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Based millionaire

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Is it too late to buy?

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A toast, my friend

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No, I haven't sold much except I am starting my scaled cash out to secure gains.

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Congratulations (srs)

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>2k linklet
I remember shaking when link pumped to a dollar. Now I feel nothing.

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Based i sadly bought only 30k early dec 17 because im poor but i also held till this day

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congrats on this seriously

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They called us stinky linkies...

Well who's stinky now

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you're right, we never believed you. congratulations you cunts.

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can't wait until it crashes to $7. pink wojacks will cover this board

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Never made fun of you I thought you guys would just dump at 1 dollar. Now I believe you guys will make it to 1k eventually, I kneel. I am priced out and with the kinda gains I want I can't ever get it now with this coin, enjoy the monies and fuck the IRS.

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Still not too late but a realistic answer is don't invest more than you can afford to lose and don't throw your life savings in or something retarded. Link is pumping as we speak but generally pulls back 50 cents to a dollar later. I don't think 50 dollars this year is out of the question.

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I bought in at $11.35, almost didn’t because I thought it was too late.
Just go for it Anon.

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i want a suit just like that

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where is that old faggot now

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I don't remember any of this for some reason.
However this change brought a lot of newcomers who won't make it.

Did you also give up on money after this long wait?
Looking at my stack's virtual million value doesn't make anything to me.

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can't wait for the ultimate russian dump of the red dildo and link threads will be banned from this board.

Target: 4 dollars.

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I've been in crypto since 2012, made huge gains of BTC, cashed out, threw a some BTC on a whim at LINK and bought 145k, messed around with XMR but sold that 10 percent off All time high, i have just been lucky, im fully out of BTC and most cryptos except around 40k on other holdings which i won't shill, link is my main holding, after this it's game over i am done. i don't give a shit if bitcoin moons to 100k a coin, i have enough to get out of the rat race, sit on a beach with a chang beer and chill for life.

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how the fuck could you afford to spend at least 30k on that shit is beyond my comprehension

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>145k link


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fren most of the people mocking linkies were in fact linkies themselves

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1k EOY

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here since 2017. i feel physically ill. the link spam was annoying and only occurred during pumps, i assumed ico holders kept pumping them dumping. and ignored it besides a 500 stack for a couple hundred. i cant believe the moons ive missed. so many.

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It’s going to be extremely hard to hold when you get to 7 figures.
You sir don’t have iron hands, you have admanium hands.

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link is just getting started. you can still buy

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During LINK ICO (10 cents), 30k was worth about 70 ETH. Many people on biz bought 70 ETH for 70 dollars 1 year earlier. So really he probably got 145k LINK for a 70 dollar investment.

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Even if your making money it's still a scam you have to live with so bad karma with the money

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It's nice if you know what you want.
I am not so sure personally.
I went all in on Link because I thought I had nothing left to lose, and ironically all I have left to lose now is my health and my virtual money.
I have also been witnessing a lot of very unlikely lucky events which is starting to make me question my sanity.

I remember watching a documentary on millionaires who won the lottery, and spent 1 year ignoring it before starting to use their wealth.

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2k Link
1.1 BTC
32 ETH
10,000 XRP

almost at $100,000 across my whole portfolio: am I gonna make it EOY frens?

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>the link spam was annoying and only occurred during pumps

It still pisses me off that nolinkers called our threads “spam” and unironically filtered them out. No one was spamming anything lmao. We were just bored waiting for the singularity. And there were daily serious discussion threads where you could’ve learned that $1000 eoy isn’t a meme if you hadn’t been such a naysayer.

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i didnt call you anything op + i hold chain link so

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Based, you made it bro

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>tfw i saw the memes and thought it was just a shillcoin

3rd chance I've missed at getting rich

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>2.5 MIL in LINK
you already made it way before to get 145K LINK , congratz

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We're All In This Together

Except Those Who Are Not

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For anyone who's a NON-PAID TROLL/SHILL:

If YOU are CURRENTLY HOLDING LINK, or are THINKING OF BUYING, you should be aware its fundamental metrics don't even support a $1 price, let alone this artificially hyped-up bubble. IF you understand that you're relying PURELY on YOUR ABILITY to ACCURATELY PREDICT the ATH before the INEVITABLE DUMP, go for it.

But if you're hearing about LINK's bright future and wondering what this 100% PRE-MINED *TOKEN* could be worth, please read:

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congrats guys

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retard links a reddit thread on biz btfo

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>You sadly have nearly a half mil

Learn some fucking gratitude

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Lol why are you here

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>spent 1 year ignoring it before starting to use their wealth

I like this idea. Get your mind used to the wealth for some period of time, and then hopefully spend it more cautiously.

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me? me not stink. fren. :(

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Dude, put your money in Link. You can still look for other projects and use your returns from Link as a stepping stone.

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Fucking this desu! /biz/ is really just /link/ to me.

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>/biz/ is really just /link/ to me.

Yes. Minus The Cancer

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You deserve a reddit gold my dear sir

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Always do the opposite of what r*dditors say.

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Anon that was my own experience as well, I missed the good prices but fomo'd in under $2. You can still make a bit of $$ from this, paypal's working on crypto services, and banks are able to take custody of crypto, so normie money will come seeing Link as a safe investment.

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2.3k linkies here king can i get you a glass of water it would be my pleasure

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You will if you get rid of that disgusting ripple shit and put it into almost anything else.
I’d recommend XSN as a long term hold or STA as a short term pump, but either is better than XRP.

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Great now time to invest in xsn and ride it up all over again

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The truth is you guys are and always have been extremely annoying. However, I want to make money, so I'm buying in now

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cope. enjoy watching Link go to $0

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> link spam
If you had taken the time to read through all of the threads you would have found the crumbs that would have made you wealthy you lazy piece of shit nolinker

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>I remember watching a documentary on millionaires who won the lottery, and spent 1 year ignoring it before starting to use their wealth.

I think I'd start making changes pretty fast myself.

But, maybe I wouldn't be comfortable starting to go to restaurants because I don't know the etiquette and shit.

Maybe that year is learning how to spend without embarrassing yourself?

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A few of them are going to have a hell of a time making weight once they get their commission.
I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are trying to eat their way out of the Army.
Graduation day ... "oh lawdie i's a too juicy, been grubbin on too manys a fried chickens a massa, be lookin like i's a too heavy to be's in y'all's a army."

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>not selling at ATH
NGMI stinky shill pajeet, enjoy the virtual gains larp

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This. So much this. Chainlink is a racist chud coin anyway. NANO is much better and don't enable systematic violence against PoCs :)
edit: whoa, thanks for the (you) kind stranger!

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I sold at 4 dollars and bought a house.

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I had 1,300 stinks. But I had to sell 1000 for bills. Now only have 300, feels bad but at least I made fair profit.

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the amount of salty kikes in this thread is hilarious. you had 3 years.

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If a proper bull run starts it's going to 100

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I would fuck the one on the front right. Bitch looks fucking suave.

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>edit: whoa, thanks for the (you) kind stranger!

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based millionaire

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that's hot.

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you beat the odds, but I would sell a decent chunk of that if I was you. don't become a statistic

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Probably not, but you have to spend way more and you won't get as much

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I've been here for years but I still can't find this link stock on any markets.

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>you have to live with so bad karma with the money
that applies to money in general faggot

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Checked. He probably an hero'd at $10

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wut? He already has seven figures

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Uncle oldfag is in the top 100 or so wallets.

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>chang beer
what else are you going to do in Thailand?
I bet you'll still be trading crypto, not for the money but the challenge of spotting a real gem

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Prove that you have over $2 million in LINK you absolute fraud.

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>where is that old faggot now
good times:

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Yeah he's still fucking annoying though. I remember when fud used to be funny

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John McAfee will still eat his dick.

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post moar

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wear it and larp as sergey for us

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the data this company is getting from these shirt sales must be so skewed lol

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LINK is all hype

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I memed it all the time, but never bought.
Been here since September of 2017.
Feels bad, glad lots of fellow anons made it though, sieg heil
I’ll just sit around and wait for my bags to pump one day.

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Kek, amazing

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>I made it up

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>$5.8 billion market cap
How would one convince me that LINK is going to go away? If it were made illegal, it would become even more valuable.

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Sell signal

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holy kek

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the current elite would have to force xrp on us

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See you at sub 3 dollars losers. Shit is horribly inflated like Tesla stock.

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My fucking sides

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Invest in both, win doubly.

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and we were right

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I do have some XRP. It's good.

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Reddit unequivocally and irrevocably BTFO

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i might but the chart does not look good.

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You are the worst kind of marine. I am sad there are anons like you that got onboard. Don’t deserve to make it.

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Check out this meme I found in the XRP oooooo thread

Do you think they know link is at $16

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Congrabulations, Linkies. I honestly thought it'd come out as a scam sooner or later, but it looks like I was wrong. Either that, or this is the most elaborate and quite possibly genius crypto scam ever.

In either case, enjoy your gains.