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Someone make the case for this.

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Make it yourself on Kleros court ;)

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Get in
Get out
Hold risk free return until $10 each

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get bent dork theres a million threads in the archives

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Plz :(

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Link its actually the matrix prison for linklets, made by link jeWhales

Read the following and take the pnk pill
Weekly gains% pnk vs link 1-0
Monthly gains% pnk vs link 1-0

Have you started seeing the pattern you braindead incels? Im telling you for days now.

Perhaps you skipped math class at school.

Let me make it easier for you:

A large marketcap is more difficult to % increase than a small cap.

55m invested in link will raise the price 1%

55m invested in pnk will raise the price ~70%

Lets not forget the fact that link reached the top of its parabolic run and its correcting downwards.

Linktards with less than 50k will NEVER make it.

You need small caps in the next to year to boost you to financial independence.

Thats a FACT and backed up by math

By holding link you are only helping 100k link+ whales and jews become the 1% and never having to work again.

And we all now only 5% of this board has stacks like this.

Transmute link to pnk. When you have the equivalent of 50k link, Buy back if you d like."

>inb4 dr;ns posts by terrified link jewhales

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That’s too much text for me to read all I need to know is that a bag of these means I can play judge Judy on the internet while I help ranjeet make some money so I can feel good about myself in two different ways

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Tl;dr Pnk will outperform link in gains%in 2020

Yes. it is the best investement 4chan has currently on radar.

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Okay kleros court, I need you to find out what accounts for as little as 13% but also as much as 50%...

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Kleros has determined the final balance for reparations

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THIS. fucking lazy pajeets

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I dont know what the fuck to believe anymore, am I getting pajeeted for buying this, am I really early and is it gonna chainlink, is it some faggot mnd scam ? I really dont know anymore fuck you 4chan you made me paranoid schizo

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Just a reminder for potential investors: Kleros Devs are huge SJW types who have let their subjective political and moral agenda influence the protocol
It was a good idea, and I don't fault you for falling for it. But the Kleros implementation is unironically evil.
Take a look at the guidelines for their court.
Notice that it does not specify where or when these immoral (as decided by the SJW devs who believe they are the supreme arbiters of objective truth) activities had to have taken place?
I wonder if there are people around who will view posting on 4chan as immoral, or having committed the 'sin' of being a man, heterosexual and/or White.
They can and will use this to selectively, punish White claimants and enrich PoC and Jews.
I will now address some of the common shilling that is posted in response to it.
>th-they meant illegal not immoral
If they meant illegal they would have said illegal. They did not. They said immoral because they meant immoral.
>b-but it's j-just vaguely written
Okay, lets ignore all the evidence to the contrary and assume you're correct and this won't be used as yet another weapon against Humanity. Do you really want to invest in a 'court' (for that is what they call themselves) who cannot even craft clear guidelines that are made to be abused?
If that's the best case scenario then you need to reconsider your 'investment'.

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Only you can decide for yourself, anon. But maybe Kek’s blessing might persuade you.

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You bring up good points. Still never selling.

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How much confidence does this inspire in you? Listen to your heart anon and let Ganesh show you the path.

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I like the fud. Its something rather new and not used up as the other fud. I give it 8/10 for your creative appraoch mostly. I fear however that this wont surpress the price.

>It makes me even more bullish andnI hope that some retards will drop their bags so I can pick'em up.

>Fuck jannies

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>Kleros Devs are huge SJW types who have let their subjective political and moral agenda influence the protocol

listen anon, this is very bad for our community, but very good for my wallet.
SJW has been doing this for ages, completely ruining shit for others, BUT it always fills peoples pockets, this makes me bullish. Shit will bullrun easy .

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it's big in India fren

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Money go up

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Don't worry we'll just use all our gains to buy full diamond to send these fuckers to the nether.... in Minecraft.

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