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This is no longer a fucking drill, get in the eth. sell ur link.

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Oh yeah let's buy while it's up

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It's not going to go any lower than it is now friend, you either jump on the rocket or live in the mud.

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Link is going to make a local top, and go sideways for some time. Hodlers will realize Eth is finally going bull and giving bigger gains. Link/eth will begin to fall, and we will see a massive green dildo for Eth once hodlers swap both. Once Ethereum pump, marines will switch back to Link and pump it even more. This is the same game theory that occurred between Eth and Btc last cycle.

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It's always been about ETH. And until Link starts staking in few years I'll be about ETH.

Newly minted millionaires within 2 to 3 years in ETH alone.

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