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>Discord: https://discord.gg/zBzdSMk

Buy now before the $1-$10 mark. You heard it here. You have no reason to be poor.


DGB Twitter


What is DGB? How can I learn more?


How to Buy DGB Coin

>Sign up on Coinbase, Bittrex (recommended option) or Poloniex and VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNTS FULLY BEFORE ANYTHING
>Buy BTC. You can do this anywhere, but my recommendation is through Coinbase credit card. If coinbase gives you trouble, then I recommend buy.bitcoin.com if you want it as quickly as possible and you're new. They charge a high fee, but will give you your bitcoin in around 9 hours (guaranteed less than 24 hours).
>Send the BTC to your Bittrex or Poloniex account
>Buy (and hold) DGB with BTC

Shilling DGB to popular streamers and youtubers
>inb4 DGB doesn't need shilled!
This is different than pump and dumps. DGB is obviously only going to continue rising, but if we get notoriety from a famous streamer or youtuber, it's lambos for everyone.

Twitter Shilling
>Make a twitter account
>Make tweets about DGB or cryptocurrency in general
>Make tweets about why DGB is better than BTC
>Make tweets about DGB and its potential in the video game world
>Retweet DGB related material
>Tweet @ famous Minecraft or LoL streamers
>Hashtags: #dgb #dgbcoin #digibyte #digibytecoin

List of Streamer Twitters

If you know of other ways to get in contact with popular people, do so with the previously described methods. Once we get one big person on board, it'll start a chain reaction.

And remember, ignore the FUDs, buy the dips and hold. See you all in lambo land.

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psa: whales about to dump this coin

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What happens then?

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what do you even gain with your fucking fearmongering fuck off

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Selling my PIVX STRAT at losses to buy more DBG.

Also putting 1 full BTC. I want to be a millionaire. Kek help us

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> tfw about to buy everything you dump

top shrek

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Literally nothing because they're just gonna buy back in immediately after a couple of people who bought in late panic sell

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I have my hands on DGB chan now, she'll make me super rich and I'll dump her before she becomes unpopular!!!!!!

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You're powerless here.

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somebody draw a DGB chan macro

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100k @ 140
48k @ 409

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This, get the fuck out before you all lose your earnings.

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Does this pattern look familiar guys, it's about to rocket. People don't know what they're talking about here and giving loose advice base on zero substance.

This coin is majorly undervalued, it is not a shitcoin and will continue to increase in value.

It's consolidated now and is about to have another 'pump' before dipping 10% and consolidating.

Get in now.

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Ah yes, surely you just have anons best interest at heart and aren't trying to create an opportunity to buy in lower! Keep going, we're all falling for it any minute now.

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wtf is happening
how does it go up and down so fast?

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Chinese are trying to manipulate the price

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We have seen the future. DGB runs within us.

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Will sloppily play banjo for btc or dgb

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The big boys are here.

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i'm about to cash out 2 million dgb. thanks guys you made me rich.

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volume alone proves its not a shitcoin... sort of.

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Np. but before you cash out, you should HODL. This coin will go to insane heights next month.

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i own 1mil dgb

my life was so shit only a month ago and then i into'd crypto

what went so right?

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i'm getting '' Error: Card verification failed - CVN'' when trying to register on coinbase. Could anyone spoonfeed me here? I got a Visa.

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You invested in DGB, you deserve it brother.

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I bought in at 908 sats
Will I get my money back or should I take the losses and quit now?

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its only 2 cents, by the end of july that spike will look tiny (like ur nocoiner wallet)

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yes, you will get your money back if you aren't weak minded, stop staring at the charts, and hold.

it's up to you though

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youll be fine

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Did that roadmap ever come out... Getting a bit worried this is a scam cause Jared wants out after all this time getting 0 recognition.

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It's worrisome. It's spiked to around low 900s three (almost 4) times and the spike seems to get lower each time. Not a good sign.

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idiots been calling this shit will dump since 200 says kek wrong every fucking time mad nocoiners

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somethings gotta give

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>1mil dgb

How much is that in USD?

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I hope it dips I'm trying to get in

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wanna know how Jews became wealthy?
They held as much shit as possible in their noses. If you want to be weakhands and poor for the rest of your life it's up to you. I've been holding since 200 sat and still won't give in as it's potential in the future

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8.5 BTC

>> No.2138499

17,000 USD give or take

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Same exact thing was happening when it would spike around 600 sats and back down.
You people are either weak hands or newfags. Or both.

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Do you still have something on BTC or did you go all in on DGB?

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> tfw there are actual big ballers on /biz/

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>wanna know how Jews became wealthy?
read the waterloo legend

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>he thinks 17k is big baller.

yeah, that's chump change m8

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>big baller

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Not everyone here is upper middle class you know

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>spikes get lower each time
>not a good sign
It's literally pennant right now.
I'm a NEET from a working class background with no education and I made $3000 this weekend alone. If that's what I'm doing you can be damn sure $17000 isn't 'big baller'. DGB alone has seen over $100,000,000 new fiat investment in the last 7days.

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Lol just because you're poor doesn't excuse you not realizing you're poor.

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I just got 3k DGB, should i invest more or diversify into Ripple with $100 USD

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So when are we going up?

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>i just put $1k into DGB on the advice of the wizards at /biz/
>RDD is destroying the gains while DGB drops

WTF did you guys do?? why did you give me shitty advice

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don't be a weak-handed lil bitch now

good things will come, kek wills that

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Trade at your own risk and don't jump into a coin /biz/ shills for long term at an ATH?

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People are panic selling DGB and hoping they can make some quick money from RDD.

820 sats is an amazing dip to buy in at. 1k is very close, after RDD gets dumped expect DGB to go up quickly.

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DUDE this is something u should be sitting on for like a year...

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This P&D is absolutely astounding. Good call from anyone who got into it from /biz/ though!

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>DOGE is now number 2 on the volume list and up 100%
>bunch of shitcoins rocketing at the same time with near identical graphs for the last 2 weeks


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can't buy because God has decided I am not worth of buying fucking bitcoins, none of these services will validate me to purchase any...

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Diversify with Ripple before tomorrow. I think dgb will go to Saturn in a matter of days or weeks but ripple is guaranteed. You'll want to get some before tmo morning.

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Where are you from and what is your ethnicity?

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wot did u guys do

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>Try Coinbase and Kraken
>Both reject my card even though I used it today

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Texas US, about as white as white gets.

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Signed up Kraken (verifying for 2 days), Gemini (verifying for 2 fucking days), Coinbase (won't take my card).

>> No.2139197

I thought we were going to 1000 tonight. This is very sad.

>> No.2139209

Patience. Gemini took 5 days to verify me.

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Yeah. It's just frustrating because I have some spare cash to play with and I want to join in on this shit so baadddd :D

>> No.2139233


I'm in Ireland. Signed up with Coinbase using the passport method to verify myself (went through instantly) and then added Bitcoin by VISA debit card.

Then I moved the BTC to Poloniex where I also had no difficulties signing up.

Maybe try using a different validation method??

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So correct me if I'm wrong, but if someone had bought $1000 at 20 sats, would their DGB be worth $40k now? Isn't that growth kind of insane? I feel like killing myself every day for letting my family talk me out of putting my cash into this coin when I had such high hopes for it two months ago.

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Oh and she's tanking.

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My coinbase account is verified, fuckers just don't like my bank of america visa debit card for some reason.

I have a Poloniex account setup as well and it's ready to go.

Literally have everything setup from studying these threads and figuring out what I need, now I just need to be able to put money in and I can't. Damn it.

>> No.2139299

I still need a reliable ripple wallet, what can you suggest anon

>> No.2139314


My card didn't work the first time either. You need to give it maybe 30 minutes after you sign up.

>> No.2139321

>go to bestbuy
>buy prepaid visa card

>> No.2139366


My coinbase account is fucking 2 years old. I created it to buy some bitcoin to use on... questionable sites... but chickened out before i bought the coin back then.

>> No.2139383

I wish I couldve bought this dip FUCK. It's gonna MOON in about an hour.

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I've been trying and re-trying for 2 or 3 days now and it still won't accept either my credit or debit card (both of which are VISA).

My only option is to have them send me some transactions to a bank account so I can verify it and purchase coins that way. By the time I have some BTC it will probably be next Sunday or Monday.

>> No.2139424

>You've exceeded the maximum number of attempts for today. Please wait 24 hours before adding a new card.

Thanks coinbase. Making me miss the moon mission. Is it just me or is 24 hours for one card attempt a little much?

>> No.2139443


Call your bank and make sure they're not automatically blocking the transactions as suspected fraud.

>> No.2139480

I doubt they would considering they send basically two <$1credit transactions for verification purposes. How long does it usually take others to receive the verification transactions? I submitted the request Friday evening.

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>> No.2139525

use your brain.

>> No.2139636

I don't want to confirm it to myself, I'd probably immediately hang myself

>> No.2139647

Yes, that's essentially correct. But instead of wishing you had done things differently, learn from your mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20 ya dumbo.

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Don't feel too bad, anon. Every time I think back to when I should have invested, it's like a stab in the heart.

Also, never EVER listen to your family or friends. Trust yourself.

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Get out while you still can !!!!

>> No.2139708

First coin of my entire life where dips actually make me happy as fuck rather than worried.

Buying this up so fucking hard right now. Get in here - this is the fucking VIDYA coin. This will introduce your goddamn kids to crypto.

>> No.2139724

nice try

>> No.2139735

Looks like this is gonna be going on for a while.

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Also have the pic that I forgot to post with that.

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What are the chances of DGB ever hitting $1?
Goddamn I wish I had more money to invest in it right now.

>> No.2139780

Alirght you've convinced me fag, what's the best site to buy BTC in Canada? Coinbase seems shady.

>> No.2139792


QuadrigaCX is best for Canada

>> No.2139795 [DELETED] 

Quadriga.cx is your best bet leafbro.

>> No.2139846

Tnx fags, appreciate it.

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We all know that feel, friend
I had money on beans, but sold at 31 sats at a loss, like a retard. Now it's 100 sats
Also lost a some money buying pumped shitcoins
Still waiting for my returns on POSW (might never come)

But then, the 80$ I put in XRP about month ago became 800, and paid off all of my bad decisions

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We had a good run anons.

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im not gonna let what happened to me and stratis happen to me and dgb

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>> No.2140245

Looking for a dip

>> No.2140353


>> No.2140380

How long do you think it'll take for that to happen? I start a new job tomorrow and won't get paid until next month. Think I'll be able to invest in time?

>> No.2140416

how low will it dip to? i just sold half at 730 trying to rebuy in

>> No.2140421

Perhaps around 650 again.

>> No.2140435


600 is the hard floor, it hasn't reached the 500's in forever. I would still buy in at 650.

>> No.2140478

stratis has multiple several times since I sold it
not gonna let dgb leave with me

>> No.2140532

habbening again?

>> No.2140545

Good chance. I see it back to 850-900 easily.

>> No.2140711

wrong. Bought more at 603, happened in a second.

I don't want the next dump fuck me over while I sleep. Probably set the limits near 900, greedy fuckers end up with huge ass bags full of air

>> No.2140798

Why does DGB have to be on shitty russian hacker exchanges? I want to buy but don't want to give away all of my info to the KGB.

>> No.2140799

be honest with me guys is DGB just a meme or do you think it has a long term future

>> No.2140810

>download dgb wallet
>shit takes forever to sync
>rage quit and delete everything
>see they have electrum-dgb
>try to run it but it requieres a shit ton of dependencies
>go an hour installing shit until no more errors show up, electrum lauches
>all wallets generated are invalid, the only electrum server points to a scam chinese cream or some shit
>rage quit again and spend two hours deleting more shit than before

meh, at least i haven lost money

>> No.2140823


Bittrex is based in Nevada.

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File: 191 KB, 1208x640, 7482374892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And read >>2139965

To be completely redpill. DGB is going to need a major news announcement by july to maintain this hype.

but i think theres a good chance there will be

>> No.2140842

id rather the KGB have it than the IRS

>> No.2140890

Fuck guys. I don't get paid until next Thursday. Surely I can still catch the train right? Right.

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File: 36 KB, 882x443, Screenshot+2017-05-22+12.31.05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Great Wall of DGB has been constructed.

>> No.2140908

Here we go baby.
Hop on a rocket anon before it's too late.

>> No.2140928

Possible, but no way to know for sure. Hope for the best.

>> No.2140949

Where can I see this? It is not on polo?

>> No.2140981 [DELETED] 

Is that big?

>> No.2141013

rip 100k usd buy wall

>> No.2141130

"Order book"

>> No.2141619

>tfw no job until June
I'm missing the train aren't I boys?

>> No.2141627

Just $200 in will get you a solid stake, just put anything in

>> No.2141641

Genuine question guys no shilling, did we ever get that roadmap + extended faq that they promised? Was quite looking forward to it.

>> No.2141645

>tfw coinbase is literally not accepting my payment info, and gemini and kraken are taking forever to verify
I'm gonna miss the train boyos

>> No.2141906

Alright guys, so I invested like $5000 into your coin here at approx 700 satoshi. How fucked am I going to feel in the short term before the hold starts making me warm and fuzzy again? i.e. I see a $1000 profit and rising?

>> No.2141976

How long until a 20% profit? You were smart to buy in now. 20% profit is nothing compared to where DGB will see.

But you should get that "warm fuzzy" feeling in 3 days max. RDD has delayed our 1k moon trip (was definitely going to happen tonight), and whales are currently stockpiling more right around where you bought. You're gonna ride the wave with them once it moons.

>> No.2142024

Perfect. I needed a vacation from this shit. I'm addicted to charts, and no I'm not the anon who posted the chart addiction thread. I made like $10k in 4 days starting from barely even shit. I have a problem and need an excuse to hodl.

>> No.2142041

This coin is going to be a fucking wild ride over the next year.
Put your DGB into a USB wallet so there's no chance of letting go due to your innate wusswuss nature.

>> No.2142083

Is now a good time to buy? will it go to the lower 600's?

>> No.2142103

honestly anon i dont think it'll keep dropping significantly in the next week, but its not my money im advising an anon to spend.

>> No.2142118

I think now is one of the best times to buy.
There will be many more dips, though I don't see it going below any previous low periods.
Accumulate while you can in my opinion.

>> No.2142122

I wanna put 100 dollars into buttcoins
Should I put it all on DGB or diversify some and jump on the ETH meme

>> No.2142130

With just 100 go all in on DBG

>> No.2142131

diversify then ETH anon.
eggs and baskets and all that.

>> No.2142140

can someone explain buy/sell walls plz? in very simple terms.

>> No.2142153

Red = Sell walls, these orders have to be filled and the coins have to be bought at the respective prices set before the market price can go up

Green = Buy walls, these orders orders have to be filled and the coins have to be bought at the respective prices set before the market price can go down

>> No.2142175

I have $2. Can I do anything with it? Please be kind to me, I'm new and scared but have nothing to lose.

>> No.2142183

Thanks! Seems like a powerful concept.

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>> No.2142216


Rent a bullet and shoot yourself.

But seriously just find coins that can be bought for such low amounts and trade between them to see how many cents in profit you can make.

>> No.2142217

new trader here. ur explaning it but im just not getting it. can u do a video tutorial so its not so complicated?

i didnt take a economist class yet so i cant be expected to know or understand this.

>> No.2142224

its really simple shit, Green is Buy, Red is Sell.
the X-axis is price (green wants cheap, red wants expensive), the Y axis is the amount of coins wanted

>> No.2142230
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>I have $2. Can I do anything with it?
you can go buy yourself a fidget spinner, that's what you could do.

but all jokes aside, investing $2 is extremely moot when it comes down to any sort of trading (either in both stock or crypto).

I'd advise you start with $100 at the very least.

>> No.2142242
File: 40 KB, 480x840, dgb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God bless this thing!

Newfag on all of this cryptocurrency shit. Spent a week learning about it, and another couple of days reading about the different memecoins and watching charts. This and RDD caught my eye, so I learned more about them. Threw as much as I could at them both, mostly on DGB at 115 sats and hoped for the best. Wish I could've held more for longer, but withdrawing a couple at 400 and 800 sats have really helped lift some financial weight off my family's shoulder. Still have around 40k in my wallet, waiting for a trip across the Milky Way.

Made me tear up when it started multiplying the money I invested, I couldn't believe it. Fuck. This is now another thing that keeps me going, working harder to get out of this shitty situation my extended family forced me into.

Godspeed, anons. Have an OC.

>> No.2142249

DGB chan a cute!

>> No.2142252

now ur talking calculus stuff to sound smart. can u cut it out? thanks.

can i buy bitcoins at walmart if i live by one? i dont want my parents to drive me to best buy cuz its far away.

>> No.2142262

Newbie here, what does this mean?

>> No.2142270

>can i buy bitcoins at walmart if i live by one?
Only if they have a bitcoin ATM on standby there. And seeing as they're pretty goddamn hard to find unless you live in a pretty major city (e.g. NYC, LA, Tokyo, etc), there's a 99.9999999999% there isn't one over there.

>> No.2142277
File: 94 KB, 807x662, 1495052103580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ok shills now where getting somewhere.

>> No.2142283
File: 37 KB, 882x443, 1495427570928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2142285

>coinbase wont lemme buy btc to buy dgb

fuck lads

>> No.2142295

so, sell or hold?

>> No.2142302

hold my boy hold, we going to 1$ per coin here within the week

>> No.2142306

I see people referring to sats, which I'm guessing means satoshis. But where can you see prices in sats? I only seem em in USD / BTC

>> No.2142312

0.00000700 BTC = 700 sats.

>> No.2142313


BTC are the "sats", if t's 0.00000700 BTC then it's 700 sats

>> No.2142333

Thanks, looks like we are going up

>> No.2142344

Made the huge mistake of selling at 505
Bought back loads at 905
See it go <750
Guys i aint selling this anymore, we hodling through thick and thin now

>> No.2142357

Everybody learns that lesson, and usually it's the hard way. Luckily, you'll still see profit within a few days.

>> No.2142370 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 911x400, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just tried to buy some DGB and I got a confirmation message but it's held up in this window. What's going on I'm very new. Do I cancel and try again?

>> No.2142374


Probably would have hit 1k tonight but those BTC rumors dropped right at the crucial moment and fucked us (and other alts). No one knows what's gonna happen with all the shit happening tomorrow but after that DGB should have smooth sailing.

>> No.2142379

You probably have open orders

>> No.2142380
File: 7 KB, 837x143, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just tried to buy some DGB and I got a confirmation message but it's held up in this window. What's going on I'm very new. Do I cancel and try again?

>> No.2142385


Yeah posted the wrong pic. It finally cleared. Never had that happen.

>> No.2142387

As soon at it hits 905> im selling 40% of my gains so i can invest in rdd and xvg so i can diversify my assets, I'll admit it you guys helped me make great gains on my initial investment of 320 into 510$,
Motto of the story: /biz/ was right again

>> No.2142388

If anything its just a good time to keep buying

>> No.2142392

>Never had that happen.
You don't quite understand how the market works, do you?

>> No.2142395

you havnt bought anything yet, your still bidding for coins, it may take ten minutes for someone to sell at your price.

>> No.2142400

Odds are, the next time it touches 905 it's going to go much higher.

>> No.2142408

Amen to that, anon

>> No.2142411

>still waiting for Coinbase to work

>im gonna miss the rocket ship

>> No.2142416

is it time to buy or is it gonna dip even more?

>> No.2142417

>tfw still waiting for BTC transfer to confirm

>> No.2142421

rip dgb

I am out, this was P&D after all

There is literally no connection to minecraft, just a server mod

>> No.2142423

good goy

>> No.2142425

probs gonna start rising/leveling out since we are at a low point

>> No.2142426
File: 484 KB, 574x516, 1443027852763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I sue Coin Base?

>> No.2142441


You might get it for a few satoshi less but it doesn't seem like it's going below 600 at all.

>> No.2142444

Bought at 650, let's hope all goes well

>> No.2142459


Guess I'm a #RippleMissle now.

>> No.2142544

Guess we are dipping due to rising ETH and BTC prices, hodl lads. Should take off by the end of the week.

>> No.2142561

there's rumours that there's segwit coming to bitcoin so i guess that's having a major effect

>> No.2142563

By the looks of it, we should be expecting some serious moonage by sometime this week.

The question is, how high do you guys predict this will go up to by then?

>> No.2142582

They are panicking since ETH is closing in, I still doubt the miners will all agree to segwit though

>> No.2142584

Put $200 on DGB or ETH?

I'm thinking DGB, wait for it to double, then sell half, then ETH with that amount

>> No.2142586

how to buy without id

>> No.2142588

Do you have to confirm the transfer in an email?

>> No.2142594

bitcoin ATM

>> No.2142598


>> No.2142604


>> No.2142620

k and from there i send to bittrex and buy dgb

>> No.2142642


Not only that, it keeps falling
There's not a single sell order being fulfilled, everyone keeps fulfilling buy orders as they get lower and lower and lower

>> No.2142660


Came here to say this. Was mildly alarmed at the DGB chart until I realized that tomorrow is set to be a huge day for Ethereum. Well, this week is set to be a huge week for both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Unsurprising, but I might try to acquire some more DGB during this dip.

Easy hold when you have reasons /why/.

Who /iron hands/ here?

>> No.2142682

so why not get ETH then?
and in a week sell it and buy DGB again?
or diversify so you don't miss any trains completely?

>> No.2142711

You buy low sell high, it's best to buy a coin dipping then sell when it's peaking

>> No.2142729

yeah but who knows if it's dipping or just going down forever like LTC

>> No.2142741


I have been holding ETH for years. You could bother with that, but >>2142711 is right, and frankly...

The effort:reward ratio for trying to ride all of the peaks and valleys isn't worth it to me. I know I'm in it for the long haul or I don't buy the coin. Patience brings profit in this world, and it's distinctly less work/worry. Fun to watch or see how people are reacting once in a while, but people are more likely to fuck it up than they think.

I prefer to buy and wait and a solid strategy for that means I'm already diversified. Every day is a win.

>> No.2142747

Will DGB really rise

>> No.2142760

>Who /iron hands/ here?

>> No.2142770

>Who /iron hands/ here?

Starting the crypto game with DGB and an embarassingly low amount of money. Been researching for years, doing mock buys etc., all while living paycheck to paycheck. Bartended a wedding the other night and threw all my tips into DGB. Don't need the money, but if it rockets I'll get more than I put in for sure.

Anyway, I'm a minnow, but I'm in with ya

>> No.2142787

buy DGB nao!!!

>> No.2142793

Worryingly yes, still IRON strong

>> No.2142813

Getting in there even deeper.
Wish it would drop back to 200, cant get enough.

>> No.2142837
File: 5 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people are still buying into this failed shitcoin

>> No.2142840

WELP time to buy even more dgb

>> No.2142853

>there are actually fucking people in this thread right now who aren't buying at 500

If I hadn't put it all in at 600 I'd be buying now with a raging erection.

>> No.2142858

ETH is collapsing too

>> No.2142871

quick trade ETH =========>>>>>> DGB

>> No.2142883

no it's not people are following the trend and selling and rebuying the dips.

Watching dbg like a hawk right now seems to have good support at 500. Will see what it does over the next hour before I buy in again.

>> No.2142895
File: 31 KB, 1242x520, goatse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cheers brother. You'll be very happy.


Welcome aboard man. I know first hand that it isn't easy to take the plunge with a small amount, but it's worth it and you'll be glad you did. Hold tight, watch it grow, and you'll have a lot more to play with in the near future.

I started off just scraping a barely noticeable amount of my spare change into ethereum a little while ago and never looked back. Patience is all it takes.


No worries, only gains.

I'd be more worried if this thing wasn't having normal dips and corrections. The strength and resistance of this thing is fucking hilarious. I've been in since 118 sats so I remember having the same conversation with people around the 250-300 level as well.

My suspicion is that we'll see a lot of alts bleed into ethereum on/off throughout this week, and a massive surgence back into things like DGB as people realize the news isn't a total gamechanger and things will be progressing ordinarily.

Good money in pretty much every decent coin now though.

>> No.2142916

I have little faith in crypto but I put 25 bucks on this shit, idk

>> No.2142936

I woke up this morning to my 18k DGB being worth a lot less than it was. Could you tell me why I should hold? my hands are shaking.

>> No.2142959

go back to bed faggot

>> No.2142984

If youre worried about that little money then why did you put it in

>> No.2142990

the cryptomarket just started, 70B is NOTHING. end of this year it will maybe be 400-1000B. guess what this means for your coins. you can literally invest in anything, just hold. dgb is fine cus it's so cheap (has lots of potential) and the code is good for microtransactions.

grab a pepsi and enjoy your life now

>> No.2142996

I invested a total of 60 quid into crypto last year. I might not be going lambo land but I'm proud of mi returns

>> No.2143006


Look at literally every graph of the top 40 coins right now and examine some of the dips.

You should hold if you wanted to get in for the long haul, which is the only intelligent thing to do.

DGB has a future, everyone here told you to buy and forget about it for a year.

Do that.

>> No.2143016

/biz/ is my favorite board.
What colour should my Audi be?

>> No.2143026


>> No.2143029

Yotsuba B

>> No.2143035


That's more like it you slick son of a bitch.

I've recently hit the point where I might seriously buy a car with my crypto gains soon. Lamboland is the dream, of course, but I'd feel better with something simple and reliable like a brand new Honda Civic.

As always, gun-metal grey for me.

>> No.2143046

Colours are for chumps.
My Lambo is going to be a full vinyl print of the inside of my anus.
People will be like "Damn, that's some crazy graphics bro" and I'll be like "yeah, that's my asshole bro"

>> No.2143099

Why do I need to give Bittrex all my personal data?

>> No.2143155

Bound to rebound?

>> No.2143230

is it worth buying right now or should I wait for another dip? feel like I just missed it

>> No.2143272

Why is the DGB sell volume always so massively high on Polo?

Buy volume is half what it was 48 hours ago and even then it was only a third of the sell volume.

>> No.2143385

It was at 588 some time ago, now it's at 690 sats.
Hard to say senpai, this coin is most unpredictable coin on market atm.

>> No.2143386
File: 22 KB, 299x184, 3453245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you pls give some to some poorfag?


I dont want to be left out
will buy coins later anyway...not much but will....

>> No.2143413

i'm getting a sad boner looking at the gains it's made in the last week but it's so hard to buy in given it could dip at any moment

might just watch until another <600 drop

>> No.2143441

I'm the same. I saw it increasing rapidly from 100 sats to 115 then 159 and then I said to myself
>it's just pump n dump, it'll be over soon
I wake up next day and see it at 459 sats with 20k btc volume... I buy of course. It dips to 280 sats next day... then it recovers and I buy another stack at 400 sats.. now I'm considering buying at 550 sats, if it dips again.

>> No.2143443
File: 10 KB, 214x236, 3424324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you anon for your generosity! i feel like im in the family now.Will
add and hold to it till eternity.

>> No.2143455

I hate being hestitant like that... I do everything opposite to what I'm thinking, because I either get blinded by greed or scared of loss. POSW fucked me over, that's why I was so hestitant to jump into DGB early...

>> No.2143460
File: 148 KB, 960x779, 15027706_10157672569070032_4789528929315267063_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im trying to buy some bitcoin atm, but it's being kind of a pain. may have to resort to one of those PayPal alternatives-- will I get ripped off there? (specifically WeSellCrypto)

in the meantime, pls send literally any amount, I just wanna experience the moon landing DBizLzF4qM1K685EeLdrUGtkTgBhDDpPQn

>> No.2143465

*dgb wallet

>> No.2143468
File: 24 KB, 552x414, 1494646225906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus christ, this is worse than seeing the beggers in my town. At least they have to sit out in the cold freezing their ass off. Take a bag and find some bottles or something anon. Jesus fuck!

>> No.2143489

Im not really begging on my knees just being polite...it surprised me fairly that i got something desu.
btwy no bottle will worth hundreds of dollars in the future to my best knowledge.

>> No.2143589


You can pay me later here with some BTC if you feel grateful:

>> No.2143664

lets get digi back to 1000 sats!

>> No.2143730


>> No.2143755 [DELETED] 

Next level crypto trading. Skype: CryptoAnna

>> No.2143981

here we go agian

>> No.2144053

Cryptobegging should be bannable.

>> No.2144346

Massive buy orders incoming! Whales taking their profits from ethereum to digi

>> No.2145542
File: 230 KB, 1280x960, 1493702065966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i purchased bitcoins for 240 $ last night from buy.bitcoin.com. Havent recived them yet, but the money is taken from my account. They havent been answering my mail in 10 hours either. I'm starting to stress out boys. I just wanted to put some $$ into DGB, and live on with my life.

>> No.2145548

Try living the same thing when DGB was 100 sat and only getting them once it hit 300 sat

>> No.2145585

same boat here , dropped about £200 into it heard nothing from them since 2 days ago. Sent about 5 emails since then and they've been only giving me automated replies. Phoned up my bank and they said the payment has gone through and that simplex ( the people I assume selling the bitcoin ) have yet to receive it. I think we got scammed lad.

>> No.2145607

downloading the wallet so i wont be tempted to sell

$1 or nothing

>> No.2145665

who here /big dick big hands/

>> No.2145673

/big iron strong dick/ checkin in

>> No.2145686

i have lost the value of 2 btc over night. Will it go up, or shall i sell my bags? Fucking unbelivable i am not put all in eth last night..

>> No.2145693

Yes goy, sell at a loss...
It's a good thing you bought high...

>> No.2145698

Please don't say shit like that anon. I need to stay calm.

>> No.2145701

did this.
now got 170k DGB
now Diamonds dick for the long haul

>> No.2145823

Ded meme
Time to sell boys

>> No.2145833
File: 1.07 MB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_nq2m31AqnT1r2g7uq_400[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

put my Bitcoins into DGB

I need this win since I sold my 600 ETH back after ETH crashed hard months back....

I have nightmares about the Lambo I lost

>> No.2146150

Honest question here, how long have any of you guys been trading crypto ?

DGB aside, how successful are you crypto traders ?

>> No.2146175

I turned $2500 into about $4000 over the course of 2 months. That's it.

>> No.2146310

where do I buy dgb anonymous

>> No.2146346


Sell it so the price drops to astronomically low levels so we can show the creators of this what we really think of their product!

>> No.2146354

can i get in on the fun?

>> No.2146375
File: 59 KB, 772x209, 84230984092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he actually went through with it
Wowzers! thx man, means a lot. Definetely a lot better than my scribble piece of crap

Also, I think you turned her into love live character XD

>> No.2146438

>This coin will go to insane heights next month
post rationale or fuck off
t. shillbot 9000

>> No.2146451

they just saw it go up because of a pump and they think this will continue like this forever

>> No.2146466

Should I sell my NAV at a loss and and invest in DGB? I'm afraid that DGB will move over 1k soon.

>> No.2146477


mind if i tweet this to all DGB-related accounts?

>> No.2146499

Made 800$ into 4000$ in one week. I know about cryptos since 2010. It feels great living in a third world country.

>> No.2146504

That anon is not the one in your pic, that's me. My drawing will probably be done tonight or tomorrow.

>> No.2146557
File: 504 KB, 1280x720, 4723865347589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2146570

Well, it was a DGB-tan anyway.

>> No.2146578

Draw more!
We need to send energy to DGB for the next moon

>> No.2146631

May have been answered but I don't see it....
Is an offline wallet available to store DGB and XRP if not where is the safest? I have it all on bittrex now

>> No.2146679
File: 48 KB, 482x495, 1487112294651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get the windows core wallet


Easy to setup. Just let it sync, send the DGB there, and make a backup file to store in a USB or SD card


>> No.2146708

It will definitely go back up.

>> No.2146711

last 3 digits of my post determines % chance dgb will go to $10

>> No.2146792

Some one took mu advice. I said add bigger tits and thighs and a nice round ass

>> No.2146863

Stop dipping you dumb slut!!!!!!

>> No.2146882

Buy the dips guys.

You can't have enough bags to pass on.

>> No.2146892

Nice job m8, good luck withdrawing it tho.

>> No.2147101


>> No.2147150
File: 56 KB, 1471x519, 1494405938767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in fact, do this:
for every wallet, and this is for everyone, not just the guy being replied here.
I had this from like 2004 in dropbox.
And just found out I have 4220 potcoins ($300 or so)
and 153229 RDD (like $150 right now)

>> No.2147168

When I download a wallet it says it's syncing some shit and it takes like 1 year + what the fuck senpai

>> No.2147171

be me buy at ath
sell when dipping
freak out that all alts are going to be down
sell it all to eth
eth drops
sell eth for dgb


>> No.2147174

>sublime text
I trust you mein nigger

>> No.2147175

it needs to dowload the blockchain, 12GB. Just leave it overnight

>> No.2147186

it doesn't take 1 year (unless your connection is shitty)
it's "outdated" by 1 year, but it should take only a few hours. Maybe 8 hours or more, depending on your pc and internet of course.
There are also light wallets, but the safest is always the core wallets

>> No.2147189

nigga, ill suck yo lambo dick if i can get some of that doge.


>> No.2147194

Get some balls. What the fuck?

>> No.2147196

Well shilled lads. New to cryptocurrency, and I started mining yesterday and put in 40 euro today to learn how to operate this shit.

>> No.2147199

how many fckbankscoin?

>> No.2147203
File: 490 KB, 1280x720, 4782390472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.2147208


HAHAHHAHAH thats why we come here to biz, laugh at all these weak hand kids losing 200$.

>> No.2147221


this might not be for you

>> No.2147224

I mined most of those myself, and you needed to change the config file for each to be able to mine them.
I also made a .bat file to get all my wallets and .conf files from %appdata% automatically, I mined so many shitcoins back then, and I will keep holding for like 10 years

>> No.2147264
File: 85 KB, 1043x612, 1495418590626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know, I'm downloading a bunch of wallets to try and check how many coins I had
did those go up in price?
Image related is what I've been able to check.
Also gogocoin seems to be a startup company now? I think it stopped being an actual altcoin and now it's completely gone.

>> No.2147349

Head and shoulders pattern forming.

>> No.2147463
File: 2.24 MB, 330x166, 1489437594389.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>only 0.1 ETH

>> No.2147480

yeah, I just came back like 2 days ago, and only put a bit into poloniex
I want to buy some more ETH, but even then, they're already pretty expensive

>> No.2147486 [DELETED] 

Buy DGB tokens here for 450sats.

BTC Address: 1NHWJkYSCWWoqwFhfHhXgeeXcK1WuvhVbF

>> No.2147522


>> No.2147535

>they're already pretty expensive
Yeah, same with when they were at $50.
They can only go up in the long run, same with BTC. This "crash" over the horizon will never come.

>> No.2147560

what I mean is that I'm too late to just go and buy 1000 ETH.
I will get between 1 to 10 ETH when this crazy shit is over this time.
It will be over BTW, and I think BTC and ETH will be where most of my value will be in the end.
Maybe next week I'll go and turn everything back into BTC, but this week try to get most back to ETH

>> No.2148349
File: 38 KB, 500x500, grip strengthener.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



not lose it all and still live at home

>> No.2148458

what does that mean

>> No.2148920
File: 63 KB, 700x700, mfw digishit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When you invest in the flavor of the month crypto""""currency""""" (Aka Commodity) and lose everything

>> No.2148944

suspense is killing me

>> No.2148989

It's honestly pretty good that this coin is staying at the current price despite the huge BTC/ETH pump that was guaranteed to happen (and happened). Gotta remember that some people got in at like 100 sats, so even selling at 600 is 600% profit for them.

>> No.2149004

Sorry for your NAV, friend.

>> No.2149031 [DELETED] 

ETA on takeoff?

>> No.2149092

What the hell the value is going up but the dollar value is dipping how is that possible?

>> No.2149117

what is bit coin for 2280 please alex

>> No.2149189

Newfag here

I want to get into this, and advice on how to start investing?

>> No.2149201

the coin is worth $1, so we will wait until $1.

>> No.2149273

T-minus 10 til lift off

>> No.2149298




>> No.2149989

you fucking liar

>> No.2150010

just buy DGB on Polo

>> No.2150173

set up a poloniex account