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How do i get into crypto and stocks? Im literally just now finding out about this, what do i do?

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Read the sticky. Diversify.

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go to coinbase and buy a shitload of xrp asap
it's your lucky quarter.

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how does someone "just now" find out about stocks? did you just turn 18?

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nigga maybe he just stumbled into biz and decided he wants to invest

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I know a little bit but i never got into it, especially crypto. Everyone here is shitting on "linkies" and idk what the fuck is even going on.

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i'm basically retarded and even i can tell it's just people shitting on other people for buying or not buying a coin

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hey fren I'm a newfag too but here are some newfag mistakes I made you can prevent yourself from doing:
- save up at least 1-2k before going in to make any substantial profit
- don't go all in on a coin, divvy up 300 for each
- don't buy a scam if you're not early enough, like really early enough. look at the site/s and the whitepaper
- ALWAYS have ETH in your account for gas
- don't buy the top. it's okay if it's being shilled, but if it's been going strong for a few days just sit and watch on the sidelines
- if you want to swing a coin, think of the dip as a sale to repurchase your original position
- LOCK IN YOUR SALE. CLOSE YOUR POSITION. better to have some money than be negative. you can always put the money back in. most important fucking thing holy shit don't be greedy
- monitor a coin for a day or two before buying
- make sure you have enough mobile data and the right apps to do transactions on the go.

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Do you have a sharpie?

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also here's how transactions usually go:

set up an account on coinbase if you're an amerifat and shakepay or coinberry if you're a leaf. it'll take a day or two to verify your id so don't get excited prematurely. take it as a chance to monitor a few coins and see if they perform to the hype they were given or not
so ex. CAD > ETH

set up a Metamask wallet. there are physical cold storage wallets but don't bother with that until you have a substantial amount of money
your wallet id is what you will transact with

go on an exchange like IDEX, Hotbit or Uniswap, set a gas price that is reasonable, like the recommended one. gas prices ensure your transaction is timely and purchased at the value you saw it for. on IDEX you have to first deposit eth before trading, and withdraw your altcoin before seeing it on your wallet

and then reverse order for converting back to fiat.

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Literally do not buy. A crash is coming - the whole market has gone parabolic and it has almost nothing to do with fiat crashing. Tether has been pumping huge amounts of imaginary dollars into ETH and it has created a bubble.

If you want, put in a single ETH. No more. Gamble on shitcoins, learn the memes and the market cycles, and wait. When you see the whole board full of pink wojaks, then you should buy and use what you have learned to make steady, consistent gains.

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it sounds like OP hasn't even set up brokers/ exchanges. I doubt he'll be able to "buy the dip"..

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Standard Crytpo Fund (QQQF) is a tokenized index that tracks crypto, DeFi and Fot index tokens. QQQF's supply will be leveraged to buy assets and to pool on Balancer.



Check out the site is basically an index

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open free accounts at tdameritrade and coinbase then move some money over in and buy shit, this is america

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Chart guys on youtube
babypips is the best free trading scchool
pomp podcast and realvision is great for macro
read the bitcoin standard first

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