x from now. Another very "promising" low cap is CAP(cap.finance). I got small bags of both of these while my main hold remains stinky.

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Which exchanges can you buy PNK and XRT on?

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Uniswap is your best option

You can also use bitfinix if you want to, but it has lower volume so if you're buying a lot you might benefit from uniswap price-wise

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Thanks bro, I hadn't heard of uniswap before.

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Statera. It will be huge and is already an success.
In simple terms the Burn function of STA combined with a balancer, is designed to create volume. In a way Statera discovered "Volume farming".

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Unironically the honourable samuraicoin Suterusu and gamercoin Veracity.

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XRT is on uniswap too, a few other exchanges too. Check coingecko or coinmarketcap for the full list

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$SCHA SChain Wallet goodluck on moon

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fuck PNK I just sold all mine. Bunch of faggots with cringe memes writing gay ass bubble gum rap songs dressing up like Takashi. It's an absolute nigger coin.

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statera is a chico crypto PND scam. How do you faggots keep getting this REKT?
>ty chico your little dick feels so good in my ass

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XRP no joke

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fuck, I missed the train on pnk but I'll keep the thanos coin until it snaps even harder.

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PNK just started, that shit is barely at 1% of its full potential

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HOT - holochain

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XRT for a legit gem, PNK for the memes and STA for something in between

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STA, and yes HODL it.

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