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How does this make you feel?

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Great. How soon does XRP have until it is usurped by LINK?

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Makes me get filled with feelings of regret. Who the fuck was FUDing chainlink on here for years. I fell for your bullshit thanks a lot.

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I fell for the fud for about a week when I joined biz in 2018 January. Then I decided to actually read a Chainlink discussion thread. You're just fucking retarded.

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I'm not sorry

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Sorry not sorry faggot, you had 2 years

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>scam coin shit nigger bitcoin sandy vagina or bitcoin cash(cunt) not even pictured

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Makes me feel dumb for saying the token wasn't needed until I broke down and bought a suicide stack and some change at $2

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Get that pajeet scam coin Tether out of the top 5. Also, get that banker scam coin XRP out while we're at it.

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In this moment, I am euphoric.

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I feel numb

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like op made another hilariously shit fantasy edit of shitstink. and another shitstink thread how lovely thats what 30 now ?

muh 2yrs retort by braindead cultists

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Only 4 more shitcoins left to defeat.

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what edit ?

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The FUD was always the same copy paste, surely you realized this?

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like we have a long way to go, long in usd in terms, not time.

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i was. i will never stop fudding it

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You just win.

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This picture makes me feel like nothing ever did. It's not even about the money, I've risked everything I had when this shit dumped to 20 cents from 60 cents. And I was really euphoric buying at that point. I was finally right for once in my life. I was right alongside my white frens and 99.9% of the crypto community was wrong.

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nah man, I've been learning comp sci language just to larp as "fintech project manager here, ama about chainlink" in 2018 and just used words that had nothing to do with each other and try to fud link to go even lower than atl just for the kek of it

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