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Fantom may *realistically* challenge Ethereum (especially for DeFi)

Why and how?

Consider the following:

To enable the very possibilities that define "DeFi", projects must ensure their projects are built to interact with each other.

And the majority of this necessary interoperability exists as an intricate web of smart contracts, wallets, interfaces, on-ramps, off-ramps, and a host of other tools and technologies *all built for Ethereum*.

Ethereum is DeFi's platform.

That said, DeFi now needs to scale beyond Ethereum's capacity.

Ethereum is DeFi's limitation.

Vying to address this need are several "Layer-2" solutions, competing projects, and Ethereum 2.0. But inherent to each is greater complexity.

Ideally, the ultimate solution would be to somehow speed up Ethereum's existing architecture WITHOUT adding complexity.

This is where Fantom comes in.

Fantom disentangles and separates "consensus" from "blockchain", creating two distinct layers. (Because "decentralized trust" represents the true core of crypto's promise, while specific blockchain architectures allow for the various of use cases.)

In doing so, Fantom's aBFT ("DAG"), permission-less, fast, scalable, consensus mechanism (Lachesis) operates "below" Ethereum's (or ANY blockchain's) architecture, enabling both a vast improvement today (sub 1 cent fees and <2 second finality) AND a clear upgrade path for the future (at both the consensus AND blockchain layers).

This approach allows any Ethereum project to easily move or expand its existing codebase, interfaces, and other components to Fantom's platform *while maintaining interoperability with other projects*.

Fantom has the "why and how" to address DeFi's limitations.

One more thing: Prior to becoming the most respected man in DeFi, long-time (and current) technical advisor Andre Cronje led Fantom's mainnet development (launched December 2019) with the explicit purpose of scaling Ethereum's architecture.

The "holy shit" moment is coming.

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godspeed anon
fantom will unironically moon so hard and all these fudders will be left behind
$2 eoy

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here pajeet, have a free pepe

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I'm beginning to think that might actually happen.

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> people using ethereum because muh decentralized super computer
> ethereum good for trading lending erc20 shittokens muh defi
> ethereum fees cost more than pajeet annual salary
> why people use ethereum for everything including synthetic tokens
> synthetic tokens unironically don't need to be traded and defied on ethereum
> it's actually worse

- defi coming
- open to other blockchains so shitcoin holders united can trade without selling their precious to shitetherum
- super fast
- super cheap
- buy now before you'll buy at $1 like you did with chainlink

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>- defi coming
>- open to other blockchains so shitcoin holders united can trade without selling their precious to shitetherum
>- super fast
>- super cheap
>- buy now before you'll buy at $1 like you did with chainlink
seriously though, no one cares about any of that shit. ETH is the BTC of dapps. shitty tech but it has the first mover's advantage so nothing will flip it.

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do you still use altavista and lycos anon

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Fuck off scammer

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>Blockbuster has the first mover advantage so Netflix won't flip it

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let it be known

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LOL altavista was pretty cool back in the day

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this guy gets it. tech changes, dont be late to the party

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i am using bing actually so bugger off ya bloke

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frens on biz talking bout getting to the moon
while we talking bout uranus

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>Blockchain a vs blockchain b is the same as comparing a physical store to online distribution
This is cope for missing out on eth. I don’t doubt there will be multiple large smart contract platforms in the future but if you think eth is going to go away and be entirely usurped by your coin of choice you’re delusional

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Fantom is a directed acyclic graph, not a blockchain

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$1 is fud

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Smartest money in crypto has their hands in FTM

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doesnt matter. no one cares. your tech may be superior. everything they say is true. but the market is retarded. ETH isnt going anywhere.

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Just did some quick math on this, even $5 is on the low side.

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>15 billion market cap is on the low side

kys pajeet

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is .10c a realistic price eoy?

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I'm not saying right away, maybe in 2 years.


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The time is now

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Is there a guide somewhere of how to get my ghosts off kucoin and into the fantom wallet without losing them?

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Whats the max supply of this?

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The LOKI "Holy Shit" moment is unironically coming

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Just click "receive" in your PWA wallet and send ftm from kucoin to the erc address

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3.5 billion or something like that. About a third is uncirculated and will be used over next 3 years as staking rewards.

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Liquidity pools are drying up, it's only a matter of time.

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I'm gonna coom

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i dont see fantom on uniswap? where's it at? have to use their proprietary wallet?

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>Trading on Uniswap
ngmi fren

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I just dumped $2000 into FTM

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I guessing around 100k? You're gonna make it.

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where should i be doing it?

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If you're a Burger just use Kucoin. Other than that use Binance.

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I swapped $1700 of OCEAN into FTM. I hope you fucks aren't trolling me, this project seems good.

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You have a poor understanding of what gives BTC value. BTC is valuable because it's first, widely used, and does what it says to do. Nobody is trying to run dapps on BTC.

Eth however is like an operating system. If it can't scale with the market needs, then devs will flock to what does fill their need. Fantom does that with an evm which makes it easier to migrate.