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Biz this kitten was meowing outside my house all day and I brought her in. What do??

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buy her some link

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teach it to swing trade shitcoins

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ham and take her to a doctor or something

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get her the fuck out of that bucket wtf.
If u wanna keep her I guess let a vet check her up otherwise bringe her to an animal shelter

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Take her to a vet first off, looks like she has something wrong

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cute kot
get her some kitten milk and take her to vet

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keep cat, feed cat milk and meat or mashed YAM

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clean it
give it some milk
cats are really cool

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just keep her/him as a chainlink mascot. love it with all your heart though, cats are great. If you don't love it then link will crash.

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looks like it has an eye infection

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This kitten was abandoned by its mother. Typical reason is the mom is too young or starving herself.

You need to go to the pet store first thing in the morning. You gotta buy kitten formula and a bottle. It will run you about $40. If you don’t do this, this kitten will die.

Also give the kitty a soft towel for a blanket

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give her milk and sausages

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That cat needs some YAMs

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aww anon please take care of that kitten :( he/she looks like they've been having a tough time. Take it to the vet to make sure its not fucked up.

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If u have a soul you fred her then take her to the vet.

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checked, based vetanon

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Looks like u got a new friend anon congrats.

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100% tthis

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>take it to the vet

Good luck spending hundreds on a random ass cat. Gently clean it’s eyes with water. Keep it warm. Feed it kitten formula. Congratulations on your new best friend.

Also, if you’re thinking of re-homing it, don’t even bother. It’s impossible. The pound will euthanize it. Either it’s your new baby or just literally throw it as far as you can because without you it’s fucked.

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I gave her some cat milk earlier and now im about to give her some cat tuna. Good idea??

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Tokenize the cat and sell it through an ICO.

Then pull an exit scam.

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euthanasia is kinder than throwing it as far as he can to have it starve to death or end up in a dark web video

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She'd probably love tf out of some food and water -- maybe some cat food from a gas station or something? Please take her to a vet in the morning or when you can. If you want to keep her, awesome. If not, the vet could probably figure something out! Thanks for helping her!

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Buy $BRJ @BullRunJesus & CHILL

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kill it

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U already have a bucket now u just need some water

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having a cat is cucked. With that said you need to bring her to the vet to get rid of the fleas and fix whatever eye infection she has. If you do not fix the fleas your apartment will be infested

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Put a bell on it so she doesn’t kill any birds. Then feed her and stroke

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Tuna might be hard on her stomach if she's as young as she looks, but it's probably the best thing you have in the house, so go for it anon.

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damn OP delivered

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Get Coinbase pro
Hold it
That’s literally all you need to do to be rich.

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Wrong thread. We are trying to murder a cat here and make it go viral to get rid of normies.

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like house sparrows and common starlings? please don't use a bell.

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looking at her eyes she has a kind of infection: Get her checked by a veto asap. if she can eat, she can heal.

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Based. Cats are chill low maintenance pets. You only need to give them food and clean the litterbox. Make sure to buy good quality food though. My one cat keeps catching birds from the balcony. Fucking savage.

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OP, don't be a faggot, confirm you're gonna do as vetanon here says, the suspense is fucking killing me.

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Make her some eggs

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I’ll pass you 2 link and 20 pnk if you take her to the vet for her eye infection

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Answer plox

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OP, go get some salt and grab out half a teaspoon of it, then mix it in a glass of boiled water and give it a taste to see if its too salty, you want it to be sorta-drinkable at least. You can then use the saline solution to wipe out and around the eyes of the kitten to hopefully get rid of all that shit in there if you aren't going to take it to the vet. Also put a bit of antiseptic cream around its eyes too, just a light layer to help them heal a bit better. If it keeps getting worse then you DEFINITELY have to take it to a vet to get it onto some form of antibiotics and a proper eyewash.
t. Vet Technician

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Congratulations you have a cat, judging by your question I guess you've never had one before, buy it food, a litter tray or just let it outside to shit, something for it to sharpen its claws on that isnt your furniture, besides that they largely take care of themselves, call it link

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I know I sound like a faggot, but fuck it
Dude, please take it to a vet to get its eyes checked out ASAP

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Although keeping it in a bucket might be a bit harsh, it could have fleas for all you know and they're such a cunt to get rid of once they're in the carpets.
If you're gonna keep it, get some flea treatment ASAP, it's pretty cheap

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i was expecting bucket filled with water

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where is her mommey?

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Fuck anon, it's so cute! I want a kitten too but my mom wouldn't allow me.

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Throwing it was not the preferred plan. Just totally forget throwing it, it’s yours now OP.
Can we name it Linkie?

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Fed kitty some food and she has energy now. Shes walking around the house. Also wiped her eyes and it looks better

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Show pic of wiped eyes

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Fucking based, you're gonna make it. What are you gonna name it? I vote Linkie.

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I wonder if there's higher dimensional beings doing the same shit for us

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It’s about to take a big poo on your carpet

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See >>21345960 and I forgot to mention to do it every hour or two if possible. Blessed gains will come to you, anon.

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Be sure to post update threads in the future anon. I want to stay in the loop!

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will it blend?

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Btw anon, if you keep that cat and do call it link then /biz will expect regular updates on its progress. If you hurt it I honestly wouldn't put it past the people on the board to pool resources and brain power to find you. Eg. 'Dont fuck with cats' the show

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Clean her and feed her.
Wish you best of lucks with your new fren

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call it linkie an take care of it and love it

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pls name it Linkie holy shit anon you legend

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take her to vet and show paperwork tomorrow/later (depending on your timezone) in a new thread. i'll send you crypto for cat stuff and the other anon will pay for the vet like he said. i'm sure other anons will send as well if you keep it

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Kek will reward this karma.
If linkie the cat pulls through then 1k eoy guaranteed.
If he doesn't, 1k end of decade.

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for god sakes get it out of the fucking bucket dude

go get a giant box from behind a store or something


google "how to take care of a cat"

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op here is some recipes for the homemade formula so you dont have to buy the unhealthy overpriced kike formula


basically what you need is goat milk and eggs, and an appropriate bottle

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How can we profit from this?

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long OP's happiness :3

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Don't listen to these fucking cunts ribbing you about having it in a bucket or feeding it tuna, most people would leave it out to starve so you've done a great thing anon

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Awwww.. She will love you forever.

Teach her to fetch in a few weeks. That shit's hilarious.

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It’s already walking around, look at last post

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That little animal need your help. Buy her some good cat food (do not buy cheap crap). Then ask neighboors if it's their cat. If no keep it. Cats are awesome and this one look very cute.

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rape it

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this is the chad route

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I had the same situation, I was out selling stuff for valentines and there was this little kitten under the table that kept going between my legs
I adopted him, pic related. Right now my mother is taking care of him because I’m overseas

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He did say the cat is walking around the house after eating the tuna, so is all good innit.

OP, thanks for brightening my day a bit.

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fuck this nigga keep it even if it is theirs, they're clearly not looking after it if it is..

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Cummies ?

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Take her to the vet. Shes sick

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But if it’s a girl name it zelda

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>what is link

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also OP now has officially toxoplamosis, enjoy decline into dimwitism

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Cat can go blind if the infection in the eyes isn't fixed
Keep her environment clean and it should go away on its own but you gotta keep cleaning those eyes
This is a very common problem with kittens for some reason

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Aren’t all calicos female?

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Stinky linky sminem

>> No.21346422

yo i was reading a thread on /an/ a while back and some guy gave a kitten food before it was ready and it got constipated and had a lot of pain, so make sure it's old enough before you start giving it food yo

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Nice big 'stache. I like that on a kot.

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Clean her eyes with a wet cloth like 3x a day
Just use tap water

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free kitty!

>> No.21346457

actually just go to /an/ and they can probably give you good advice
there's a cat general here >>>/an/3454538

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nice dude

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Oddly toxoplasmosis increases testosterone by a measurable amount, it might be the chad move

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>clean its eyes with water
>use luke-warm mixed with dish soap and give it a flea bath
>feed wet food
>check to see how underweight it is
>take to the vet to get its eyes checked out. I've seen cats that had eye infections that ended with them permanently losing their eyes
>schedule to get it vaccinated/spayed and neutered when it's old enough
Be prepared for it to shit everywhere eventually.

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Thanks for the help frens. Very skinny I can feel her bones. Must be a few weeks old maybe? Ive never had a cat so I cant tell. I will take care of the kitten for now. I might take her to the vet tomorrow or so if I see she needs veterinary care. Its still afraid of me but meows a lot. Anyone know how I should keep it for the night?, i dont think i want her running around the house

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Based kittyanon

Make some sort of enclosed kitty-proof area with fences or something

>> No.21346603

probably just get a box and a towel for it to sleep on

>> No.21346605

Put him in a cardboard box with a few towels or somrthing like that.

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Get a couple of towel and keep it in the bathroom overnight. Make sure it doesn't get cold in there.

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Get a big box with a blanket inside and keep her close to you for a night

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Also she looks like shes 6 weeks old. If she get cold she can die. Show her belly

>> No.21346659

have it sleep in your bed, you can take the couch

>> No.21346668

Make sure the box has high walls. Keep Linkie safe.

>> No.21346680

did you give her some milk?
>Anyone know how I should keep it for the night?
do you have a garage /spare room?
if not, find a large box, punch some air holes, place some old shirts on the bottom and let her sleep there.

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Meow Meow. AAAAVEEEE. Meow.

>> No.21346818

Feed it and then take it to a cat clinic, there's something going on with it's eyes.

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Go back to /b/ you beta faggot

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1) put kitten in washing machine
2) turn washing machine on
3) enjoy the show

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The kitten looks extremely young and sick. Please please take her to the vet and get some advice or even let someone else more qualified take care of her. Very young kittens can’t even go to toilet by themselves and you have to rub their urethra to stimulate them to pee. They also can get cold and die and can die if they don’t get fed regularly, like every few hours. I think she looks older than that stage but you need to take her to a professional. She will need vaccinations as well and to be spayed and neutered eventually.

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Hang on there fren :(

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Take care of the little fucker. Cats are cool. Might want to take her to the vet, unproperly treated/fed kittens are prone to eye issues. This can often be cured 100% if taken care of.

>Mine came out a bit retarded though.

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Based retarded kitty. All it’s needs taken cared of.

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>dish soap in the eyes
Are you sure?

>> No.21347021

Cat is fine, is self cleaning. Feed cat and give cat bed. Vet give shots. Enjoy new friend.

>> No.21347064

Based kittyanon. I saw in youtube to put her on a cage with a blanket over it so the cat can relax due to the lack of stimulus (light, things in your room, you)

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>clean its eyes with water
Obviously not. The dish soap is to get rid of any of the fleas it might have. Not sure why you read it that way.

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fucking kek

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feast on its innards

>> No.21347291

Keep it and take good care of him/her. Will bring you good luck and green wojaks. It choose you

>> No.21347294

>Be prepared for it to shit everywhere eventually.
Put out a pie tray of litter and keep her in one room for now.
I had a rescue just like this, she never once pissed/shat where she shouldn't. It was uncanny.

>> No.21347330

Well they instinctually want to bury their waste. Mine pissed out of the toilet exactly once.

>> No.21347333

Dude starts another thread in a few days, we want to know how this kitten gets along

>> No.21347339

This. Just put litter down, no training required.

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Heres a pic of her eyes now. I found some ticks/bugs crawling under her body looks like I need to take her to a vet. She still wont stop meowing when I leave her alone

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Take her to India

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Dont leave her alone. Put her in a box next to you on your bed or couch.

>> No.21347430

If they are crawling and not dug in yet its not really something to be worried about. If they are ticks that is.

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definitely take her to a vet, even just as a precaution
based OP you will make it sergey ensures it

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You're a fucking chad.
I'd almost start a fundraiser for that kitten.

>> No.21347476

congrats you are a millennial mommy now
stock up on wine

>> No.21347486

Use her as kek's instrument to dictate what you buy and sell

>> No.21347497

Post eth wallet so we can send vet money

>> No.21347505

Easiest way to clean it without getting cut up is probably to put it in a bag or sack and lower it into a fast flowing river

>> No.21347507

Make her home in a small room like your bathroom. You can put her litterbox and food and water in there too. But separate all of those things because they don't like those things near each other. And make her a little cave. Will take her a while (week or two) to warm to you.

t. 3 cat owner

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Moar pics!!

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Based OP, thats how I found my cat. This from when I found her. She's 3-1/2 now.

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It's full of diseases and parasites. Don't have it in your home, don't pet it and wash your hands properly if you have to touch it. Take it to vet and have it in quarantine outside until all those parasites die out. It will still have toxoplasmosis so you'll become gay furdad catlover anyways.

>> No.21347547

Make her home in a small room like your bathroom. You can put her litterbox and food and water in there too. But separate all of those things because they don't like those things near each other. And make her a little cave. After a week let her into the rest of the house/let her outside supervised. You can let her outside barring night if you don't want a kitty litter. Will take her a while (week or two) to warm to you.

t. 3 cat owner

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>>Mine came out a bit retarded though.
Dif you vaccinate it?

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name it /biz/
give it milkers
and take to cat doctor

>> No.21347643

You did wel fren

>> No.21347657

no don't do that, it will cost you an arm and a leg to fix that shit

let nature take it's course that's all its just a cat

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Based ginger. Brought a tear to my eye fren

>> No.21347703

Bizanons are crowd funding the kitty Kare expenses. Send link.

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fucking psychopaths all over this board

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And a month after I found her

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Needs a vet; just no shots or vaccinations. Real vets won't give fuck if you say no.

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Based thread.

Can tell there's no jeets or darkies in here as they have zero empathy or even souls to care about animals

>> No.21347796

Awesome fren give him a rub from me

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This cat will give you luck for a thousand years.

>> No.21347803

Care for her anon, and call her (little) Link

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File: 2.20 MB, 2380x3720, retardcat2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aye, neutered & vaccinated, she's well. Just plain retarded. I guess all cats are to a certain extent kek.
> pic related, vet outfit after neutering lmao

Based & gingerpilled

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>> No.21347822

im not sending my money for a damn cat lol

Do you care about the zebra that's getting rekt right now by a lion? No? That's just nature taking it's course? Sit down empath, you've been brainwashed to think certain animals are your pets while others arent. A pig is a lot smarter than a cat yet you love to eat bacon.

>> No.21347827

Never change /biz/
Thank fuck op isn't a /b/tard

>> No.21347838


>> No.21347844

Shit Anon you found an XRP bagholder!

>> No.21347878

Back in the day /b/ ruined the life of a few animal abusers though. I think it was even one of the rules, /b/ likes cats.

>> No.21347886

This might be true, after I found my cat, shortly after I discovered Ethereum and bought in and made a bunch of money in 2017, wonder if it was good luck from being nice to kitty

>> No.21347986

sending crypto to people who post pics of neglected animals on /biz/ seems like a really bad precedent, i seriously hope you guys dont do this

>> No.21348009


>> No.21348076

Who cares

>> No.21348083

Post Eth wallet address pls

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>> No.21348183

this. jannies should count it as begging

>> No.21348187

If you’re a poorfag and you take her to the vet and get her fixed up I will send you 20 linkies plus whatever the vet cost is.

>> No.21348205

2 weeks from now
>hi biz, look at this cat with its foot cut off send link for vet bill

>> No.21348280

Fair point

>> No.21348369

Give her some milk. And ask your mom what to do.

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best thread i've seen on biz since the pige thread a couple weeks ago

>> No.21348448

I named a cat we found like that Bit.

>> No.21348481

Btw she is a total cunt cat but glad we saved her. She is a terror when she is mad. Fucking stupid strays. But she is our stray so we love her

>> No.21348498

Looks like it suffers from Conjunctivitis, a harmless but irritating eye illness. These things sometimes go away by themselves but my cat had it for almost 6 months before i went and got medicine for it. Take it to the vet to get a proper diagnosis though.

>> No.21348503

Ok boomer

>> No.21348596

poor kitty, but glad you're making sure it's ok. if you keep it i hope you name it bizzy or linkie or chad or pepe

>> No.21348673

Frens quick update, I think we found a home for her. A lady I know is willing to take her in. I will take her to the vet tomorrow as well to make sure shes fine. I dont think it would be wise for me to keep her even though id like to as I already have a pet dog thats not very friendly with felines.. Thank you all for the donation offers but im not in need of any right now (bless Sergey). As I am typing this I found another kitten outside the house holy shit i think its her brother

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fuckin hell that was a good thread, anon

>> No.21348709
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i liked it so much that i was literally half the posts in it
good times

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>> No.21348746

Name it Sergey.

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We did it reddit! Faith in humanity: RESTORED

>> No.21348808

>Sergey & Adelyn

>> No.21348875


>> No.21348895

how to profit from this
>get it to the vet for a full checkup
>vaccines etc
>feed it pet it etc until it likes you
>film the whole process
>put video on youtube
>get tons of likes and subs

>> No.21348907

May Sergey (Peace be upon him) bless you

>> No.21348951

Blessed thread, money and success to all of you.

>> No.21349006

Keep them and train your dog to love them. Stranges are the ways of the nazarovian, but we all shall pass through them in our own way. Godspeed brother

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>Toxoplasmoss increases testosterone

Is cat poop the reason I went all in on LINK in 2018? If so I might have found a new afternoon snack.

>> No.21349146
File: 136 KB, 1200x1217, 1597201470974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how to profit from this: higher tier edition
> vaccines etc
> feed it, pet it, take care of it
> do not take part in the social media degenerancy
> enjoy your based cat sidekick
> enjoy taking care of something that solely relies on you
> ?????
> You just became a better human being.

Good fortune and Sergs will come to you.

We will require an update somewhere down the road OP

>> No.21349154

Op also, record with your smartphone some cute videos of all this shit and then sell it to Thedodo for profits. There are tons of videos on youtube with multiple Ms.

>> No.21349175

You okay there lad? Try not to be too jealous of a kitten getting the attention you miss

>> No.21349202

Bless you anon

>> No.21349213


>> No.21349216
File: 62 KB, 1008x600, IMG-20200709-WA0008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can this cat be the LINK mascot?
I'm feeling bullish for this cat

>> No.21349238

KTY Token will be bigger than link

>> No.21349269

Who hurt you, sweetie?

>> No.21349330
File: 76 KB, 349x356, 32538377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21349461
File: 2.33 MB, 4032x3024, 20200813_193808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sleepy time

>> No.21349491


>> No.21349682

thats so cute

>> No.21349700

and then put all that youtube money into LINK

>> No.21349709

>/biz/ - Cryptokitties

>> No.21349737

Are you in the UK? I'm genuinely after a new kitten to keep my current cat company.

>> No.21349759

reeeeeeeeeeee why is there still no blanket for them?

>> No.21349778

do they have names? give them biz style ones

>> No.21349801

don't feed it fucking milk, it actually makes cats sick
Give the thing some water, and a SMALL amount of food, it might easily overeat and be sick

Ring your local veterinarian and have it checked up on properly. If you truly care about the cat you'll adopt it, but either way, ring a local cat shelter too

>> No.21349817

Terminate immediately. That's your order

>> No.21349831

heal its eyes and then walk around town with it in your shirt pocket. Guaranteed to attract another kind of pussy

>> No.21349836

If you put out liter and show the cat they will never shit or piss randomly. Unless you have so schizophrenic cat.

>> No.21349873

He invested all his blanket money in chainlink.

>> No.21349897

Kittens can drink milk, it's only adult cats that are (mostly) lactose intolerant

>> No.21349938

>No niggers and chinks in this thread telling you to kill it
This is actually based

>> No.21349956

I am naming the one on the left : Buy high
One on the right : Sell low

>> No.21350016

biz has the best off topic threads

>> No.21350035

I know right? This thread makes me feel so safe and cozy :3

>> No.21350061

take her out of the trashcan

>> No.21350080
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>> No.21350140

I hope you make it. You seem alright.

>> No.21350180

shitskin would say kill it and film it.

nigger would've said boot it or burn it and film it.

non-whites literally posses zero empathy because they are not human

>> No.21350183






>> No.21350186

Can you tokenize a cat on Curio?

>> No.21350187

After seeing all the amazing comments from you anons this is my favorite place now and you all are the best. Cats are low key the best and super loyal. Hope you take care of that little guy.

>> No.21350196
File: 50 KB, 604x516, 88f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Biz kitten has blessed us. Everyone in this thread is gonna make it

>> No.21350202

anon that cat needs a vet, like today. Kitten milk or just regular sachets of kitten food and make sure it has access to clean water. bucket is a strange choice but ok

>> No.21350218
File: 2.14 MB, 4032x3024, 50E63FEC-652E-4DFF-AEE5-02830D6CE30C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy her royal cabin kitten food and bring her to the vet for a check (her left eye looks weird). Milk is good only if you dont have anything else to give her.
Good job on taking her in, she’s cute:)

>> No.21350232

Some anon can start a memecoin. WanderCat

>> No.21350237


that cat needs medical attention immediately. it is likely in pain and discomfort and will deteriorate further if left without care. do the best you can OP. do you have money to pay for this stuff, it could be expensive

>> No.21350249

Royal canin*
Stupid autocorrect
Nice! You made my day anon kun

>> No.21350324

remember that guy who fucked around and harmed his cat and posted that video on youtube around 8 years ago?

Oh boy /b/ fucked with him quickly, that was a good time finding out who he was with literally NO information.

cats are serious /biz/ness

>> No.21350342

God, i like animals (cats included) but i can’t stand cat-faggs. 99% of these people watch anime and are probably summerfags, judging by the fact they find “kill it” and “rape it” offensive. I had two sissy classmates in highschool: they were both afraid of dogs and were thankful when one was hit by car but almost got depressed when they saw a dead cat.

>> No.21350392
File: 58 KB, 712x630, super face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21350419

*SIGH* those were the days... Ugh, I wish I never had to grow up

>> No.21350454

Well this cat is 4 weeks old so it can die from being cold or loose eyes
Im not being over dramatic, im sure op doesnt want a dead cat

>> No.21350531

kek I personally don't like cats at all, but this thread is a nice break from the monotony that is /biz/ these days. glad to see that you came into this thread just to let everyone know how much of an edgy badass you are though ;3

>> No.21350641

It's so wholesome that we can once again forget our daily trifles come together as a community!

>> No.21350665



>> No.21350705
File: 209 KB, 460x615, aWxmn3Z_460swp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i like cats and all but this thread is kind of getting a bit cringey now, can we dial back the gayness about 50% thanks

>> No.21350745
File: 25 KB, 640x356, apukitty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take the kitty to the vet, looks she may need some antibiotics for her eyes at least. If you don't have any food, give her some form of canned meat, tuna or potted meat should be fine. Also, not sure where you are from but if she starts showing signs of diarrhea she could have coccidia it's a common parasite infection among kittens. Other than that you keep her and love her.

>> No.21350752

no my cock is 100% going up your ass and you're gonna like it

>> No.21350795
File: 44 KB, 638x629, 1595529950497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21350805

this garbage site before you were even born and you will always be an edgy zoomer faggot for saying "kill the cat"
kill yourself newfag.

>> No.21350876

my bad
meant it as a joke

>> No.21350915

We make money here

>> No.21350981
File: 75 KB, 540x543, 1563113412625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listen to this anon

>> No.21351010
File: 47 KB, 535x649, 1560638818965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the most popular thread on Business and Finance atm.

>> No.21351040

biz has the best off topics

>> No.21351291

Trips and he called Adolf Linkler

>> No.21351324

It was worth a try, nice kitty OP

>> No.21351391

cats are a horrible investment.
you literally will have to buy $20 of cat litter a month and scoop shit out of a box if u intend on keeping this animal.
just take it to the animal shelter otherwise you'll be cucked by this creature for at least 20 years of your life to scooping its shit out of a fucking box.

>> No.21351443

based, imagine paying for an animal to come eat your money and shit in your house.

>> No.21351464

>based, imagine paying for an animal to come eat your money and shit in your house.

>> No.21351490

imagine putting a price on companionship

>> No.21351506

That's also what your mom thinks about you, and yet she still lets you live there.

>> No.21351525

Turks are in love with cats anon. They basically worship them.

>> No.21351548

You live longer. Only $20 a month for natural oxycontin and 5 extra years.

>> No.21351849
File: 135 KB, 1024x1024, 1575893166515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread giving me feels...
My little cat best friend died just 2 months ago
I miss the little guy so much
He's my only friend that always stood by me
Had him for 12 years and still dream about him every night
I miss you buddy...

>> No.21352062

Do it, bro!

>> No.21352101
File: 2.27 MB, 4032x3024, 1200100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200205154438945_COVER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cute cat anon. i too found a cat and now shes my best friend :)

>> No.21352179

this cat needs to go to a fucking vet

>> No.21352416

Where can I get a hat like that. Asking for a friend.

>> No.21352478
File: 72 KB, 318x403, firefox_yglMefN13t.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21352522
File: 2.47 MB, 3723x2061, F219DB15-B780-40FC-B1E2-09986794716B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude people are getting pets like crazy now. I have a Tom cat at my place who
Keeps raping my female kots.
I don’t have the balls to shoot him so I’ve had 15 new kitties in 9 months. Easily found homes for them.
It’s fucked because if you say ‘free’ on the ad no one gets them.
But if you sell them for $200 they’re gone immediately.

>> No.21352567

>99% of these people watch anime
this is an anime website
>they find "kill it" and "rape it" offensive
Nobody outside of /b/ who aged past 15 ever thought this edgelord shit was funny

>> No.21352572

this image is beautiful wtf lmao

>> No.21352637

get yor cots desexed

>> No.21352707

use the money you made selling kittens to get the others neutered

>> No.21352989

are you trying to kill it you sick fuck?

>> No.21352997
File: 16 KB, 326x326, 1529841579021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plz help /biz/ I cum on cat he hiss at penis

>> No.21353206

Get another, rescue one!

>> No.21353265

it'll either make it or not. 50/50

>> No.21353362

she needs to see a vet asap take care of the ktty it was a gift from kek

>> No.21353371

Am going to.

>> No.21353769
File: 37 KB, 750x395, Website.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Standard crypto Fund (QQQF)

Standard crypto fund is a tokenized index that aims to track crypto, defi and FoT index Tokens. QQQF's portfolio will underlying assets by leveraging the supply



>> No.21353786
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>> No.21353898

This thread was moved to >>>/an/3458495

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