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>65 link

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65.000 american dollars

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6.5 LINK for me anon

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6m is nothing to feel bad over.

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How does $65,000,000 sound?

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>400k PNK

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How in the fuck did you even get that much.
>tfw 16k PNK

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8 link here, just got into crypto this week desu. I'm just happy to be on the ride, never selling

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>360 link
I'll never forgive myself

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should i just all in on pnk? is it the next LINK?

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50 link

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>30k link
>110k pink

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>sold 40k link in 2017 for $1
>too proud to ever buy back above this price
legitimately might kill myself

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I don’t get why everyone is so upset about not accumulating a huge amount of link. Even with smaller amounts we will be able to raise a decent amount of profit to reinvest in a new currency down the line or at least have enough to benefit your life a decent amount. A small amount of link is better than none.

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I'm only looking to make a few hundred for a VR headset so I'm not super upset about having just 16 stinkies

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>400 LINK
I had enough cash throughout 2018 and 2019 to buy 600,000+ LINK. I wish I was larp

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Patience will reward you. It won’t be enough to retire and “make it” but it will be a large infusion of wealth that will give you an advantage down the road for other projects.

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>65 btc

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>10 link
I'm a millionaire. It's just a matter of time.

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how does $650,000 sound?

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3.2 LINK. Move to PNK or ride the wave?

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>111 LINK
I'm so stupid and I wish I was dead

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>Tfw only 500 LINK, purchased at $10.20

When LINK reaches BTC levels of adoption and recognition, I’ll get just enough money to get a taste of what could have been if I’d had the balls to buy more and buy sooner.

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It's already dropping.
shit's worthless yo

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>3500 link

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We hedge now.

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What is hedging?

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only 2 links

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I have 50 Link and it's literally all I can afford. I have to pay bills and buy food and shit with the money I make from waging. If I had more money i'd unironically go all in on link, and it just sucks that I can't.

Every time link goes up I think to myself if I had money to put in i'd be rich by now but here I am making 50$ here and 30$ there.

>get one shot at buying link
>be a poorfag

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that's why the rich get richer and the poor stay poor

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Its only 15 bucks anon. Get some money together and buy. When this is at $350 by Q4 2021 and still pumping you are going to miss the final moonship.

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Same here, brother. Was my first crypto purchase maybe 4-5 weeks ago when Link was still around $6.

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Frens just keep buying. All extra money into link for the next month, its not too late. You may be priced out of a make it stack, but don't let yourself get priced out of buy a new house cash stack.

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Trump just cut the payroll tax, you should have an extra couple hundo in your checks now, use it.

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I literally have more link farming yams than you have in total kek. Seriously though it's not too late to buy more brother. If the memes are true it won't matter if you buy at 15 bucks when it goes to 1000.

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thank you anon, i just sold some @12 yesterday thought it will go down 10. does it sound stupid to buy again now?

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>200 Link
Could be worse desu; I already managed to secure a high paying job so it's no the end of the world worst case and best case the amount of potential money is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

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Jeez, you could have cashed out at 9 million right now

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>15 link

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based desu

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Damn i thought i was a poorfag. Hodl link, wage more, use 50% of pocket money to accumulate Link, 20% on Pnk and keep the rest in physical

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Do a RSR stack before is too late.

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You were never going to make it anon.

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Basically where I'm at, 666 link, 120k a year jobs. Already comfy, just lookin for extra cash.

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I mean you had plenty time to accumulate. Don't feel bad if you have <100. Do relaxation exercises, work out. Don't fucking sell.
If you can get 1-5 LINK from now on each month that's fine too. By the time it hits $25, $50, $100 and higher it will pay off.

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19.22 Links. Going to make it

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To sell or not to sell. I think I keep like 40$ and sell the rest

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28 not sure if I should bother buying more. Vainly threw half my portfolio into SRM

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Bro...you are still early. Just keep buying more with every check. Wait for the dips. They happen like 3 times a week. Just wait until you have over 1000 and you are reading all the fags asking "is 100 enough" when link is at 300 bucks.

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75 Link here. Don't worry linklets we can leverage our gains in to other shitcoins and even we can make it, here's what i got
500 BZRX
3000 AGI
5000 BRDG

Planning my retirement already desu

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I have 13 link, 30 XRP, and 1 Apple stock.

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Based humble goal poster. I believe you will get your headset, anon

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>tfw sold all my Link at $10

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The boss wants you in nice and early tomorrow

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Is anyone a bigger linklet than me?

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I feel you lads. Feels brutal knowing if I just paid attention to biz a few years ago I would be on my way to making it by now.

Only been here a few weeks but I already doubled my money. My goal is to make 50k. Will buy some bitcoin and use the rest to fund a moon mission on the next cycle. Im hoping that Link continues to skyrocket and PNK gets over $1 then I should be around my goal within the next year assuming we don't collapse from COVID round 2 and the election

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Super chad.

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Yes pnk and wait

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I bought NKN for my LINK. 96k of them. I'm dirt broke now!

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Im sitting at a cool 20 LINK. Just got into investing a few days ago, followed some rumors and ended up jumping on the train

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I had 17K LINK, sold 16K of it at $4 and used it as a downpayment on a comfy house.

I'm happy that I still have a 1K suicide stack, but I could have damn near bought the house in cash had I just waited

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Bought 11 just now with a month's worth of leaf NEETbux. Not really even trying to make it, just trying to avoid feeling like killing myself if it goes to 100+. Emotional hedging

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Only 30k link

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Took me less than a week to make 500, so VR is more than an achievable goal, hang in there anon

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Don’t be dumb like me. I had cash to purchase about 100-150K links back when it was 18 cents back in 2017. I just didn’t know much about crypto or how to purchase it and I was to busy chasing women and partying with my friends to really do the research on link. I bought 42 links a month or two ago when it was around $6, didn’t have as much cash to invest as I did then. Live and learn.

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How does 65 cents sound?

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Very high IQ post. Thank you anon.

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What part of never selling did you not understand?

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buy pnk anon

>> No.21311048

oh my bad you already did

>> No.21311059

i need to buy laptop but i realized today i could have had a better one

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Started crypto 2 moths ago. 311 LINK.

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I only have 32 :(

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outrageously and dangerously based

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How do computer illiterate people like this even find this website

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>traded some of my LINK to buy STA and PNK
40~ linklet reporting in :( will buy more when Robinhood completes my transfer

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Your asking this like it's 2006 or something.

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Someone on reddit told me this was the place to find real financial insight.
$1000 eoy.

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Where do I buy PNK? I don't understand Bitfinex

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you simply have to go back

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I am holding only 50 link. Hold me frens.

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Bro what ... 2 LINK? I am a mega poorfag and I have 32...

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No, its where you find day 1 hail marys that 99.9% of the time is a scam. Most of us just read the rights threads at the right time. I still cannot believe that an anime image board is gonna make me a millionaire but luck is just that....luck.

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Iron hands, my friend.

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All I want is some pizza, cannabis, maybe meth and a couple of litres of gin
Everything else is worthless and gay

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1 link is enough to make it.

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This is actually my friend's stack. I have a solid 200 linkies. I'm trying to talk them into getting onboard, but they wont.
Fucking retards, makes me seethe. One even said can I have a portion of your profits. Goddamn it.

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fix your life anon, its never too late

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Life is absolutely meaningless

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How does 65 islands sound?

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post more dog reactions fag

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Seriously, quit being a fucking pussy. Go get 3 jobs and take your mind off that bullshit you dumb nigger.

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>current link total: 4
how fucked am i

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Linklets get the rope.

>> No.21313519

Can't fix my Russian citizenship bro

>> No.21313659

At one point I had more than 10K LOL.

>> No.21313697

Bought 120 LINK in march
Is this enough to make it

>> No.21313733

how does $1800 sound?

>> No.21314420

Thanks anon

>> No.21314518

How does 65 islands of sovereign territory sound?

>> No.21314673

7 link
240 pnk
200 dolalrs to my name

>> No.21314706

I sold my only 2 linkies to buy 150 STA, should I just end it, frens?

>> No.21314718

You have 2 times more than me

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I have 111 Link. With such humble digits, Our only chance is to hold on all the way to the top. We’ll still be better off than most

>> No.21314870

This unironically

>> No.21315026

This is all i hope for, I'm still young. Thanks fellow humbleposter
Now all I need is for that fat russian to not push sell.

>> No.21315760

i have 56 link. i just spend $100 on 6 more. what the actual fuck.

i had 100 link back in the day, i bought at .20 and sold at .50 and then basically took a break from crypto for a couple years. i should have fucking saved it.

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