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The next wave, hopefully. This might be the $20 room

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This reminds me of watching the ETH run from $8-$350 or so in early 2017. If LINK follows the same growth it would be at $100 eoy.

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>Sinking down to 16.
>figure it's a dip, ready to buy
>skyrockets back up to almost 18.
Fucking unprecedented.

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lol can't even buy a 8 piece chicken meal at popeyes with biscuit and sides and linkies are somehow celebrating

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Only Chainlink men can reply to this. False prophets get red ID

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>made more in less than an hour than I‘ll make waging for a couple days

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It'll definitely be 100 by eoy, the real question is can it break 1000 next year

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the only difference is that ethereum and erc20 really was a fundamentally new and useful system....chainlink, i am saying this as a person that has quite a bit of link, i am still not entirely convinced of what it does, and why it will do it better than any other project out there. i may never know.

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700k-2m ~ Corporate stack
100k-300k ~ NEET node stack
30k-80k ~ Staking stack
5k-25k ~ Make it stack
100-2k ~ Suicide stack

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I have a 6-fig salary and a doctorate and I'm making far more money on magic internet money

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I've made so much more from LINK than wages or any other investment that it's retarded

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the only suicide stack is zero link

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Post your hand

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It has the dankest memes and also solves the lambo problem

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I have 50 link, what's my rank?

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You missed a zero. 1000 by eoy

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I have now made more in one day of link gains than I would pre-tax in an entire year of my job

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am seated

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it really does have some meme magic attached to it, and it is making me a lot of money, and that is the extent of my knowledge of the chainlink project. oh also at some point i helped identify the exact brand of sergeys shirt. that was me that found the website that sold the shirt lol

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We are gonna make it as well. 2 years from now even we will be millionaires. Believe it.

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>made my annual salary yesterday
wtf bros

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$18 LET'S GO

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>about to apply for a job that would pay me weekly less than I've been getting from magical internet money
What the fuck has the world come to.
To be fair though, the extra money and resume boost would be nice, plus I can buy more linkies.

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I only have 35 so youre better than me. I'm hoping to get to 50 soon, it'll be worth it though

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All in link but this is legit deluded lads. You had 3 WHOLE YEARS

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I'm not quite convinced of the partnerships. If it was going to see such widespread adoption, then there ought to have been activity on the testnet years ago, and there ought to be more nodes now. Instead, all we've got is ETH-USD price feed.
t. 3k

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So is Kleros (PNK) just a meme or does it really have Link potential? I only found /biz/ in May, but I still bought LINK and made a lot. Still sifting through the bullshit on this site. Bought a lot of Statera at 5 cents too. Good luck to all my /biz/ bros

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I didn’t care about crypto back then. Yes, that’s my fault. I should’ve listened.
I’m still going to net a profit substantial enough to make a killing on the next one.
I will always listen to /biz/ from now on.

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>plus I can buy more linkies.
Unironically this. Now, half my paycheck goes into securing linkies. No way am I quitting my job because this shit is gambling at the max.

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diversify diversify diversify.

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Link was the curtain call for biz's btc/eth era, unfortunately the ratio of low IQ to high IQ contributors will skyrocket after mainstream catches on. I think it will be significantly more difficult to ride the /biz/ trends going forward

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when are you planning on quitting?

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hahahah sergey

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Guess I’d better buy up as much PNK as I can right now then.
We can ride LINK until normies discover it. At least that will take a while.

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now THATS a big bite biden!

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Well the field I'm in is going to shit in the near future, so it's good to have a backup plan. If I actually "make it" on crypto, I'll just ride out my job putting in the minimum amount of effort until I'm eventually laid off, I guess. But no plans right now, that'd be foolish

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they said this about ETH too btw, I remember some early backlash to LINK dominance on the board was that "LINKposters are low IQ newfags who missed ETH and are trying to meme the next ETH"

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Based /tv/ anons getting rich

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Not necessarily. There's still a nucleus of the /biz/ hivemind, even if it gets diluted with normalfags. Either way, you'd base your decisions on how good the memes are. The normalfags won't be able to produce good memes like with chainlink.

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Is anyone keeping an eye on Aave, are there more mega shorts being liquidated?

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we did it boys!!!! $18!!!!!

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>all these anons that have like <200 LINK
are there any old LINK sages who have HODL'd from .20 cents?

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$18.88 next spot.

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If dubs, $100 EOY confirmed

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unironically hundreds

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1300 here...should have bought more under $1

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>tfw linklet and still made $100 since buying in yesterday
We are literally all gonna make money. Some more than others, but that’s okay. We are still early. The normies buying in 3 months at $100 will propel us $15 chads up to at least $500.

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youre looking at one fren

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128,551 stinkie linkies here

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How long until 10,000?

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God damn lads. I've never made this much money this quickly. Is this what Wall Street felt like in the 80s?

Only way this could get better is if I had some hookers and blow.

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Since 17 cents here. Lots of us have >10k stacks. Believe me that we are simultaneously experiencing levels of stress and comfort beyond mortal comprehension right now.

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i only have 30 link

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I bought in at 0.71. I was new to cryptocurrency and wanted to buy during the ICO but had no idea what to do or how to do it... sad times

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Yeah but I didn't buy nearly enough. I only bought about 5k LINK

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How does 30 cups of coffee sound?

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Top 1% holder here.

This describes the feeling very well.

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i have 10
Im poor

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there are hundreds of us, perhaps thousands

t. captain not taking any profit until 3 digits and beyond

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not bad

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Pee pee poo poo we are all gonna make it!

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145 bro. I feel the same as you do. But we can ride til $1000
Or buy PNK right now but fucking coinbase won't let me and is holding my ETH fucking niggers.

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why is cmc reporting wrong prices for binance and huobi?
fucking chinks

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Question is, what system level problems still exist to be solved?

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This is Major Tom to Ground Control

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>Dude you had to buy it at pennies or you'll NEVER MAKE IT
Uh, anon, look at the price of 1 bitcoin. Chainlink is still cheap for what is to come.

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Nice to meet you fellow poorfag, lets pool our earnings together and buy a small fishing boat and spend time fishing

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Its going all over the fucking place the fuck?

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I'm at 35 fren. We're all going to sit pretty though

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I was thinking about selling my suicide stack (1k always you fags) at 12.7.
Then I had a revelation.
It does not matter if it goes to 0 or 100.
I am in bliss.

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I'm the biggest newfaggot on the planet, how do I buy PNK? It's not supported by coinbase

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Only 300 stinkies. All my crypto bets failed in 2018 (REQ, FUN, ICX, XLM). Vowed not to put a single dollar back in. Took all of what was left of those and swung into LINK in mid 2019 crab era. Basically regained all my losses and then some. Give no fucks at this point. I’m not going to put anymore fiat in. If it runs, it runs... I’ll be happy for everyone though.

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Can we please crash back to $15?
Can one of you whales just cash out your millions? You've made it, congratulations.
No need to be greedy.
Crash the market
It's ATH.

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It's agony dude. I've read so many threads of people who sold and are priced out and its heartbreaking. But I don't want to baghold past the peak like everyone did in 2018. The only thing keeping me sane and holding is, the crypto market isn't even half of what it was at it's old peak. I really think we are at the start of a new bull market. But this isn't just pocket change anymore it's life-changing amounts of money on the table.

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I have 650. Was waiting to buy more in September, but I'm slowly being priced out.

>> No.21361440

we're there fren

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Bros what the fuck what the fuck why isn't it GOING DOWN I WANT TO BUY MORE WHY ISN'T IT GOING DOWN REEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.21361465

dubs and red id

>> No.21361467

PNK looks good. OG linker here and it’s one of my other long term holds alongside DMG and LINK itself.

Not sure about statera. Isn’t it just a balanced fund that holds LINK, EtH and a few others? Seems a bit pointless.

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Welp see you anons in the $19 waiting room

>> No.21361490

The low IQ/non autists will leave during a prolonged bear market just like last time, I hope.

>> No.21361495

450 LINKIES HERE, will I make it?

>> No.21361497

I've been thinking the same but really how can you be priced out if you know $18 will turn in to $1000 one day?

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We did it 4chan

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This is now a $20 waiting room.

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should i dump ripple for this? asking for a friend

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I think there are about 1000-1500 bizraelis with >10k stacks, and definitely a few hundred whales in our ranks with much more. That's just speculation though there's no way to know for sure.

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>tfw I had 200K links (0.2 cents)...
>sold everything at 0.28 cents

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it feels so good

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lol time to short this coin, and watch you all cry.

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how much ripple you got?

>> No.21361584

We'll see where it's at next month. I'm still going to try to get a 1k stack.

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Fucking newfags. bought so much at 0.16$

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Nobody does it betteeeer
Makes me feel sad foooor the rest
Nobody does it HALF AS GOOD AS YOU

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>coin shilled here since $0.25
>lol you'll cry when it's a mere $10USD!!!
you have lost

>> No.21361623

Wait no longer! Just broke $18!

>> No.21361639

Tfw made 2btc in the last hour
I hate my job. Too pussy to quit in this economic climate, too strong to take profits out of stinky and live off that. Anxiety about the job is making me want to kms, I dont have a clue what to do.

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Same. Hold in there.

>> No.21361644

Who the fuck is even doing this?
This is actually scary as fuck for everyone else too.

>> No.21361665

Uniswap. You need ETH coin to exchange for it.
I have no idea how to circumvent the holds that exchange services place on you yet.

>> No.21361683

this is the top
this has to be the top
there is no possible way for this not to be the top

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File: 2.06 MB, 2723x1894, DA5F1016-8224-474B-B1EB-7DD7F94D47F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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theres a verified 56k stack anon that keeps posting



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>bought $200 at $12.60
>bought another $400 at $15.90
See you at EOY linklets

Should I buy more??

>> No.21361770

500 LINK whale here. Feel free to ask me anything friends.

>> No.21361778

just a few hundred because i fell for the today moon meme

>> No.21361785


Well done anon

>> No.21361787

I’m a colonel, top 500 wallet. I’m still here because I’m not selling

>> No.21361804

Can we pull another 2x to breach Tether?

>> No.21361841

506 link chad here. Fuck you with your small 500.

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Holy shit! My first crypto investment, and I made $100 in a matter of hours.
This is officially more profitable than a minimum wage job.

>> No.21361859

no! lmao these guys are gamblers and bought link because 4chan said so.

>> No.21361869

damn are u me, same situation fren.

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>> No.21361899

you should dump ripple regardless

>> No.21361938

is it a gamble if you know that /biz/ is pumping the coin? idek what the practical use of chainlink is but i know haha money machine go brrrr

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>> No.21361987

Well done, lad.

>> No.21362003

>thought about selling all when it was 16.60 a short while ago
>went to the store to buy some beer
>came back and it was 18.35

>> No.21362007

Holy shit LINK is rocketing towards 20 dollars. This is honestly insane

>> No.21362025

Which place doesn't have holds? I got a 5 day hold right now and I could a bought at .16~ but it's probably gonna hit .30 in 5 days or less I swear.

>> No.21362030


Never swing anon.

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The sacred digits! Link is the chosen coin of the Fürher himself!
Who wants to buy pemberly with me next year with our spare link change?

>> No.21362043

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.21362053

why buy the 8 piece when you could buy the restaurant

>> No.21362089

>swinging a crypto with huge upward trend
Good thing you didn’t

>> No.21362176

Don't be a degenerate, Anon.

>> No.21362181

can someone repost the pic that was being used for the LINK ranks? It was similar to this one but I don't remember it anymore

>> No.21362186

No idea, still trying to figure this out myself. Transfer fees for ETH are gonna be ridiculous either way. Fuck.

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basted Norway (pic)

>> No.21362371

came from reddit dec 2018- i realize you fags are the belly of the beast with all trends. on and off the chans since 2010 tho

>> No.21362402

So what does chainlink actually do?

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It took me until $4.60 to see the truth, but I can hold my hat in my hands now and proclaim, I AM A CHAINLINK MAN

>> No.21362432

so $20 by tonight? or we going down

>> No.21362436

Bought 200 in now, get ready for the drop.

>> No.21362442

Is 1k not suicide stack?

>> No.21362458

So is there nothing to use besides coinbase then? I might as well double my ETH and then sit on ETH as well.

>> No.21362474

goes up

>> No.21362477

that was what I did june 2018. may have held onto fun a bit longer than that, managed 1800. wish i put more fiat in at .30cents but didnt want to risk any more. we will make it/

>> No.21362484

It raises my peepee and makes us rich. What more do you need to know

>> No.21362502

this game was prophetic af

>> No.21362508

you pour in a cup of coffee and get the price of eth back

>> No.21362540


>> No.21362559

You think link will go that high?

>> No.21362561

When will the crypto illiterate normies start buying link?

>> No.21362594
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get off my board, dalit filth

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Maniac, I'm a second lieutenant, almost first lieutenant so I'm not at mil net worth, but thankfully to compensate that I'm just 20 so I can hold on for those extra years. Well done Lieutenant Colonel.

>> No.21362634

When it's over $100.

>> No.21362651

Hi, happy for you people,
I'll ask unrelated hoping your good mood will answer,
why bitcoin is always exactly at 11,500 (almost)?

>> No.21362712
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if singles, maybe.

if dubs yes.

if trips $1000 EOY is a FUD

>> No.21362723

>What is marketcap

Absolute brainlet

>> No.21362727

Price manipulation. Same reason LINK is exploding after being artificially suppressed for so long

>> No.21362745
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Besides coinbase, what's a good site to buy crypto? Is kraken good?

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>> No.21362799

thank you anons. you're all gonna make it as well. especially you 20 anon. im young myself, having recently graduated uni. the amount of college you'll be getting once you flash that stack amount TOP KEK

>> No.21362810

this really doesn't have much room left in it, the next weekly will probably slam this shit down

>> No.21362813

512 here
Eat my shit

>> No.21362876


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Guys I was euphoric like 11 dollars ago

>> No.21362894

Welcome to the fucking club, fren.

>> No.21362947

Get voyager
And buy VGX token

>> No.21362959

For people with over a mil in CL (dozens of you) I can't even imagine.

>> No.21362984

Bought in at .25 average. It seems so long ago.

>> No.21363019

Its moved so fast i never saw 14.88. Did anyone get a screenshot?

>> No.21363028

i'm comfy and not stressed at all. if you're stressed, it's because you don't get it

>> No.21363096

i have 6.2k and feel kinda nervous. will probably sell 200-300 before smartcon i think, conferences always get hyped and then dissappoints. been buying since early 2018, never sold

>> No.21363118

It is

>> No.21363121

>I think there are about 1000-1500 bizraelis with 10k stacks
lol, no. try 1/10th of that

>> No.21363124
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We going down a bit lads. Who here made some profit at 18.2?

>> No.21363155

Damn I remember my first crypto profits. I bought some shit called Vertcoin and sold it for like $80 profit. This was back in 2017 October. Now my portfolio has gone up $10k in 1 hour.

>> No.21363185

not selling a single one until 370$ usd

>> No.21363191

I missed physically seeing it myself, shot up to 15 too quickly. But it was capped and there were a ton of "what did sergey mean by this" threads

>> No.21363208
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Is there another show as good as Fringe since /tv/ is here

>> No.21363209

I can't sell until $1000

>> No.21363212

when will it go to 12k again?
better buy or wait?

>> No.21363223

Me soon. I’m also buying up Algorand and I have it in their wallet for free staking. Getting some PNK when I get paid tomorrow as well.

>> No.21363227


You reckon it'll go down then way up?

>> No.21363289


>> No.21363383

I true

>> No.21363390

I'm norwegian and normies on the fb crypto groups are talking about link and have been for a while

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>> No.21363412


Why 370$ in particular?

>> No.21363419

even though i am a link dolphin, i don't think it will go to 1k. around 370 will be the peak and its where i'll be unloading

probably. as long as it stays above 14 i'll be happy regardless

>> No.21363463


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it seems i truly am an oldfag now. there were multiple posts about link price preidctions, with lsd anons and math anons all conclusively proving that 374$ will be the peak in the first link bullrun

>> No.21363553


>> No.21363558

Why $370?

>> No.21363566
File: 443 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200812-234415_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was one where it was 19.39% too but I cant find it anon

>> No.21363580

we need to up the offensive language, keep the normies out

>> No.21363592

Chainlink is drinking everybody's milkshake

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>> No.21363913
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I hope he's one of us.

>> No.21363985


I've had money waiting to be transferred to buy more link for 4 days now. It has done nothing but go up in price since.

>> No.21364026
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my first entry was at 20 cents, been holding for more than 2 years now, supremely hard to believe

>> No.21364077

Hold 1k from 0.26. Small investment, great returns

>> No.21364081

green id whatup

>> No.21364128


hoyl FUCK are you me? my first shitcoin was vertcoin aswell with like a 100$ profit now im a linkie

>> No.21364202

12 Linklet reporting in Sir!

>> No.21364261

I'm trying to buy PNK and have the same problem of it not letting me exchange it.

>> No.21364374
File: 667 KB, 956x1656, 1556271358990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

last spring i was a LINKlet, last summer i became a tuna, this summer i became an dolphin, things really are moving, what we see at smartcon will be very interesting, im expecting at least tsigs and an in-production use of mixicles and/or deco, not sure if staking is ready yet, but the increased mentions from sergey are interesting

>> No.21364386

Colonel here, never fucking selling.

>> No.21364499


>> No.21364601

what if you have more than 2k but less than 5k?

>> No.21364659

patricians choice
>He doesnt know

>> No.21364694
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Thank you Sergey

>> No.21365227

what are the numbers?

>> No.21365267

life changing money

>> No.21365332

I am a man of culture.

>> No.21365346

I think we'll top out at $350 this golden bull 1/4th of what ETH did

>> No.21365384
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blockchain disputes

i guess start spamming about niggers and kikes from now on.

>> No.21365392

Nah, we will do 350x what ETH did. Just hold on.

>> No.21365857

Heh linklets I have a solid 550 stack

>> No.21365908

It’s only natural to feel both comfy and stressed. The carpet could be pulled at anytime or it could skyrocket anytime