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For real why is Chainlink pumping non stop? Who here getting scared by the price action and attention we've gotten?

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you should be scared.
the end is nigh.

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who is she

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who's gonna tell him?

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because retail investors entered the game and are pushing this lil slut as far as she'll do before dumping huge loads on her and moving on to the next one

make sure you bust too before she leaves

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>Who here is scared of winning non stop
Link is not for pussies.

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Dump B4 Saturday, Frens.

Red. Fucking. Day.

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who the fudge is she

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lol I am actually afraid. Been waiting three years for a decent pump and now I have more funds than ever before. People were right, doesn’t feel much different. Maybe when I cross 7 figures?

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I have such a tranny complex because of this place and /pol/. I question every photo now, lol

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It will feel different after it dumps back down to your initial and you realize you’ve fucked up big time. But it happens to all of us, don’t kill yourself, next time you’ll know to take profits.

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Fuck she's hot

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I will tell you why link is pumping and where its going if anyone can tell me where I can find more of the hot lady

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Does nobody read the news?

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I’m scared too. Nothing goes up for this long consistently with no pullback. Please tell me I’m wrong and this is magic bean money

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eva elfie

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that's from a while ago