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BTC or ETH, and why?

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ETH cause 99% of the market runs on it

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ETH more room to go
10k$ sooner than you think

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I don't have any BTC, but I feel like it's probably never a bad idea to have some in your portfolio. I think everyone should always have some ETH available whether its for trading or just holding.

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32 ETH
1000 LINK

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What should I focus on currently? I'm trying to incrementally add to my portfolio. I only have LINK right now.

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BTC for value storage, it's dead concerning actual use cases. ETH for staking and for general potential to go beyond former ATH. Link obviously for the memes.

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ETH seems incredibly undervalued

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Realistically neither, but ETH if you were forced to pick between both

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ETH if you want stability, LINK is reaching its (logical) peak so I woudn't keep putting more money into it as of now.

WAVES is doing some stuff, maybe PNK

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The way I see it. ETH may be the biggest scam ever or biggest opportunity of a life time. BTC, is still one of the biggest opportunities of a lifetime and 100% not a scam.

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Its hard for bitcoin to be a scam because there is jack shit you can do with it

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BTC. The next bull cycle will be driven by hedge funds and institutions, they're not going to waste time with alt coins.

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so you suggest 11k on bitcoin and 15k on link?

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So they'd rather waste time with a volatile, speculative asset? There are a number of cryptos that would serve far better as a currency than BTC

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this. btc will hit $100k in 2021. put 100k and be a millioner next year. easy money.

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The only articles I read suggesting this were written in January before 'rona, do you believe it still applies now that investors are fleeing to assets considered safer? most people still don't trust crypto.

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Bitcoin actually is a scam. The supply cap is a meme and is unsustainable. Miners will abandon that shitchain as soon as they don't get enough rewards. Transactions aint enough to cover it.

Anyone with half a brain knows this but it's still shilled as hard money because they're trying to scam dumb people.

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Does ETH have genuine use cases that give it a clear advantage over BTC?

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25% ETH
25% BTC
25% silver
25% gold

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I'm not saying what they should do, this is what they are already doing. Look at Paul Tudor Jones, MicroStrategy, etc.

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If you want stable gains, go BTC all in. Ortherwise you can go 75BTC/25ETH, 50BTC/50ETH or even 75ETH/25BTC.

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soft BTC

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The whole reason eth was created was for smart contracts, that is what sets it apart from bitcoin

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Imagine not knowing about RGB, kek. 2017 called.

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Apologies anon, I'm still quite new to trading; I bought into LINK for it's smart contracts, does ETH have an advantage only in terms of brand recognition?

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>Transactions aint enough to cover it.
at the current price, with an average of 1.3 BTC per block in mining fee, it's about 15k

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You are an absolute brainlet. Difficulty adjusts to changes in the hash rate. So a fuck ton of miners will leave the chain as rewards are not worth the cost of electricity, hash rate will drop towards zero, difficulty will adjust, congrats you've got a centralized chain where people with the benefit of economies of scale (i.e. a high number of mining rigs) are the only ones left.

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ethereum is a blockchain network that lets you run smart contracts (basically just a fancy name for scripts) in a distributed manner. You need to pay ether (ETH) to send transactions and to run the smart contracts. The ethereum network supports the ability to send other tokens, these are called erc20 tokens. LINK is one such token.

What chainlink does is allow external data to be sent into these smart contracts, and pays LINK tokens as a reward to the nodes sending this data. However chainlink could be used with any blockchain, not just the ethereum network. But for now it only works with ethereum.

ETH is necessary to have to send anything on the ethereum network

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Right, I understand. So Etherium is where the infrastructure is whilst LINK is a really just an exchange medium?

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both you utter maggot

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It's essentially just a tool for decentralized app developers. Before a developer would need to write their own oracles to use external data which would take months or years. With chainlink the oracle stuff is taken care of, they just integrate it into their project seamlessly

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Wow thanks for narrowing it down.

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Do you think LINK will remain the monopoly on this long term, or developers will catch up and it'll lose its USP?

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What about this s2fx model? Is it going to fall apart before the next bull run or do you think it will still be valid?

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4 best are XMR, BTC, ETH and LINK

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And monero for private transactions.

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and then when the companies start using it, oh boy.

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ETH. You can do way, way more with it, it's hardly even comparable.

The only advantage of Bitcoin is that is it more tried and true and stable (feature- and robustness-wise), which can make it appear more secure and trustworthy. But ETH is really not that far behind even in that regard.

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I don't understand why the price of ETH isn't going up. Isn't new money entering the market from people chasing DeFi shit? Is it all getting sold by scammers?

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Its too big already. Money is flowing into smaller alts because its easier for those to pump 10x.

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BTC will never rise above $12K. It's stunted. No room to grow and is repeatedly crashed by whales.

ETH, LINK, KNC, and XTZ are the future

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Also the fees are crazy high right now. Who is getting all those fees?
Miners do and they sell it all. Block rewards + gas fees as constant sell pressure.
ERC20 token have less frequent sell pressure. Sergey is dumping 500k batches from time to time, but when he doesn't the price just moons.

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Maybe it's just /biz/, but aren't most of those alts on the Ethereum network? People are buying Ethereum to buy their DeFi shit coins, yet the price isn't moving. Is the price already so high that millions of $ worth of ethereum being thrown into locked pools won't affect the price?

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