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Link is too expensive now.

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Link is the next link. The next next link is probably STA though

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How many times do anons have to ask this same questions?
I'm gonna say sBREE and BZRX
Retards are gonna say STA, BAND, and other shitcoins


It's all out there

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RLC as u will see

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It's still link.

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UniTrade, pretty boy
For short term atleast, say if Uniswap doesn't change that much for an year or two. Get in before /biz/ is spamming their gains in 2 days

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Link up +22% today and people still think it's too late to make a little bit of money?

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invest in bullets and rope, shortage coming up

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Long USD
Safest bet

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Well XRP of course

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bought $20k worth of link when it was 13c and fudded it hard to keep accumulating

I’m sure as hell not going to tell you what the next one I’m doing it with is

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bzrx or arpa

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LINK, EQMT, STONK, and this board will probably be shilling ZEC in like a month at this rate. screencap this

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EOY prediction?

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>Link is too expensive now.
its gonna be even more expensive in a few weeks

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>he thinks its too late to buy link
you are gonna be kicking yourself when this hits $100 (another 5x) EOM and $1000 (another 50x) EOY

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$12c if Binance and Coinbase lists. If not, will crab continuous to $3c EOY because more people are discovering who is behind Reserve.

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I lurk biz once or twice every 2 weeks, I will now be checking once a day for when you morons suggest the next big thing

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ren? maybe idk, there nothing with the same groundbreaking potential as CL right now... no idea. I say REN cause at least it's a functioning project, but no idea if it will moon sorry

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Lition! Trust me, link OG here

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Unironically Statera

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Have you seen its volume over the last few days? It's going to bleed some more, maybe just a few more hours, and then crashing and staying on the ground

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Going to cost 20$!to check the weather on etherium network good job guys

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Algo is going up steadily alongside LINK. It's not super expensive either, so it's easy to buy into for some small gains if you're already a poorfag like myself.

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I'm rescuing RLC from binance its like rescuing children from pedophiles

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I want to buy in and secure a decent stack but it’s not on Coinbase or idex and I can’t use binance because I live in a cuck state

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Link, Kadena, DOT Doracle gang

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It's IOTA. But you will wait until coordicide and claim it's too expensive.

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PNK you better hurry before 1 dollar

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I like how everyone's slowly but steadily revealing they're holding it, looking forward to the bigger threads we'll have on it.

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Nothing else yet. When the time comes memes will show you the way. It might be something that uses link or another new disruptive technology.

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Kyber Network if you don't want a pump and dump

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LINK will 100x from here and still be undervalued. My own math hits LINK's value at around 8-9 million/token.

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XRP you brainlet

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Unironically Statera

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How the FUCK do you figure 8 million per token?????

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The only correct answer. This gives me 2016 ETH vibes. Hoping to accumulate around 5 million before this takes off.

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Fren we are in a Defi bull run.

LINK - Decentralized smartcontracts
AAVE - Decentralized Lending
YFI - Decntralized Yield Farming
STA - Decentralized Index Funds

When ETH moons STA goes up
When LINK moons STA goes up
When BTC moons STA goes up
When SNX moons STA goes up

STA token is used to balance the ratio within the index. It has the lowest market cap of all these defi coins and is just starting its run. Not only are other pools being created by the community using the Delta coin (STA/ETH 50:50). More indexes put out by the Statera team will be popping up on every platform, not only balancer. Indexs funds for Exchange Token Fund, Layer 2 Solutions Fund, Social Networking Fund, Lending Fund, etc. etc.. dude... think of the usage and institutional players will be using these funds. This will quickly become the most used token in Defi,

Youd have to be a true brainlet to not invest in the only deflationary Index token available.

Also, if you haven't noticed STA is the new biz coin. This IS the BTC of Defi.

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You are the same people that said bitcoin is to expensive at $16. In a year you will kill yourself for not buying

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Yeah, I'm just going to keep buying. Imagine not buying things when they show growth.

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Anon go look back at ETH's 2017 run and come up with your own conclusion.

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$1000 in 10years more likely. Ppl with +1k stack are millionaires in the making.

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so many faggots in this thread fucking hell

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>too expensive

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>no one mentions SWAP

lol k.

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You thought it was too expensive at $4 too didn't you?

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You missed on BTC
You missed on ETH
You missing out on LINK
Your about to miss on STA

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People are faggots for making money while you didn't? Nice cope

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