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I'm a professional trader. this is the top of the link bubble for a few months. We're completing a classic elliot wave bull pattern. look to re-enter around $8. you've been warned.

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>I'm a professional faggot.

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You sound like every euphoric nigger back in 2017 who thought BTC was going to 100k. I look forward to seeing your unrealized gains disappear.

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>elliot wave
the only sign were in a bubble is faggots like you showing up here

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sorry but not yet

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Two ways it can go, and neither option is stabilizing at this price. It either crashes, or the hype train reaches normies and big institutions to fuel its furnace. If that happens, I imagine parity with ETH before stabilizing or crashing.

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Logic doesn't apply to crypto markets.

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OP you are fucking retarded. This is a clear somali pirate boarding ladder. Its only up from here.

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How about you suck my Elliot dick

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I don't think about you at all.

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you had 3 years

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>elliot waves

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>I'm a professional trader
>professional trader
>who trades meme coins
you're a professional dicksucking larper

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Kek based get fucked OP

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>Professional trader
>Uses meme lines

Fuck off

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Op we told you for three years to prepare for the singularity
Why are you trading it?

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Cryptoholiker vs Equity Trader

Short and shut up when you are such a good trader. Enjoy your profits if you get some.

In my Opinion you have to learn alot.

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"And I flattered those merciless ones, and when I flattered them they attacked me without cause."

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>link follows my meme lines
Lmaooo obliterated

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Imagine thinking fundamentals matter in this market. You are pic related.

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Why is it that so many autists outperformed "professional traders" just by buying low and holding for years? Could it be that trading is a meme?

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You’re a nigger reading glorified tea leaves and animal entrails , please fuck off you suit wearing monkey

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the fuck up gay nerd, your little title doesn't mean shit in the beginning of a bull run

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do you even know what fundamentals mean?

you have no clue.

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Dont share this shit, /biz/ is full of retards and Pepe the frog saying OOO WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKEIT.

Good luck anon.

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Taking profits for some more LOKI

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>you have no clue.
No, I think I do. The best way to make money is by buying something good like LINK early and waiting. TA and all that helps to an extent, but it's not nearly as important.

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All Link gainz go to GRIN

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oh thanks for your concern about my financial future you faggots

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ok, you are basically lucky you chose "something like LINK" "early" and you hodl and you hope to make money off it.
you are gambling.

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Yeah I think its going up a little more but I dont like being to greedy. Dumping my chainlink back in to ether since ether has started moving again.

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>I'm a professional trader. this is the top of the link bubble for a few months. We're completing a classic elliot wave bull pattern. look to re-enter around $8. you've been warned.

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I bought Google shares early. Was I gambling then?

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i'm a professional NEET who bought in before you even knew it existed when you finally saw it on the frontpage of coinmarketcap. what does that say about professionalism? you unironically get paid to make people lose money.

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No. I researched LINK, saw that it was something necessary for all this blockchain stuff to work, and in the best position to pull it off. So I put $50,000 in the presale. It was less of a gamble than trading I'd say.

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Have to admit, I would love to see chainlink top XRP at least.

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look at this picrelated.
that is a simple ass braindead macd (with default period settings).
over 6,5 years of bitcoin.
as you can see by the blue area it beat the market by a large margin (bitcoin price is gray)
note: its doing both buying and shorting...
if you can do that with default macd settings, what do you think you can do with something more advanced??

why do you think they hire people to do this shit and why do you think everybody on /biz/ is NOT drowning in job offers to work for hedge funds?
this is rediculous. you are just high from your unrealised link profits.

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YOU researched link. for every guy that researches link there are just as many who research Cardano, Stellar, NEO, <insert coin here> and etc etc....
if Cardano pumps by 50 percent tomorrow. we will have as many threads for lucky cardano holders as we had today for lucky LINK holders.

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holy fuck kys. a bunch of NERTS made the best investment opportunity of a lifetime and your sitting their with your thumb up your ass waving your credentials. get the fuck off this board normie.

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This big brain nigga thinks Link will hit $100 based on its historical trends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrPZyvHVy70

What do you say to that?

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I am not OP you retard. check ID please.
I am just letting you guys know why traders exist.

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>inb4 credential faggot digs into my spelling because thats all he has when he could have made billions

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what is this picture and how is it related to MACD?
I think you're just pulling shit from your ass.

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Imagine telling yourself a year ago that $8 is fud for Chainlink

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And a reminder that the crypto bull run only JUST began, and LINK is this cycle's ETH.

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capped this call and sending it to your clients when LINK hits 1k eoy. seethe harder retard.

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You're a professional nigger and you can bet I'm gonna be mighty unprofessional when I toss you in a ditch

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post short or gtfo

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and there it is folks. The guy who thinks this was all luck. He doesn't understand what crypto is, what it means, what it can do other than number go up. Chainlink was obvious from the beginning, and either you're too dumb to get that or you're a butthurt nolinker who never owned or sold too early.

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I dont care what some guy thinks about where chainlink will end up in 2 years.
2 years is way too far away.
I trade all kinds of shitcoins over the 1D timeframe. I hold a position over 1 to 5 days maximum. As long as it makes money, I am fine with that. But I can tell you that it took some effort to program that shit and backtesting it and what figuring out how to manage risk and stuff like that. Now I browse biz just for fun. If link goes up or if link goes down I dont give one cent about it. I trade it both ways, long and short.

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Swingies get the rope.

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>I trade all kinds of shitcoins over the 1D timeframe.

There's your problem. Most people here are holding over a multi-year timeframe. Do you think it unlikely that Link will be much higher than now 1-2 years from now? If you don't there is nothing to be said. We all know short term corrections will happen.

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wow you spent all that time trying to predict a market that is literally a new paradigm based on your outdated education. enjoy the 4ir, you'll be the crazy bum on the street repeating "my projection was right" and asking for .000001 LINK so you can afford the soup kitchen. get fucking rekt.

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Cardano is a literal vaporware and will never moon. Stellar might moon if they deliver, but much less than linkies.
NEO will moon hard.

You are a total braindead retard and have no idea about the market. I know what every single coin in the top 200 does, who's on the team and the latest rumors. That's why you will stay poor.

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>they'll call us lucky
I researched those too. Garbage compared to LINK. Of course trading can make you more money, but the safest way to make a ton is to do quality research and then build up a large position for the long term. Much less risk buying and holding something good. The thing is if you truly believe in something, you can feel comfortable holding a larger amount without selling. If you're only trading short time frames and not holding, you're likely to be working with smaller percentages of your portfolio.
Basically this.

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ok, man, since you are curious.

This is basically the default macd strategy that you can open in tradingview.com
what I added was order size to be 100% of equity per trade and added a test duration variables (boiler plate code)

it works very well in trending and highly volatile markets like in 2017-2018 bitcoin.
I dont know if we will have times like these again but why not, I believe in crypto as much as you do.

again, this is default stuff and DOES NOT work very well right now because we dont have enough fomo in the crypto markets.

I write strategies for breakfast until the evening even if I calmed down a bit these last weeks since I already have a few which I follow and which work pretty well in current conditions.

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I'm a professional trader as well. This train aint stopping until Link is #3 on cmc

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But MACD lags behind price action,

>> No.21331715

yeah but not in a single bubble.

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No recovery for OP

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pics of this happening?

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Post your short position OP

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fine with me faggot

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i said I dont know and dont care where chainlink will end up in 2 years. its not in my power to predict that and risk money that I dont have.
Daddy did not give me 50000 dollars to put on LINK or even NEO or whatever.
I need money soon, as in a few weeks or months, not in 5 years. Ideally I want it in a few days. thats the difference. I dont smoke hopium neither and I smoke weed once per month. Relax guys. you will all get rich, just dont waste your time doing nothing waiting to get rich.
be a hodler, fine. that does not mean you can not learn how to trade especially when many of you know how to code. you dont even have to trade with real money until you have something useable. its not astrology.

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what a retard

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>Daddy did not give me 50000 dollars to put on LINK
The $50,000 came from buying ETH early and holding it.

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I feel worried. All the OG's might have left as they clearly would be millionaires by now. But I promised my past self I will not sell until 1000k eoy at least.

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My average buy in is $2.70. I literally don't care if it tanks down to $1. I'll just buy more.

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Poorfag here, I bought 150 dollars worth of chain link. If it tanks I won’t care, if it moons I’m buying Cocain

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>ok, you are basically lucky

get used to that, you're gonna hear that cope for years

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All that said, trading definitely isn't useless astrology. I'm acting flippantly, but I didn't mean to imply that. I'm mostly just saying that focusing too much on trading short time frames isn't the ideal strategy in this market. I see too many guys on twitter acting like they're slick for catching moves, but really they're missing out on larger gains. Really though, everybody has their own strategies. As long as it's working for you keep it up.

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This will be linkies very soon. Can't wait to laugh at them. Soon.

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yes, and some traders actually like that, they ride with the trend.
also, you have two main types of strategies:
trend-following and mean-reverting.
read up on that.
I am tired of writing here, I get the feeling its full of whale shills who dont want people to learn how to trade so they stay stupid which is fine with me since I will have less competition... ahaha wtf.

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Maybe OP has a point. Link can't continue to be that vertical forever, right?

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its all good, ever since I have been on biz there is a huge resistance to doing any effort beyond reading whitepapers which I find mediocre which is why I write a few posts.
again, I am not OP and I dont even use elliot waves. I dont give a fuck about elliot waves since I have my own ways. Just as you said, everybody has their own strategies. The thing that I see is that many of you dont have strategies even for long term holding.
a strategy has to have the quality of being able to be put into numbers.
you have to know when to get out and when to get in. even if its for 3 years.

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Ok queer

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Finally someone using their brain.

There's going to be a lot of pink wojacks soon.

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Honestly, OP might be right. It could continue going crazy for a while, but at some point we'll see a big correction. Whether that's tonight or weeks from now, I can't say.
>you have to know when to get out and when to get in. even if its for 3 years.
That's a great point. At the end of the day, holding for years is still just another form of trading.

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I have to admit, I keked. Nice effort man.

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Meant to give you a (you) fren

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It happened.
But not over the course of a month.
People had about 5 months from the top in 2017 to sell.
They also had a year long run.

This one is just getting started.

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the favorite style of trading of /biz/ autists is usually called position trading.


i havent read this article but basically, you can use ta for long term yearly stuff just as you can do for intra-day trading.

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You realise that is still the only way to find bore water here in australia. Not even kidding. I'm trying to get one drilled on my property and have to hire some dude to come walk around my paddock with a fucking olive branch...

>> No.21332521

a professional trader worth his salt would never make such a claim, without having some kind of conflict of interest

>> No.21332529

Based and Hammpilled

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If you’re such a professional trader, you’d know wave 5 is the biggest. But you don’t so you’re not.

Protip: pic of you

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the only timeframes I trade are 1D or 1W.

when it comes to scalping its best left over to bots.
the thing is why some scalping shills want you to scalp is that they probably are paid by exchanges who rack in fees from dumb scalpers.

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Christ you suck.

The concept made sense and I put some of my 2017 BTC/ETH gains in and slowly added to my stack as it grew in price.

Fucking cope I’m lucky. People browsing 4chan are NOT lucky, objectively. We’re on 4chan

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fuck you OP

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>look to re-enter around $8
$8 LINK is fud now...

>> No.21332907

>1 post by this id

Professional larp expert is more like it.

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Nobody cares, clown. The most brilliant trade analysts and hedge funds have been outperformed time and time again by the sheer market forces of index funds. TA is a boomer meme, a vestige of a time where institutions scammed people into believing they were too stupid to know what to do with their own money. Statistically, your lame day traiding performs the same or typically worse than an average joe who sees a promising project, buys in regular intervals and holds in times of rise or fall. Fuck off to somewhere that cares.

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I've made more money from my LINK stack in the last month than your lifetime net profit from trading. Why the fuck would I learn to lose money using meme lines. You have to go back faggot, theyll like your kind better over there.

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shut the fuck up nerd lmao

>> No.21333185

>professional trader
>tview bid and ask visible
>currency on price scale
>elliot waves
>no volume on chart
>I'm a professional trader

>> No.21333247

any real traders welcome to join @ChadLounge on telegram
post proof of any trade if you join

>> No.21333251

the fact people like you are going out of their way and spending their time to say things like this is bullish

>> No.21333307

Guys serious question: no memes.
Aprox $ EOY?

>> No.21333344

be glad while your success lasts. make sure you will be on the next train. I hope you got on the eth train too? and btc? or is it only link? its not the only coin you rode right? right??

>> No.21333792

Yeh ETH was obvious too. Thanks for making my point. GO BACK.

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This makes me feel good. Even if there is a massive correction down to $8, it's still double what it was priced just 6 months ago.

>> No.21333914

That's because you're a moron fren
Hire a hydrogeologist

>> No.21333928

absolute kino

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based & redpill.

>> No.21333991

It's three times what it was about a month ago

>> No.21334066

>I know what every single coin in the top 200 does, who's on the team and the latest rumors.
fucking cool guy here

>> No.21334078

i don't see why it's not 25% 33% of eth.
that's why i think 33-100 bucks will be normal.

still 900,000 in 5 year though.

>> No.21334098

>I’m buying Cocain
will be the most expensive coke you ever buy

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lucky to see it here for sure but thats it

>> No.21334140

Nope, he sounds like a happy ETH investor would in mid 2017 when ETH first hit 200 while he bought it at 12.

We still got a long ways to go.

Buckle up buckaroo

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Heck I thought that pattern was happening in (blue lines) from pic related, then (purple line) would be next.

But Link just defies all common trading logic.
It doesn't even properly correct all its previous pumps, it just keeps going.

>> No.21334201

What's wrong with tradingview? It's great. You get notifications for crosses of trendlines and moving averages. That's really handy.

>> No.21334265

post shorts

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>1 post by OP
Absolute fucking faggot kek go fuck yourself OP.

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Daily reminder that this is what's happening right now. We're probably crabbing for the rest of the week and then shooting up to $25 next week

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>They are going to call us lucky
Biggest newfag signal

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/tv/ x /biz/

>> No.21334840

Why don't you want to respond?

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Because he’s hitting levels of cope that shouldn’t even be possible lmao.

>> No.21335365

Man you do all that gay work and I sit in my basement all day playing warhammer and jacking off. You work your ass off and build trading programs to make less money than I make jerking off to monster girl doujins.

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>> No.21336137

boomer reddit fag who's not a professional anything.

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