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This really is the next SOR, but even better.

>ATH of 496$
>Co creator of eth is top contributor to project
>Down 50% from recent 400% pump
>The second it starts to go up everyone is going to fomo in here
>Youtube faggots are going to start shilling this
>Twitter moonboys will start shilling

GET THE FUCK IN HERE IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN ANONS. How many copy paste shitcoins do you need to chase, when the fucking CO FOUNDER of ETH is working on XRT?

Don't say we didn't tell you anons. Good luck.

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op shh, /biz/ will buy my bags at $200 next week

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>smart city token

but by all means, buy everyone's bags, dumbshit

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smart cities are the future nigger. There will be smart fucking refrigerators, and smart stoves within like 5 years.

<--networking it faggot here trust me bro.

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not a pipedream, look at the current dApps operating on the platform. This is going to pop off once people understand what this project really is