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- Layer 1 solution to scalability and speed (Lachesis consensus protocol)
- Academically-researched development (similar to cardano)
- Fantom.finance DeFi platform
- regular github development
- Port Ethereum Solidity contracts in about five minutes
- Same Ethereum addressing system
- Suite of defi tools being released

As Ethereum is strained and begins to show cracks, Fantom provides real solutions.

At 30% (of today's Ethereum MC) , it'd be nearly a 700x.

Even 1% puts it about a 20x.

So many coins did that last run.

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We already have Loom, Matic, and Cosmos who have been in the game for a long time. Why would this be better?

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NGMI lolololololololol

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Buying Loom would be dumb, but their work is good. The basechain is still being used and improved, but they shifted away to enterprise solutions to make their business sustainable

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This is a really nice pepe

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it's mooning a bit, I think market cap deserves to be at least 30x what it is now currently, the most undervalued project in the entire crypto scene imho

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Cardano not needed

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This, truth is that fantom is already obsolete and maybe a scam.If fantom was good it would moon already long ago.Check fantoms graphs and zoom out.

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