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Is it too late to get in?

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Got 7000 today.
Hope its enough

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It's dipping right now.
When it gets a bit lower I'm buying more

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Is 12k enough???

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I got 4000, I hope biz is right because I have no idea what this gay ass token is.

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>Is it too late to get in?
It's rank #109 and it belongs in the top 20 at least, so no

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Binance listing will be the rocket!

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It guaranteed to eventually hit $4 but not sure if it can get passed that

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ffs you're one of the people who somehow makes the price go down aren't you

Read the white paper, realise the magnitude of the tech, and hold: https://kleros.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf

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>buy at 0.174
>it immediately goes down to 0.155
just fuck my shit up

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it's true everything I buy plummets

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Yes gonna buy another 5k Friday to get a 10k stack

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No. Why would it? Even if you don't make it with pnk alone you still make some good money.

Step by step, anon. We're all gonna make it.

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Just wait for the binance dump

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Keep buying and sell Friday night

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>Read the white paper

Excuse me sir but this is /biz/

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I didn't read the paper but I listened their video at 2x speed.
Seems cool and all, but I can't imagine anyone ever actually using this irl

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Why do people keep saying 4$ is the limit? Pretty discouraging desu but I'll keep holding I guess.

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50k here nooob

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>Buy $500 PNK
>$50 Gas fee

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Anon its currently below 20 cents. For it to reach $4 we'd all be rich

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Should I buy more now that it's dipped a little or will it go even further below? what do you think sirs?

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just buy ANJ

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I beg your pardon ?
Fuck it, I'll stay with my linkies

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>I listened their video at 2x speed

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I remember I got 10,000 PNK and had to pay like $40 on gas fee.

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Not too late anon.


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Was about to finish my 100k stack and it pumps


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I'm waiting for .13 to buy in

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I bought 60k pnk yesterday
Didn't even look at the gas fee, just lubed and went to my happy place

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Only have link in Coinbase. have metamask no eth in it. How do i get pink. Buy eth? Transfer to mask then buy from uniswap?

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Buy eth
Transfer to idex wallet
Buy on idex exchange
Transfer from idex wallet to key file

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dont worry anon, 4k is make it stacks. I got 400 myself we gonna make it. 2023 we will have 4 million and 400k.

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Bought a total of 35k today and yesterday, not too late at all.

This isn't on any major exchange yet and normies haven't found it.

Made $2k on it in the laat 36 hours already

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O..offi-cer... o-over there there someone too based and that's scary.

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Call the based dept. Johnson, we're in over our heads here.

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You did good, anon.

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